Memory Lane

For our second class—the first where we discussed a published poem before writing—we read Joy Harjo’s “Remember.” I asked the students to note the number of lines—since that would make ‘navigating’ the poem easier—as well as stanzas. One of the first things mentioned was how often “remember” is used. I wondered what its effect was—for emphasis, or something else? We also discussed who “you” is in the poem, such as in its opening line, “Remember the sky you were born under.” Did the poet have a particular person in mind? Some students also noticed the literary device, personification being used, such as, “Remember the moon, know who she is.” Like the repetition of remember, I asked what effect personification has in the poem, as well as why Harjo chose to utilize it? In the poem’s penultimate line, Harjo writes: “Remember the dance language is, that life is,” and I asked how dance, life, and language were being compared metaphorically.

It was tough to move on from such stimulating conversations, but when it was finally time to draft, the prompt was to write a poem about a strong memory or memories. Here are some to consider.

Mrs. Rupp, 4th Grade

Best Day Ever
Saanvi B.

I was walking
down the street
to bake cupcakes.
They invited me!!
For a B-day party.
Just down the street
there we were.
We baked cupcakes
and decorated them.
We also had a Nerf
War and had pizza.
That is Friday’s fun for

Julian D.

Over summer break
I go to Florida
No matter what
Only Florida
While blazing heat
Tans my skin
Takes a bite
While alligators rest
All through the
Yes, Florida
Only, Florida
Florida is the best
Just Florida.

Colin G.

I remember my memories,
and my memories remember me.
I remember when my grandfather set up the pool
in the backyard for us to play in.
I remember when the three of us children
went into the pool and started wading around.
I remember when my little baby cousin
crawled into the little pool, and chuckled with delight
I remember when I saw the little bits of grass in the pool.
Remember your memories,
and your memories will remember you.

Sophia H.

I remember the first day I saw her
sitting in her rocking chair
smiling from ear to ear
looking around

she was amazing,
loving and caring
always happy and never sad

I went to sit in her lap
telling her my name

“I am Sophia,” I would say
then she looked and smiled looking at
her house in Greenville, Alabama

“I am your Great Grandmother,” she said
waiting for my expression.

“Wow!” I said, “You must be Great.”

I never saw her again because she
died soon after but I
will remember her
on and on!

Caleb J.

My friend Micah came to my house.
My dog was chasing him like Tom and
Jerry. I was very cold like a frozen
blueberry. Beware of my dog she
is a nightmare.

Tumbling over the Ice
Manasvi P.

The game just started
With the running on top of the ice
Someone from behind me
Grabbed me pushed me over
I got up and walked to the entrance of the school
Limping to the nurse’s office

The Dark Basement
Jonah W.

It’s 11:38 in the morning
and my stomach is growling.
I get up and go downstairs.
I turn on the light
and begin to open the freezer
when I whip around and look.
The stairs.
The stairs to the dark and scary
I shut the freezer.
Turn out the light.
Race upstairs and get
in bed close my eyes
and drift off.

Mrs. Carlson, 4th Grade

Marko C.

I remember my first time going to a water park
I had fun in the sun while I was on the
water slide swish swosh back and forth
I remember lying on my tube going with
the water on the lazy river.

Sixten H.

I remember,
I was shooting pucks,
all of a sudden,
Shot in the face,
but it left no trace,
swollen eye, black eye, and
a bloody eye.
This is when I would
never try

Arnav J.

I remember these memories
I remember when I was
brushing my teeth when
I was a baby I didn’t
know how to brush so
I just ate the toothbrush
and ate the toothpaste it was
funny now I look back to it

Simra K.

Too much of it.
One time,

she’s gone.
My eyes well up
with tears, I just
can’t take the memory!

And one time,

is it really—?
I jump up, reach
the sky, I need
to keep the memory!

And one time,


Audrey L.

I remember the time
when my baby brother broke his arm
when he jumped off the bed
when he cried
I remember when he went
to the hospital and came
home with a cast
I remember it.

Kamahria M.

One day,
I went somewhere,
named the Bahamas.
It was really fun
I went to places,
on the cruise.
I also saw flowers bloom.
It was hot
I kept running
and never stopped
the cruise was big
we had a balcony in our room
it felt like I saw the whole ocean.
I made friends
amazing friends
I still know them
until this day,
but they live far away.

Jude O.

My best memory is when I
first met my old dog.
When I met her
my heart exploded like

the big bang X 2!

Ana R.

The world was so big,
I was so small.
My grandparents laughing,
with nuts in their mouths.
The shop across the street.
The grass in my toes.
Sweet grapes in my mouth,
and flowers in my hands.
My cousins playing,
At nightfall, warm hugs
and bedtime stories.
I wait for tomorrow,
in pure silence.

My Trip to a Minnesota
Lucas T.

I went to Minnesota
it was funny, scary, enjoyable
and long-lasting

There were fun rides, scary rides.
Mostly Mall of America.

My trip to Minnesota
wasn’t good or great…
it was amazing!!!
The best trip ever.
Then the fun was over
sadness struck on me

Mrs. Johnson, 4th Grade

A Memory
Nicole A.

