5th and 6th Graders tell “The Truth” about Poetry

For their nineteenth virtual poetry lesson, Shoesmith 5th and 6th graders wrote  collaborative poems. A collaborative poem is when a group of poets contribute individual lines to create a unified poem. Together we read a poem called, “The Truth Is Kids,” written by students  Annalise, Sara, Michelle, Yasmine, & Abby. These five young girls performed their poem at Lincolnwood Library in Pratt, IL. In their poem the girls describe what they believe is true about kids today.  The truth is kids are the future/ The truth is I am you and you are me/ We are one/  The kids are the glue that holds a family together. In a collaboration poem, poets have to work together as a team and respect each others ideas.

Inspired by the poem, “Truth Is Kids,” each class wrote a poem together describing what they believe is true about poetry.


Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 1



The Truth Is Poetry


Poetry are leaves from the vine swaying as the wind blows
Poetry are birds singing their majestic song
Poetry is as majestic as the black horse
Poetry is as beautiful as life it self

Poems are cool like hoverboards
Poems are like game night
Poems are cool like fidget spinners
Poems are like the color pink

Poetry is as fun as jumping on a bouncy house
Poetry is as sad as going to school
Poetry is as mad as a bee when you scream at it
Poetry is as crazy as you when you leave school

Poetry is as sharp as a knife
Poetry is like a rainbow
Poetry is light
Poems are hard working people

poetry is like the wind in the breeze
poetry is as easy as taking candy from a baby
poetry is like finding something you never had
poetry is as crazy as the wind

The Truth is the truth
The truth is a difficult thing to get hold of





                                             Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
                                                             Group 2



The Wonders of Poetry


Friday night funkin has song tracks as catchy as a song that’s stuck in your head
It’s like poetry but with music
Beats as smooth as chocolate
This rhythm game is really fun to play

Poems are warm as a cozy fire
Poetry can be brave like a lion
The poem was soft as a cloud
The poem was bright as the sun

Poetry is as soft as a baby
Poetry is as cold as ice cream
Poetry is hard as math
Poems are cool as celebrities

Poems are smooth as silk
Poems are mosquitoes sucking blood
poetry is like playing at the park on a summer day
poems are like eating a thanksgiving dinner

poetry is as soft as a futon
Poems are like as soft as a cloud
and as long as the seven seas
but as low as hades
and as comfy as a Saturday beach party

Poetry lets words of truth flow out of your mind and hands, improving the world
Poetry is many wondrous, beautiful things coming in to form one
Poetry is like meditation, sucking the worry out of you

You are bigger than the world around you
Your cool just like the others
It is best to be yourself like the restaurant icons being the same
You can do what everyone else can do
You are bigger than the world around you




                                              Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
                                                            Group 1



The Reaches Of Poetry


Poetry is a roller coaster
Poetry is like learning a new language
Poems are puzzles
Poems are thieves in the night

Poetry leaves me still in the night
Poetry flows through my brain like a river
Poetry is like thinking the unthinkable
Poetry is a tall tale told over and over

Poetry is older than an ancient legend
poetry is like a old rotten tomato
Poetry is like a time capsule
Poetry is like an hard rock

Poetry is drizzling water
Poems are dark memories
Poetry is a highway
Poems are memes

Poetry is like a memory
Poetry is like a beat waiting to be in a song
Poems are a upside down image with a different meaning
Poetry is a roller coaster of emotions

Poetry is a story told in fragments
Poetry is like a scream in the deafening silence
Poetry is like a flame in the dark
Poems are food for your mind

Poetry is a hoax
Poems are a figure of imagination
Poetry is like walking on fine line
Poetry is as valuable as a penny

poetry is like a white wall
poems are like killing monsters
poetry is picking thing up without hands
Poetry is walking without a two legs

poetry is always helping me it’s like my guardian angel
Poetry is a different world
poetry is like a house waiting to be decorated
a poem is like a opinion some like some don’t like

Poetry is melting like ice
Poetry is like a katana that’s in kombat
Poetry is like a fest
Poetry is like a city wean people come together and no discrimination

Poetry is a story told in fragments
poetry is older than an old tale
poetry is as hard as a rock
poetry flows through my brain like a river

Poems are dreams that might come true
A Poem is like an unforgettable memory
poems are light bulbs bright as the day
Poetry is as scary as an never ending well

poetry is as hard as a rock
poetry is like a vivid dream
poetry is like lucid words
poetry is as hard as putting your shoes on backwards

