Dandelion in a Field of Roses

This week students read “Clock” by Kinereth Gensler and practiced creating images using metaphor and simile. Some students focused on writing about an object of personal significance.

Ms. Wesson
5th Grade
Group 1

Tamia Makes Me Feel Like the Blue Sky
Laila C.

Tamia makes me
feel like the blue
sky. She makes me
happy like it’s my
Also she gave me slime
and that is really
special to me
when I feel it then
it makes me think of her.
Her eyes shine like the sun.
She also makes me feel
happier than when I saw
and had my first baby shoe.

Javaris G.

in the dark
I see my bed shadows

When I get up in
the middle of the night
I go to the bathroom

When I come back
I see my ninja shadow on the wall
as dark as a tunnel

When my mom is in the kitchen
I see my mom’s shadow on the floor.
Her shadow is as pretty as a flower

The PS4
Khalil H.

I love how my PS4 is something
that I can talk to.
I love how dear his voice is
also quiet like an angel’s voice.
He’s round like a softball,
but made of metal. His eyes
are blue like the deep seas.

Ms. Wesson
5th Grade
Group 2

My Coat
Christiana F.

My coat is soft as a cloud.

The outside of my coat is black as black ink
and the inside of my coat is pink as lipstick.

My coat is a hot tub when you relax.

My coat keeps me soft and warm
when I’m outside.

My coat is awesome just like
my MOM.

Jada F.

We smile

We smile so
bright when a
light turns on for the first time

We smile

We smile

Gaida P.

I am like a dandelion in a field
of roses. A puppy with a litter of cats

I am me
A baker with a passion for reading.

A brother on the way, it’s like
I’m going to Disney Land.

You see light brown hair, I see
chocolate on a head

I am a dandelion in a field
of roses
I am a puppy with cats
Night Time
Brooke S.

Night Time
Laying in my bed softer than
a marshmallow

Pillow feels like a
fluffy feather

Window open to feel the
good weather

Moon shining
brighter than a star

Sleep like an
angel with light wings

Dreaming of chicken
rings and salad

Feel like I’m in
heaven sleep like
all the stars

Night Time

Ms. Henry
6th Grade
Group 1

That Bracelet
Fatou C. 

That bracelet
is like a body guard

That bracelet
is as bright as a diamond

That bracelet
is like you’re there with me

That bracelet
was a special gift to me

Silver Dollars
Nasir H.

The silver dollars are
an heirloom

They’re stuck to our
family like a mouse
to a glue trap

passed down from
generations not to be

like a broken outlet
to a charger

Ms. Henry
6th Grade
Group 2

My Mom 
Christyn C.

My mom gave me a necklace
and a ring it was so sparkly

She gave me a tape

Her necklace is blue as the ocean
Her ring is white as a wedding dress

The tape was silver as a prom
Dress shoe

Joanna R.

Swimming underwater
is like swimming
in the air.

It’s as quiet as being
in a library the one
place you can think.

No one can talk the
only person there
is you.

The warmth surrounding
you is like a warm hug
you feel happy when
it happens.

Heaven S.

Dance is love

It creates one’s happiness

Dance is creativity

It makes your expressions come out
in flames

Dance is soul

It makes the heart become one
with the brain

Dance is religion

It tells the story of different countries,
languages, and religions

Dance is family

It makes everyone united as one

Dance is celebration

It makes people throw their
hands up and say hooray!

Dance is life.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.