A Book From Pájaros: Where We’re From

For our final week of writing poems together, I wanted to students to write autobiographically, and paint us a picture of where they are from, just like George Ella Lyon does in her poem “Where I’m From.”

I’m also extremely honored that this week Mr. Postlethwait liked the poem so much that he wrote one, too! It’s his first time being published on the blog!

I am so grateful for my time with the Darwin 2nd graders, and Mr. Postlethwait, and Mr. Rence. It is an inspiration to watch these teachers do their amazing work, and share so much love with their classes. And students: I learn something new from you every week, and your poetry dazzles me. Thank you.


Mr. Postlethwait
2nd Grade

De Donde Soy

I’m from the park and the grass
From the smell of bacon
From the pancakes and the masa
From the bacon that smells good

I’m from the rules and water
From the sauce of chiles
From flowers and the sun
From Natalia

Soy de experimenten y
Color azul y rojo

Soy del parque y
La basura

Soy de una hormiga y
Muchas hojas



I’m from Mexico and Irma
From a taco
From Chicago and pescar con papá
From a three

I’m from Illinois and manzanas
From a book from pájaros
From Puerto Rico and naranjas
From a candy

Yo soy del parque


I Am From

I’m from blueberries and dinosaurs
From water and trees
From red sky and paper
From snow and bananas

I’m from music discs and Guatemala
From dancing and pancakes
From rain frosting and colorful
From sweaters and cotton candy

I’m from box and computer
I’m from an island and a shirt
I’m from a jungle and monkeys
I’m from an arena and Bears

I’m from water island and zombies
I’m from art and the library
I’m from ice and cheese
I’m from lava


Soy de Carcajadas
Mr. Postlethwait

Soy de abrazos y tough love
de música corriendo por las venas

I’m from leaves and shorts
de tobillos cubiertos en Poison Ivy

Soy de morning swimming and winning
from learning how to ask for help

Soy de los campos de España y
estampas en mi pasaporte
del cariño de cientos de niños

Mr. Rence
2nd Grade

I’m From A U.F.O.

I’m from trees and rolling wind
From sprinkle donuts
From Nelson and “clean your room”
From cats meowing

I’m from apples and grass
From pizza
From Olga and “do your chores”
From dogs barking at the night

I’m from apples and la la land
From bananas
From Irene and “stop watching tv”
From mom on the phone

I’m from phones and doors
From apples
From Freddy and playing video games
From dogs barking



I’m from trees and grass
From Pizza
From little city and underground
From mom says “charge your phone”



I’m from wind and quietness
From playing ball
From Awilda and Kristen
From pizza

I’m from love and kisses
From quiet parks
From trees and bushes
From ice cream



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.