A Song of Bugs: Beautiful Mistakes @ Avondale Logandale

The Avondale Logandale 4th graders worked from a classic this week by Kenneth Koch. Once when Koch was teaching, a student meant to write “a swarm of bees,” but accidentally wrote “a swan of bees,” and a beautiful mistake was made! This week we discussed how strange images can alight your senses, and how making things out of other things (especially in ways that don’t immediately make sense) is pretty sweet. Also of note: exciting innovations are often made from mistakes, so go ahead and try out some wild ideas, and don’t be afraid of beautiful mistakes.



Ms. Pease
4th Grade

A Song of Bugs
Malachi G.

A book of cats
A teacher of dogs
A song f bugs
A tree of paper
A class of rules
A dog of Jacob
A mat of bat
A fat of rat
A Jose of Daisy


A Volcano of Money
Natalia H.

A candy of water
A volcano of money
A flower of bows
A car of candy
A folder of kittens
A kitten of hearts
A heart of babies
A baby of paper
A paper of chocolate
A chocolate of windows
A window of erasers
An eraser of crayons
A crayon of books
A book of pencils


I Dream Of
Stacey G.

A house of jaguars
A car of babies
A school of water
A book of jelly
A tower of tigers
A dress of crayons
A swan of diamonds
A locker of bees
A tiger of ladybugs
A car of butterflies

Ms. Afzal
4th Grade

A Candy Of Love
Nelly R.

A beach made of candy
A chocolate made of everyone’s kiss
A tree of lolipops
A forest made of cake
A house made of cupcake
A flower made of gum
A pancake made of strawberry
A girl of candy
A cloud made of candy cane
A girl’s hair made of flowers


Funny Things
Daniela R.

A beach of aliens
A mom of chocolate
A dad of chicken pots
A flower of chocolate
A baby swinging in the forest
A land of babies
A monster of socks
A book of real
A swan of light


City of Candy
Alejandro E.

A baby of caramel
A building of a box of juice
A pool of orange juice
A school of toys

Ms. Lozada
4th Grader

I Would Like
Salvador E.

I would like to have a city of clouds
I would like to have a pillow full of money
I would like to have a handful of 100 dollars
I would like to have a binder of pokemon ex
I would like to have a book of candy


A Mad Land
Aidan P.

A building made of marsh mellows and
chocolate. A forest of gummy bears
Raining smores, ginger bread teachers
chocolate fishes a ball of slime a
computer of football an Adrian gummy bear.


Adrian R.

I wish I had a star full of money
I wish I had a a gingerbread friend
I wish I had a dog with power
I wish I had a room full of candy
I wish I had a classroom full of chips
I wish I had a super power
I wish I had a candy star
I wish I had a snow man friend



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.