Songbirds @ Peterson 6th Grade

This week at Peterson Elementary, we explored lyrical poetry, discovering how poets incorporate elements of music into their poems. Poetry has deep roots in music. Long ago before Spotify and iHeartRadio, songs were a form of storytelling and sung from one generation to another until they were finally written down and recorded. Students discussed some of their favorite artists such as 21 Pilots, Imagine Dragons, Frank Sinatra, and Beyoncé. These diverse artists sing about love, heartbreak, anger, depression, and empowerment, which are major themes not only in music but lyrical poetry.

Together we listened to the song “I’m Sensitive” by poet/singer Jewel who sings about staying positive and true to herself, and not conforming to society’s negative ideals and stereotypes. Through Jewel’s moving lyrics, students learned about rhyme schemes, order patterns of repeated sounds at the end of lines. “I was thinking I might fly today/and disapprove all the things you say/it doesn’t take a talent to be mean/ Your words can crush things that are unseen.” Students also discovered rhythm and meter, a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables, that create a beat that can be clapped or tapped. Throughout her song Jewel uses words with combinations of stressed and unstressed syllables to create a slow and soft rhythm, that makes her lyrics sound like a lullaby.

Students had the opportunity to write their own lyrical poems inspired by Jewel; experimenting with rhyme, rhythm, and meter. Enjoy this week’s published poems. Also check out the beautiful picture below by Citlali C.



                                                   Ms. Bell’s 6th Grade
                                                                Group 1


Nazrin I.

Humanity is out
Insanity is in.
Let me shout.
Mercy to ash
everyone is out of cash.
Here me out.

Wish we could go back
to the past.
Our lack of humanity has
caused a lot of us to go bad.

Disease, War, and Famine.
Only the rich dine.
Let me shout.
Water is out.
I still won’t pout.

It’s unfair
how I’ve nothing to share.
Like anyone is even there.

Happy New Year! Another year
I’ve got to bare.


Whooping on My Mind
Imad K.

Ya’ll didn’t want to clean.
Ya’ll didn’t do no dishes.
Knocked into next week on Christmas.
Ain’t get to see my children.

Ya’ll don’t run up things in my house.
Those bills you pay—Nonexistent.
Good thing I learned the belt-quan-do.
I just wanna talk, don’t be distant.

Everybody needs to pitch in.
that’s your mess. Makes no difference.
By the time you got to your bedroom,
you really coulda just did it.

That tone is a little ambitious.
So imma spank that tone away cuz
that’s the only thing that’s gon’ fix it.

Boy you better have not failed physics.
You got a A+ but couldn’t get a A++ ?
It looks like you’re slipping.

And tell the teacher, I won’t get mad.
Did you fail lunch? I’m not tripping.
I’m really tired. See I knew you lied.

That’s why every time I wake up
in the morning I got whooping on
my mind. Said to clean at 7:00 now
its bout 7:09.


My Heart Beats with Yours
Azebe T.

Why’d you have to leave?.
You always told me to believe!
I never thought that you’d be gone,
so very far from me.
So please… tell me what you see

I think of you every night!
Wishing you were by my side.

Quietly I stand by you.
You protect me like my flu shots do.
Every night I think of you.
And I promise you, I pray for you, I do.

In think of you every night!
Wishing you were by my side.

I think of you, while the sun says peekaboo.
I think of you, when the moon peaks behind
the clouds. I think of you all night, all day,
I think of you as I say…!
The funniest joke I’ve ever said, or the saddest
speech I could ever speak.

My heart beats with you.



                                               Ms. Bell’s 6th Grade
                                                            Group 2


Peace and Joy
Sura A.

You can see the children skipping
and the flowers they’re picking.

Peace and joy spreads all around.
It never gets out of bound.

Happiness is all that matters.
With all the peace and joy
we have to scatter.

Some come outside and enjoy
the sun. While there’s nothing
to be done.

Enjoy the peace, enjoy the view.
You can’t go back to what’s
old or new.


Change Will Come
Nayeli A.

When the rain falls down,
I drop to the ground.
Afraid of the darkness.
Afraid of feeling sadness.

I’m so transparent.
No, I never can hide it,
tears from my eyes,
until I realize.

Change will come

So much pressure,
sitting on my shoulders.
But when the sun shines down,
the pressure falls to the ground.
Afraid of the darkness.
Afraid of the sadness.

Change will come.

Got, my head in the clouds,
but once I come down
I’m swimming in pressure.

Change will come.


Mayte R.

There’s a girl named Star.
She plays the guitar.
While I sit in her car
and try to make it start.

She left at night.
I woke up, blinded by the light.
I got out the car and walked a little
too far.

That’s when I looked up and finally
found a real star.



                                               Ms. Bell’s 6th Grade
                                                            Group 3


Childhood Mystery
Dina A.

I don’t know you,
but I would like to see you.
You’ve been in my dad’s life for years.
I’d like to hear your voice with my ears.

I feel bad
for my dad.
Just when he was twelve.
his dad left him with not much wealth.

Yet, he proceeded with his dreams.
Went to pray by the streams.

My childhood mystery is still a mystery,
but how can I solve solve, solve, solve?
How can I figure this out?

Who can tell me?
Why did his father flee?

I want to solve this eerie mystery.


Mya P.

I can’t stop thinking about you
because you’re so cool.
You’re funny in every way.
Every time you say something
I shout hooray!

Tigger you’re so different in so
many ways.

You’re like the sun
because your just so fun.
Your smile so bright.
Can you be my flashlight?

Tigger you’re the first person
I will come to if I need help.
You’re like everything I need
all in one.

I just want you to know that
you’re my everything. I will
give you anything.

You’re so perfect to me.
I hope you can see
us in the future


Being Insecure
Rawan R.

Being insecure hurts inside.
You don’t feel as if you’re
the same as others.

Everyone’s different people say,
but never tell me if it’s in a good
or bad way.

“You’re so pretty!” they say.
I don’t believe it one bit.
What if it’s just to make
me feel better.

They tell the truth in their head.
But mine swarms with negativity

It’s like sitting in the rain
with no umbrella. Every drop
of water seeps through my brain,
representing my thoughts.

Though you’ll never know I’m
in pain, just a path that has been
broken, not stopping those
thoughts that sometimes
numb you!




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.