For our penultimate classes, we read and discussed W. S. Merwin’s “Thanks.” The poem utilizes repetition—in particular, the phrase “we are saying thank you”—expressing it in real time—for an assortment of things: nightfall, bridges, “mouths full of food,” the sky, water, directions, hospitals, telephones, “all who will never change,” words, etc. Students recognized an inclusivity, even among seemingly disparate reasons to say thanks, and we augmented our discussion by thinking about the importance of thankfulness, its opposite(s), even those people from history, books, or popular culture we wished we could thank. They then composed their own variations.

Mrs. Rosenzweig, 4th Grade

What I Am Thankful For
By Mason B.

I am thankful for my family and friends
They are kind and sweet
I am thankful for my house
It’s nice and cozy
I am thankful for my favorite sport track
I am thankful for other things like
Phone and food
The thing that I like that I like most is my family

Thanks to All
By Solen D.

Thanks for everything
That I have
When others thank sports
And others thank food
I thank everything that I have

I thank family
Friends the world around
Me is to thank too.
Everything to me
Is to thank

Spring Thanks
By Anni H.

Thanks to spring.
Thanks to ginkgo trees for fresh air and their stunning white flowers,
Thanks to flowers for making sweet scents,
Thanks to red winged blackbirds for their awesome display,
Thanks to pigeons for helping the Peregrine falcon survive by sacrificing themselves,
Thanks to finches for their complicated song,
Thanks to geese for making a cute scene with the goslings,
Thanks to the sun for making the days warmer.
Thanks to everything spring has to give.

Thanks for Being There
By Nirbhay J.

Dedicated to my Dad
You helped me up when I was down

When I was down
And times were tough,
You were there, to cheer me up
And thanks for being there
When I was sad,
When I was lost,
You pulled me out
of the dark,
Thank you
You could have watched, you could have turned away
But when I was sad, you decided to stay
Thank you
When I needed help
You were there
You patched me up
When I needed a repair
Thanks for being there

Thankful Together
By Jackson K.

Hugs, high fives, smiles, and gifts
Thankful deeds that express why we give
Homeless people in a warm, comfy bed
Thankful they can rest their head

Hugs, high fives, smiles, and gifts
Thankful deeds that express why we give
A hiker that reaches the mountain top
Is thankful that he didn’t stop

Hugs, high fives, smiles, and gifts
Thankful deeds that express why we give
Like a cow raised on a vegan farm
Knowing that he will see no harm

Hugs, high fives, smiles, and gifts
Thankful deeds that express why we give
Like soldiers coming home from the war
Their families see them and hearts soar

So many ways to thank one another
We should take time to thank each other

Thanks, Tech
By Xitlali L.

When I want to socialize, I use you
When there’s an emergency, I use you, too
Even if you don’t work, I’ll still cherish you
You help me have quality time to myself
You let me play games when I’m bored
You let me communicate with others
You help me do something other than chores

My family and friends are thankful
Thankful that you were invented
Thankful that you help us do online shopping
Thankful that you were presented
So thank you for everything you’ve done
It really is a pleasure
To know that even when I’m older
I won’t forget you…never

Thank you

Warmer Months
By Sasha L.

I am thankful for calm rainy days
I am also thankful for pretty flowers
I am very thankful for cold but sunny days
Even the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.”

I’m also thankful for the summer
Even the sunny skies
I love the warmest days of the year
I’m lastly thankful for riding my bike

Mrs. Johnson, 4th Grade

By Agrim A.

Let’s be thankful for because the oceans are blue like sapphire jewel. The green grass is like money. Without you there will sadness or suffrage. There will be the serious lives in danger. We you we need all of them.

Thanks Coach Tim
By Mateo F.

We go to the ‘ship
With you, we would win
Taught me how to shoot from the hip
Thanks coach Tim

Your coaching taught me hockey
You showed me the movie Rocky
You killed me during practices
And told me not to be cocky

Your coaching was like the T-1000 hunting John Connor
When Akshay got hurt we thought he was a goner
I would shoot a flamer in the bin
And just with your coaching we would win

By Niko G.

Thank you for taking care
And letting me share
Thanks for the shelter
Thanks for being a helper
I really appreciate you
I hope you do too.

By Rodney J.

I am thankful like a dog.
I am thankful for god.
I love my family that I can spend time with.

By Kendall K.

I want to say thanks.
To everyone and everything.
But the one thing I really want to thank is
My treehouse.
I’m so thankful for it
It helped me when I was sad
It helped me when I was struggling
And now..
I feel so empty without it
One day I will come back to it
Like it came to me.

