Like You: Looking At Our Lives Through Simile

For our 3rd Lesson, we started with a game. Students were broken up into groups, given random index cards with various words which might make up a string of simile. To the best of their ability, they were to arrange the words (as an entire class) around the room, thus making a string of similes. They were only given 5 minutes to complete the task, and the undertaking was done with much excitement! By the end of my day with, Ms Munoz’s 7th Graders, the entire room was wrapped in simile.

Then it was down to work with two poems using simile: ‘Like You,’ by El Salvadoran poet, Roque Dalton and ‘Quiet Night Thoughts,‘ by Chinese poet, Li Po. We discussed how simile was used to ‘bring home’ the point of the poet. Then there was just enough time left for the students to create their own poems using simile. As a jumping off point, they could either write about a dream that they had (even a nightmare) or about a dream they have for a better world.

Mr. Munoz
7th Grade, 1st Period

Pigs With Wings
Emma L.

My dream is like a cloud
sweeet as a bird,
but quickly turns to rage like a dog.

My dream was of a better world,
where the people acted as a grace
and the dogs had no rage.

My dream was as realistic as pigs with wings.


A Long-Forgotten Memory
Sabrina L.

Standing in my yard
like a shadow in my mind
she sits and talks and watches
as friendly as a drowsy elephant.

And I watch her hands
dancing like flowers
and I see her smile
like a long-forgotten memory.
Elias S.

My dream is like a balloon
full with thoughts like a bucket
with water.
Just like a balloon, it’s
empty at the end.
Like a wallet after shopping.

Not remembering anything
like a gold fishes’ brain.
It all goes away. So great
when full and back to
normal when it’s empty.


Ms. Munoz
 7th Grade, 3rd Period

Jonny H.

In my dream
I’m buying a new house.
The real estate lady looks
like a statue.

snakes sprout out
of her head
the ground
like a plant.

The snakes
eat everything
like me
an all you can eat buffet.

Laura V.

In my dream
I am falling as a
black hole was underneath me, sucking me in.
I fell down the stairs
like a clumsy puppy.

I dove head first
into the floor.
The sound was like
a squeak of a miniscule
but to me
it felt like
I was the new iPad Mini 4
shattering before my eyes
or a cup of Starbucks
spilling before me.

Anthony S.

It’s weird, your body
conscience, if you will.
It’s like a person trying, trying…
to tell you how they feel sometimes.

I wake up to my own dream.
Telling my body to do something
to take action
for what
love, love, love.
Love is bliss
bliss is not love
but like a plant
if you don’t water it
it dies.

A Dream I Can’t Recall
Heigen P.

At night I dream
of something, something out there waiting like
an adventure to be found.
Things I think of at night like the day
but imaginary.
Thoughts that come and go.

I wake up, late for the bus.
I forget what was dreamt, moving on, like,
a cloud in the sky, disappearing to else
My eyes, droopy like soggy towels.
Waiting to go to sleep a again.


Ms. Munoz
7th Grade, 6th Period

Silent Night Memories
Salvador J.

At night with the darkest skies,
There’s light out my window,
like the sun’s shine, car’s lights
turn me to close my eyes
like the days of winter.

This Poem Has No Title
Adrian R.

A sky as red as an apple
a ground as pink as Valentine’s Day
with strange creatures with two necks
and a mad man as crazy as ‘a mad man.’

A dream can dream what a dream can dream
with a dream as a dream like a dream
dreams about dreaming about

Mary P.

In the corner of the painting
I see something move
Dark as night
As quick as a flash

I look closer yet
And all seems still
Till I find something
Like the moving shadow of a hand.


Ms. Munoz
7th Grade, 7th Period

Krisel O.

I woke up
my dog who I
thought was gone
is there
Like a bird he
sings into the
moon as bright
as a snowflake

Now this time the dream
stops like a
snowflake that
goes away
I wake up as happy as a
friend meeting a

In This World
Nicholas S.

In this world
It was soft like pillows
It was warm like my blanket

In this world
It was cold like winter
It was hard like rocks

Escaping From Reality
Emma W.

Just the other day, I escaped from reality it
was like dreaming of the sun in a downpour.
I watched the rain lighten,
the sun brighten.
There were no more tears or fears
It was like perfect harmony.
The animals danced to the song,
like Spring had sprung.

Then dark days like a storm
The sounds of fear returned
Reality came to drown me
So I ran so it couldn’t find me
and let me be.

Just the other day, I escaped from reality.

Tania D.

My dream like a blank space.
Middle of nowhere.
Cold as ice,
lonely as can be.

Wishing I was home
not in this colorless place.
So dull and quiet
Hoping I was covered
and comfortable as if under
my sheets.

Ms. Munoz
7th Grade, 8th Period

Jordyn W.

I dream of space
And how in it, Earth is like a speck
As insignificant as an ant
And even smaller than one

Around it lies blackness
Distant starts and planets stand out
Like tiny lights
In darkness like ink

Desiree R.

My dream of the world is like space,
endless and impossible to reach.
My dream of the world is like a tower,
impossible to build with just 1 person.

My dream of the world is like a bed,
something people won’t want to make.
My dream of the world is like a bandage,
Wanting to heal all the damage that has been done.

Aaron H.

My dream is like
a bird in the wilderness
or like an unlimited amount
of food and water

My dream is like
a world with anything I want
or like
a king or queen



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.