I remember.
I remember flashing lights,
honking horns.
My mother pulling me.
My heart was beating.
My head is spinning.
I stop.
I pause.
I cry.
I look beside me.
There standing is my mother.
My mother is crying.
I’m scared.

The Bird
Jhoziah B.

Me and my mom
were walking on the block
coming from getting my hair cut
we were going to get donuts
when we saw this bird
the bird looked at me and my mom….
When we were walking closer to the bird
then he flew away and hit his head
on the window and I was
laughing then my mom said that
it’s not funny but I was still

Tarynn J.

The music playing.
The people singing, cheering, laughing.
The ribbons being thrown.
The confetti cannons popping.
The table filled with presents.
The games being played and won.
The balloons floating.
The huge table with rows and chairs.
The candles being blown.
The gifts being opened.
The pictures being taken.
The people getting bags and leaving.
And you sitting there remembering.
The good times you had on your birthday.

Lucy K.

Memories are sometimes fuzzy.
I can’t
remember years 0-3.
I might never
forget scary roller coasters.
I will always
remember my name.
I might never
memorize music notes.
There will always
be something I forget.
But I will never
not have any
I am sure
there will always
be some left

Lily L.

I remember when me and my friend saw
the new Jumanji movie. When the movie was
about halfway through there was a part
that was so funny we started to laugh. Then
the laugh got louder and louder every
second. We couldn’t stop laughing
probably everyone in the room probably
thought we were crazy. We looked at
each other and we both said we should
stop but we couldn’t. The movies.

Amay M.

it’s your first day.
it may be for school.
it may be for something else.
but you should know.
if you feel down.
just think of your friends and family.
and you will be lifted up.
don’t be down, be lifted.

The Mall
Jayda S.

I went to
the mall last
Saturday when
I was walking
down the hall
I saw the food
court so I asked
my mom if
we could stop
to get a bite
she said “sure”
so we did it was
delightful I had
pizza my auntie
& little sister
got McDonald’s so
I said “I’m full”
so we went
home and mom
said “go to sleep”
and I said “I’m beat.”

“A Poem”
Nathan T.

My memory.
My memory is when I got a bow.
The bow was my favorite training item.
It was enjoyable just aiming it.
When I was bored my bow made it fun.

Gabi T.

Mother Nature breathes out
Tall hands swaying
Flame orb shining high
Blue blanket covering the white flowers
Silver stools rarely showing
Ocean feet protecting the horizon
Remember their call
Remember their voice
Remember their beach

Chase T.

I remember when
I got on an airplane
when I was six
I was so scared but
still happy.

Aaden Z.

throwing the line in the water.
Getting a worm
and putting it on
a hook.

finding 5 more fish than my dad
getting a bass fish
getting home
The End.

Mr. O’Brien, 4th Grade

Mia B.

I remembered
when I first
walked my parents were
happy I
was too. That’s
very nice.

That Day
Vivienne B.

There was crying,
there was no laughter
that was that day

There was a silence
and a pause
his face was red,
that was that day

She yelled,
and he pushed
the TV was still going
and that was that day

There was silence,
and he left,
she came in and was crying,
that was that day

There was no discussion,
but I got her water
she thanked me,
we went to sleep,
that was that night

Ryan J.

I remember when I
went to Mexico with
my family and when
we got there we
did not have a place
to stay but we found
a hotel and we
had the best time

Danielle J.

The sun was shining
The birds were chirping
I could smell the ocean
The: Sand
Was mid-winter but HOT
That’s Hawaii
Best not described
So see for yourself
Palm trees and
A wonderful place

Aayush K.

Once in Puerto Rico
I went to Lorito’s
it was a beach
and if you stood in
the right spot
you will get sucked into
the wave and get thrown in
the sand

The World Was There for Me…
Hudson L.

I remember the time I was little.
I looked in a mirror as time ticks by
every little second I must remember,
the time that it was time for
me to enter the world. I wondered
how the world would be.
I came back to my room and stared at
that ball, that was the ball I loved
the most. As time changes, I could
finally have my feet touching the
grass. The birds flew into the clouds
with glory and joy, as I got closer
and closer to the world, I finally
figured the world was for me.

Arman N.

In a long, long, long journey X5 times
ago, I was in the New Jersey Hackensack
Hospital. I was there because I was so
dumb I stuck a choking hazard Lego
piece in my nose. My mom was cursing
and I was crying. I had to poke a needle
and take it out. I took 2 days. I was
2!!! I didn’t remember the rest.

Riaan S.

Memories are things
that remind
you of long time ago.
Even you don’t remember but
mind does but remember,
you don’t.
So remember that memory
is never
gone. Memory stays in the heart
of others
that you know. One day
when ever
you know. Memory is never gone.

Sonya T.

I remember when I ate a walnut
my memories
I got rushed to the hospital
the memories
it was the worst day
my memories
luckily I survived
the memories

Young to Old
Alec T.

Moving in
so big
young you think small
young is big
big thoughts

long time since move in
so small
old you think big
old is small
small thoughts
furniture takes it all

New York
Hridhaan V.

I went to New York WTC 102 floor and it
was a great
experience and view



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.