New Words: “Boshkalay Bong Bong…”

This week we talked about some of our favorite words, expressions, and phrases after reading “Hecky Naw” by Jose Olivarez. Students picked a word or phrase they use and created their own definitions for them. Then we wrote poems about those words, to capture how they make us feel. We even got a few made up words to describe feelings that Webster’s Dictionary just fails to capture. Enjoy this week’s poems!


8th Grade Group 1:


Juan R.

All That


Something that I can’t go a day

without saying

All that

I say it after

I say something funny

Sometimes I say it

at home

at school

on the streets

or on a call

When I got home


from something I saw

at school

Started with me saying 

All that instead of saying 

All like that. 


Michelle A.

Guess What 


If I was a word I would be “guess what.”


“What” has many meanings when I say it. When I 

say “what” it can mean that I’m confused, weirded

out or both. 


But when you add the “guess” in front of  

“what” it only means one thing and that is

to waste a person’s time.


Brayan F.

Boshkalay Bong Bong 


The jump he made was

so long when he landed

he yelled Boshkalay Bong Bong


The basketball court was 

so big we yelled

Boshkalay Bong Bong


When you’re excited and 

need a word to explain 

it say it loud and proud

Boshklay Bong Bong


say it fast say it

slow it doesn’t matter

how it goes


I can me hear myself

saying “Boshkalay Bong

Bong” when my favorite 

song comes on


Gael G.

Bacon, Egg ‘n Cheese


Bacon egg ‘n cheese

it may seem like just a sandwich, 

but people such as Juan use it

as an excuse to leave Jay, Fernando, 

Gio, Angel and I in the the dust for a bite.


From Juarez to Dunkin’

Juan’s departure really sunk in.

Juan left with ease for

that bacon egg ‘n cheese.


Although what he did was bogus

he really made me focus

Juan got me feelin’ like

John Wick with no dog

for that bacon egg ‘n cheese


8th Grade- 2


Judith M.

“ain’t no way”


sitting down, laying back

minding my own business

someone comes up to me

and bothers me

ain’t no way


I look up at the sky 

the clouds up high

and the sun out too

moments later

it starts to pour rain 

and I hear the sounds of thunder

ain’t no way


When I’m talking with someone

and they are telling me

something surprising



ain’t no way 

is what you hear from me


Demian F.



Won a fortnite game

Holy Guacamole

Aced the big test

Holy Guacamole!


The new PS V 

arrived and you 

were the first 

to use it

Holy Guacamole! 


Holy Guacamole can be

used when you are flabbergasted, shocked

or surprised


Karen R.



Wherever I go

I always here someone say this word



At the park

kids saying ‘kay when it’s time to go.

At school

when students say ‘kay for when they want to say okay. 


Even my parents,

but not when they want to say okay,

but as a nickname for me.

Kay is always everywhere I go. 


Angel L.

Oh My Gatos


I get home and 

smell some delicious 

enchiladas. Oh my 



I wash dishes 

and drop a plate. 

“Crash!” OH MY GATOS!


People fighting 

outside my house

“What did you call me.” 

“You heard me.” Everybody 

at the window looking at

what’s happening. Oh my 



7th Grade


Angel G.

On God

On God, 

ur what I say when I am truthful

I enter the basketball court 

dribble my ball


“On God!” 

that was for Jonathan, my pet frog


Alex R. 



A word we use to help us say

OMG or Daaaaaaaaa…. like

when we see the biggest 

burger we say Gyatt! Or when 

we see someone with vanilla

cake we say Gyatt! for delicious

or yummy or when we do 

something crazy like 

eating a whole onion

and sometimes when we 

see something really big we say 



Priscilla C.

As You Should


Support others

with my words, as you should.

We are all the same but

different people. Cherish people

and support them, as you 

should. Loving the way I 

help out others by giving

others compliments. 

As you should! 


Jesus R. 

Que Honda

Que Honda es una

palabra que se usa

mucho en Mexico


y en otros paises

como Honduras el 

Salvador y Guatemala


Que Honda es una 

palabra que signficia

como estas y asi 


la palabra que honda

se usa mucho para

preguntar como esta

una persona. 


Alyssa C.


I hear people

say performance

Are ya’ll ready

for it? Me, no

Priscilla says

we practice 

in the 


purpose room

we dance


we have

cheering and 


We dance to 

a big crowd

it’s nerve wraking

but at the end of

the day everyone

is happy. 



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.