On week six of the residency, we built on the past two weeks of lessons on Comparisons and Similes to write odes to some of our favorite things.  In doing so, we studied the example of “Ode to Blue,” a poem by a previous CPC student, Eloise V. Eloise wrote: “You can be as dark as the bottom of the ocean.  / You can be as light as the summer sky. / Anyway you make me happy.” I think you will see that the Burbank students are equally creative in the ways they describe the various aspects of the things they chose to praise.

My Yorkies
By Jason G.

I love my two Yorkies
They are like friends
They lick me, protect me
Like belly rubs.

My baby Yorkie is bigger than
The older one.

Action Figure
by Alex L.

His nose is red like a red rose.
His right arm is like a rock.
His light arm is like a gold.
His head is like a blue shield.
His light left is like a blue sky, his right foot.

by Timothy C.

My car is as fast as a dog.
My ice cream is as cold as ice.
My mom is as warm as the sun.
The sun is as hot as the stove.
The clouds are as fluffy as the toy.

My Cat
by Alex L.

My cat is heavy as a backpack full of books.
His nose is pink like cotton candy.
When I forget to feed him,
he meows like an ambulance’s siren.

by Crystal T.

My mom is the definition
of caring because she
cares for me a lot.
My mom is like a chef
because she makes very good

My mom is just like a flower
because she is just as pretty
as them.

My mom has all my trust because
I could tell her anything.
I feel very comfortable with my mom
Because she tells nobody and
always supports me no matter what.

Ode to Red
By Ethan F.

You’re red like a fire truck
You’re red like a red flower
You’re red like a red pen
You’re red like a heart
You’re red like the planet mars
You’re red like a red race car
You’re red like a red colored pencil
You’re red like red food coloring
You’re red like an apple
You’re red like a cherry
You’re red like a strawberry
You’re red like a watermelon
You’re red like the outside of a dragonfruit
You’re red like a pomegranate

by Brandon V.

My Furbies are as cute as my dog.
Just like how my birds are.
They are just as cute as puppies.
Just as cute as mice.
Just as cute as the cats in the pet shop.
Just as cute as the birds in the sky.
They feel so fuzzy and nice.
Just like an owl and its fur.
Just like the long ring around its neck.

My Favorite Food is P O Z O L E
by Jaysiah G.

Soup with meat
I start with a P
Maiz with zanahorias
My second letter is O
Onions with lettuce
My third letter is Z
Lime with potatoes
My next letter is O
Salt and pepper
My next letter is L
Avocado and pollo
My next letter is E
Makes me feel happy
Because it’s good

Ode to Chocolate
by Caitlin V.

Dark as the night sky
Sweet as cotton candy.
Good treat for almost every holiday.
Smooth as a new glaze to a floor.
Outside is rough like crumbles.
Inside like a beautiful view
Yummy as my favorite food.
Tasty like sugar.
Love to heart.

My Cat is Sweet Like Candy
By Michelle A.

My cat is sweet like candy, sweet like a
cupcake, she doesn’t bite like a shark,
she is black like the night sky and white
like the snow, her eyes are like green
emeralds, she is always happy like the sun.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.