In weeks four and five of our Burbank residency, we expanded on our understanding of similes by thinking about the qualities and attributes of various objects and people that we interact with in our every day lives or in our imaginations. The poems that student composed in response were creative, funny, and insightful!

Guinea Pig
by Jonathan V.

My guinea pig is like a beaver.
He chews wood like a mouse.
My guinea pig is like a battery.

by Mia T.

A muffin is like a cloud it’s fluffy and soft
Trees are like flowers they help each other
A cup of hot chocolate is like an oven it feels hot.

Clock and the World
by Uriel O.

The clock is like the world
Because both are round and both move
They both also show the different

The Rock
by Michael T.

He is strong like a rock
because he is very strong.

He was a good guy in
the Fast and Furious movies.

How It Looks
by Giselle R.

My cat is fat and likes to chase rats.
My cat is black like the mat.
My cat smells like cat food.

By Kimberly P.

Mint leaves have a refreshing taste
Just like fresh air on your
Face, feels smooth but as gentle
That you can break it in one

My Car
by Gianni G.

My car is racing like
Sonic. Sonic won
the race, my car ran
out of gas. The
police pull me over
for passing the
speed limit.

Flash is on
a treadmill.
He went
so fast
that he was

by Jayden G.

Blueberries are fire they are good with
yogurt. Blueberries are like the ocean
they both blue.

Playing Warzone is like basketball because
it’s a team game.

My sweater collection is like the
rainbow, I have one of every color.

by Alijah J.

Trees are like grass
they both are green
and can grow.

Flowers smell good.
New flowers smell refreshing.

My Nails Are Like
By Leilani L.

My nails are as white as a blank
sheet of paper.

My Eyes Are Like
By Leilani L.

My eyes are like a camera
because I can see anything with
my eyes and that I can see
the trees, the flowers, and the

by Liah R.

This school is like the world it is big.
She is as fast as a cheetah.
Irene is as slow as a turtle.
Her mind is like a squirrel’s mind.
Natalie is as small as a rock.

Sweet and Sour
by Jeffrey

Sweet as sugar and tasty
like candy I can be sour
like lemons
and hard like pineapple.

by Armani M.

My fidget spinner spins like a balloon
My hot air balloon is like a fireplace
A fireplace is like a volcano
A volcano is like lava
Lava is like an ooze
An ooze is like a pimple
A pimple is a little ball
A little ball is like an orb

By Daniela D.

My Brother & Trains
My brother crying is as loud as a train
and the train is loud as my brother
but I still love my brother.

Cars & Dogs
Cars beeping is like my dog barking
and my dog is loud as the cars beeping
but I still love my dog.

My Phone & Heater
My phone is hot like a heater
and the heater is hot like
my phone. My phone is hot
because I use my phone
a lot.

Soup & Lava
The soup is hot like lava
lava is hot like soup
and fire is hot too.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.