Magnificent Mottos

For our 10th virtual poetry lesson Dubois students explored ideas about mottos. A motto is a word, phrase, or sentence that expresses the principles or belief of a person, group, country, or organization. Together we read Langston Hughes poem “Motto.” Hughes uses rhyme and alliteration to create a motto that reveals his own beliefs about himself. The phrase dig and be dug is jazz slang from the 40’s and 50’s. It means to understand, or show interest.  Hughes was part of the Harlem Renaissance, a time where black writers, musicians, artists found creative freedom in the the New York neighborhood of Harlem. Hughes wants to not just understand others, but be understood in return. There are times when we may feel misunderstood, or unrepresented, but a motto can show the world how we wish to be seen.


My motto                                          

As I live and learn,


Dig And Be Dug                                         

In Return.         


Inspired by Langston Hughes, students wrote their own personal mottos.  Please enjoy these inspirational poems.





                                                           Ms. Dydo
                                                           8th Grade


Lakisha’s Motto
By Lakisha C.

I am Classy, Cute, and Clean
Lakisha is loyal and loving
I love to have fun in the sun
Funny and Famous

I am a light bright
I am short
I love to eat
I am adorable and active


Kia’s Motto
By Kiazia L.

I am caring ,confident , and courageous
I care for myself and others
My family says it’s not good
But everyone should be treated like a close brother

I will be brave, beautiful, and bright
I keep myself together
I always do what I have to do
I get through things no matter the weather


Sun and Rain’s Motto
By Synia W.

I love to see the sunshine glow on my skin
Just as my popsicle drips onto oily skin
I see the rainbow wonder where does it end
I see stars coming out it’s time for me to go in

It starts raining then I wanna go in the house again
The clouds come out no longer hiding from the sun again
Me and my friends stepped in
The rainbow hoping we’ll see it again




                                                           Ms. Dydo
                                                           7th Grade



Chiyah’s Motto
By Chiyah B.

I am funny, fantastic and fun
I treat people right
Because I want the same
So we always play the same games

I believe in thing that others don’t
I do thing that others won’t
I never say never
I’m the winner forever


Aaron’s Motto
By Aaron L.

I am good
I try to be nice
I am a king
I am a god `

I don’t like some people
I try to score a 100 but got an 75
I love basketball
I am smart


Shiala’s Motto
By Shiala M.

The sky is grey
The future bleak
I think a storm is coming soon
Prune off the soft and sad and the weak,

Its very cold
And hearts are set to drumming
In you a secret I will confide
I can tell a storm is coming



                                                           Ms. Dydo
                                                           6th Grade



Justin’s Motto
By Justin H.

I am caring and daring
If you hit me with a dare I’ll do it
You hit me with a dare I think about
and oh man I just blew it

You should always do what your supposed to
and try not be bold
cause you’ll get in trouble
at least that’s what I’m told


Deniyah’s Motto
By Deniyah L.

I am Brave and Bold
I speak up when something happens
Whether it’s a bad or good situation
Giving up is not a word in my rappen

I know whatever I do
There are haters
But I know there will always be
People who are not debaters


Praising Butterfly’s Motto
By Kimora L.

Here’s a Black, Bold Butterfly
She’s Outstanding Stunning and sassy
She’s happy and she loves to fly over rivers.
She’s not ordinary either;
She loves candy and food.

I am not mad
I never get sad
I am bold I never get old
I am the praising butterfly.


Maya’s motto
By Maya R.

I am an awesome and amazing person
I work well with my peers.
I am welcoming, wonderful, and witty
I don’t really have any fears

I am supportive, sociable, and sincere
I like to wear cool gear
I encourage and enlighten
I love to have everyone near



                                                         Ms. Dydo
                                                         5th Grade



Cayla ’s Motto
By Cayla B.

I am mean, mad, and magnificent
I stand and stay
I don’t care who tries to stop me
I will stand up to the top tree

I know whatever I do
I still go through it
To all my meanies
I beat you little by little


Lawryn’s Memorable Motto
By Lawryn C.

Here in your arms
Is where I Belong
The beating of your heart
Is like a beautiful Song

Your beautiful, black, and bold
Your cool, crazy, and Kind
Your sweet, sober, and silent when your skin glows in the brightness
Watch how she walks and talks don’t be Blind


Myself’s Motto
By Je’Loni S.

I am smart, my mash potatoes are like art
I stand on ten toes
I am smart and classy but go down the wrong path I get sassy
I am sleek fun fact candy be Bussin

My name is Je’loni iconic right
Yeah but I’m out




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.