Poetry are emotions hidden behind small words
poetry is a painting with unfinished words
poetry is like the cousin of writing
poetry are underrated drawings

Poems are as good as music from Michael Jackson
poems are like a bird flying through the sky

Today I wrote a poem and thought about what it was
Poets are artists, poetry is their painting
Poetry is like a shop with jewelry that cannot be cracked
Poetry is simply a boring drawing

poetry makes my mind sharp like a sword
Poetry is a memory
poetry is a secret
Poetry is a feeling that I can’t say

Poetry hits my head like a volleyball
Poetry is learning unspeakable words
Poetry is like a never ending well
Poetry tosses my mind around like a football

Poetry is good when you can hear the river.
Poetry is funny clowns in the circus.
Poetry is like the past.
Poetry is like a man waiting for the bus.

Poetry is like a relationship that hasn’t been confirmed
Poetry is like looking into a mirror
Poetry is like meeting new people
Poetry is like another dimension

Poetry is a paintbrush bringing color to the canvas
A poem is like a lone rock rushing through the river
Poetry is a wake-up call
Poetry is like a game you’ll never lose



                                               Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
                                                            Group 2



The Mind Of Poetry 


Poetry can feel like your drowning. The story creating an overwhelming storm.
Poetry can feel like a rainbow. It makes you delighted with gold at the end.
Poetry is a dying light. Flickering on and off with ideas for the longest time.
Poetry is a butterfly. Waiting to escape your mind and onto the page.

Poetry is a lightning bolt
Poetry is like a torn book
Poetry is like a sharpened knife
Poetry is a brand new pencil.
Poetry is as sharp as a thorn on a rose

Poetry is Monday morning.
Poetry is like a belly flop into a pool
Poetry is falling off of my skateboard.
Poetry is as annoying as wearing a mask all day in school.

Poetry is like an annoying bird
Poetry is like cold Mondays
Poetry like a bad cough
Poetry is like a deep breathe

Poems are rocks clashing
Poems are angel’s wings flapping in the air.
Poems are colors of paint
Poems are pieces of broken glass

Poetry is as sensitive as glass
Poetry is as stretchy as slime it can go from one subject to another
Poetry is clay trying to mold it into a perfect piece
Poetry is a puzzle

Poetry is like a Rainbow, colorful and wonderful
Poetry is like food, you crave it
Poems are like animals, there beautiful, wonderful and stress relieving
Poetry is like sleep, you just can’t get enough of it
Poetry is like a butterfly, just waiting to land on you

Poems are animals in the wild
Poems are art
Poetry is like a bog and its ball
A poem is as weird as aliens
Poetry is like a broken record

Poems are unique, its nothing like it
Poetry is like dry, raw spaghetti

Sometimes poetry is like eating food without flavor
Sometimes poetry is like sitting on a cloud
Sometimes poetry is like breaking a nail
Sometimes poetry is like losing a pet

Poetry is hard candy you can never get it open
Poetry is gross like stepping in gum
poetry is annoying like a younger sibling
poetry is a monster that hides in your nightmares

poem is like summer and winter sometimes I’m okay with it and sometimes I don’t like it
Poetry is like a loud fly buzzing next to my ear
Poems are like butterflies I don’t like them but I don’t hate them either
A poem is like a mask I hate putting it on but when it’s in for a while I feel okay with it but I still don’t like it

poetry is as easy as saying ABC’s
poetry is like falling and getting back up
Poetry is a piece of cake
poetry is as saying hello

poetry is like the ocean because it gives u a piece of mind
poetry is like writing music
poetry is like having a party
poetry is riding a bike

Poetry is a blanket (comforting)
Poetry can be as strong as Samson (to your heart).
Poetry is like a graduation it gets you really excited!
Poetry is like ice its smooth and calming.

Poetry is laying in the rain ( relaxing )
Poetry is doing a backflip ( practicing and practicing )
Poetry is as babysitting a baby ( confused on what they want )
A poem is trying to do your Barbie’s hair ( frustrating )

Poetry is like your favorite snacks it hits the write spots.
Poetry is like avocado its not always the best.
Poetry is like a graduation it gets you really excited!
Poetry is like ice its smooth and calming.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.