What I Am Thankful For
By George M.

I am thankful for the earth, its beautiful beaches, mountains, and skies. I’d rather live nowhere else than Earth, LEGO so big so cool so fun to do you can make what you want. You can make yourself, with nobody to say no you have as much freedom as a bird.

By Michael S.

I am thankful for my family,
And also my friends.
They all love me so much,
They treat me like a king pan.
Overall I love my family,
and all my friends.

Mrs. Barnes, 4th Grade

Thankful I’m Not Old
By Ohlin A.

Some people are not thankful
They don’t spend holidays with the people
That love them but
There is a purpose that you go to
Celebrate at night with them.

Because if you don’t the old man will turn

You into an old man hahahahahahahahahaha

But back to the point
The purpose of going to the celebrations
Is to spend time with you
And not get zapped into a old man/woman

Long ago people made the holidays because
The person would go to the house
And be protected from the old man.

So you should be thankful I told you this because now I saved you from
Turning old :]

Thank You
By Surina B.

Thank you mom,
Thank you dad
You are always there and
That makes me glad
Thank you family
Thank you friends
For being with me until every end
Thank you nature for the things you give
You are the thing that lets us live

The Most Thankful Poem Ever
By Carlos H.

All the things that I have is all the stuff I have in my life so you should be thankful for it.

By Veera K.

One day it was Thanksgiving
The clouds were high
and I could look
Up and see the starry night.
Friends gather around
Giving thanks all around
Friends, family and more
Everyone gave
Thanks too.

Thank You
By Olivia M.

As the water rushes,
As the wind blows,
I couldn’t be more thankful
As the ocean flows,
Just like gorgeous flowers
That like to grow
Thank you!

These people care for me and others,
My family works most of the day
I care for them
So I just want to say,
Thank you!

Being Thankful on ThanksGiving
By Pranav P.

Everybody is thankful for something.
Especially on ThanksGiving.
I am thankful for shelter, friends, food, water, toys, education that I get, and my family etc.
Especially on ThanksGiving.

Now let’s hear what you are thankful for.

Thanks Roblox
By Shai R.

I’m thankful of many things
I’m thankful for things like
Family, friends, earth and stuff like that
Im mostly thankful for….
ROBLOX yes the most epic game of all time
If there would be no Roblox
There would be be no more me
I’m here to make an Advertisement

And that is why I’m thankful for Roblox
Also thankful for rebex, bobux, roux, and robux
This is why you should be thankful,
you can be more happy.

Thank You
By Liam S.

I’m thankful for my life.
My family.
My iPad, house, dog, room and car.

I want to hug my dog and mom.

I’m happier than a pig in mud.

Too Thankful
By Gianna Z.

Thanks thanks thanks. I am very thankful for what YOU gave me. I am as thankful as a little girl got a puppy for her birthday. I am also as thankful as an 8 year old boy gets 100 presents. I am very thankful for everything you gave me. Thank you!

Mr. O’Brien, 4th Grade

By Rieyecon B.

I just wanna say thanks to me for helping me meet Drake. I swear this ain’t fake. My parents also helped me get some money from the bank. Finally I also wanna thank my uncle for taking me to go fishing in a lake.

I’m Thankful for That!
By Athan C.

I’m thankful for more than you might expect.
I’m thankful for my family and friends.
That’s just a sprinkle of what is left.
I’m thankful for my home and school.
I always know everyone is cool.

By Finley H.

I am thankful for life, it might as well be. Like rabbits thankful for carrots, or humans for having good habits. Like a butterfly thankful for pollen, and a penguin that has fallen into a better situation.

Thank You
By Alex K.

I really appreciate the things you give me and the things you do for me.
I really need to give you something but what maybe help with cleaning.
Maybe if you have a yard I can do some yard work
Good bye.

Help and Caring
By Alvis L.

Thanks for doing what you did
You are kind beyond belief
Your help and caring calmed me down
And gave me soothing relief

By Madeleine O.

No gifts
No candy
No flowers
I am just
Thankful to have you next to me

I Am Thankful For
By Zia R.

Open a door
Gave out more
I am thankful for

Give a flower
Have a power
I am thankful for

Give a hug
Love a pug
I am thankful for

Make food
Not be rude
I am thankful for

I am thankful for everything and much more.

Thanks Mom
By Georgia R.

My mom took me on a flight and we landed
We got a toy from the airport and I said thanks immediately
And I played with it every day
I loved it and we got back on and headed towards home



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.