Melocoton & Enfrijoladas: Where We’re From

As we’ve neared the end of our residency, I’ve asked the students to write reflective poems, about themselves, and where they’re from. For this last writing week, I wanted students to write autobiographically, and paint us a picture of where they are from, just like George Ella Lyon does in her poem “Where I’m From.”

It is a genuine honor to hang out with the 3rd graders and Moos Elementary. Poets: you amaze me every week! Thank you for sharing your words and voices with us. Ms. Brown, Ms. Freedman, and Ms. Sweeney, I’m so lucky to be in your classes, and I’m always learning from you. The biggest thank you to my students and teachers at Moos.

Ms. Freedman
3rd Grade


Where I’m From

I’m from Mexico and Guatemala
From a farm
From animals and tricksters
From posoles and tamales

I’m from the country and el pueblo
From dragon fruit and raspaduras
From coco and rice
From the mountain top


Mi Lindo Mexico

I’m from flowers and watermelons
From Fernanda
From bananas and bird music
From paletas de tamarindo

I’m from notes and Maresa
From Josémaria
From melocoton and enfrijoladas
From tacos of tongue

I’m from Olimpia and José
From posoles and tamales


Where I’m From

I’m from Kimberly and William
From music coming out of a house
From picaditas and tacos
From hanging out with friends at the mall

I’m from Ms. Freedman and Ms. Beth
From music coming out of a car
From ice cream and tamales
From a heart belting song

I’m from Mom and Dad
From a polar bear heart
I’m from a heart and a belly
From your love to my love

I’m from myself and Desling
From music coming out
I’m from Frida and Cheerily
From music coming out of the wind



I’m from Chicago and Florida
From car sounds
From my brother Bryan and Mom is good

I’m from Mexico and Mensothe
From Takis

Ms. Brown
3rd Grade

I Am From

I’m from tacos and chicken
From an old lady saying hi
From north Washington and Illinois
From the bowling alley going ksh, ksh, ksh, ksh

I’m from chorizo and tostones
From vacuuming
From Willie and Cindy
From trains roaring around

I’m from pastels and jibaritos
From the beach
From Jordan and jello
From water and waving


My Life Is Nice

I’m from rice and tostones
From soft sand
From nice weather and beautiful breeze
From flowers

I’m from Mom and Dad
From throwing yards
From scheming and yelling
From caring and loving

I’m from playing and chores
From forces
I’m from the greatest family and friends


Where I’m From

I’m from books and shapes
And reading mostly every day
From laughing and smiling
From giggles out loud

I’m from yellow and green
From all the colors of the rainbow
From family and fun
From garbage cans

I’m from cats and dogs
From hamsters reading
From lions and turtles
From blue flowers

I’m from lights and glass
From loving family
From love and hate
From sugar to salt


Ms. Sweeney
3rd Grade



I’m from posoles and tamales
From the color of crystals
From paint on the wall and the desk
From the ice cream

I’m from sopas and tacos


Where I’m From

I’m from tacos and white rice
From good music
From Moos, and my room
From my shoe and a kazoo

I’m from my house and heard a mouse
From Mom and Dad
From Mickey, Nicky, Dicky, and Dawn
From my dog Rico and burritos

I’m from me and Penguins


Where I’m From

I’m from my taco and my ice cream
From my favorite father
From my poem love and magic we do
From the hospital

I’m from the the school
From “hear you” and I go to my family
From mother and God
From my favorite sweatshirt



I’m from ice cream and tacos
From a lovely family
From dogs and fish
From summer

I’m music and city
From toys



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.