You talkin’ to me? Looking At Our Lives Through Personification

Our fourth week had us looking at personification and the use of the vernacular in Frank O’Hara’s A True Account of Talking To the Sun At Fire Island, where the poet has a conversation with a petulant, yet understanding Sun.  Students were given the choice of how they wanted to hear the poem: Heads down, eyes closed, or sitting simply and listening.  Ms. Munoz’s 7th Grade Class pointed out the creative use of personification, humor, free verse, and puns in the poem and heard a bit about the poet’s life, which ended tragically on Fire Island when he was only 40 years old. This particularly interested them.

For our writing prompt, each student was given a picture of an object clipped from a magazine and asked to compose a poem utilizing the above devices.  What might this inanimate object choose to say, if it were given human qualities?  Students were encouraged to have fun with the far fetched possibilities.  Many creative, poignantly silly and often touching works were created as imaginations ran wild.  Enjoy!


Ms. Munoz, 7th Grade
1st Period

Lianna W.

“Hello,” I whisper to the forgotten
green bear.
I wonder if he feels the
green vines growing too within.

“Hey,” he says disappointed that
his only friend rejected him once
more. For someone new. As per usual
I say, “I can take you. Be your new friend always care for

He replies, looking bright eyed.
“I’d love to, but mustn’t. She always comes back. And if I leave today, who will be here
to comfort her aching boo-boos
and unbought frays. Who will warn
her who is behind her?”
“Well, her new friends,” I counter.

“Oh, no, I know they won’t. She won’t listen to me so I must
let her live freely. But they always come back. Always.”

As I moved on, searching for
my own wise, reject, I realized it was me.


LGTV Fishy
Alex B.

I am watching some TV
Something about the oceans
Bam! A fish popped out of the TV
Is this 3D?
Something fishy

The fish says, “Why are you being a couch fish?”
Something’s really fishy, but I respond, “What do you mean?”
Growing impatient, the fish says, “Why are you just
sitting there, doing nothing?”
I shrug, thinking that this has to be a dream.

“Well, you shouldn’t be sitting here doing nothing and
learn about how awesome I am and water.”
He then whispers to himself, “If you were a fish,
you would be dead already.”
“What should I do now?” I ask.

Growing very impatient, he says, “Is my brain
actually bigger than your? GO OUTSIDE, LIVE
“Okay, fine.” I said.
I walked outside, jumped into the lake
and I saw the same fish looking at me, with a happy grin.


Capturing Nature
Leila S.

I wake up to the rustling of leaves
whispering in my ear
“come out! come out!”
their little voices say.

I wander outside
and approach the small whispers
“admire us!” they say.
“we are far more beautiful than a bright computer screen.”

I turn to the piercing white light
drawing one towards it
“don’t go,” say the leaves
“you’ll never escape!”

I watch as the rough roots and branches
curl up around me
taking me away
from the big bright light.

“it’s better off this way”
“stay with us and you’ll be calm.”
I finally fall asleep to the rustling of the leaves
without a thought in my mind about the
hypnotizing, capturing and possessive bright light.


Stand Straight
Leona M.

“Stand straight,” says the
Krontsky Volvcano and I do
so, because I don’t want to
anger him.

“Be mad,” says Kronotsky
and I make an angry expression.
“Even madder,” he shouts and
I make an even angrier expression.

Suddenly, Kronotsky erupted
sending red-hot lava everywhere.
I ran as he began to cough.

“Darn it,  Kronotsky! Stop scaring
off all the visitors!” The sky says,
but Kronotsky, muffled her with
a thick, black fog-like substance called

“Stand straight,” the mountain says quietly.
But no one was around to hear him.
“Stand straight,” he whispers to himself
as ash surrounded him.


Ms. Munoz, 7th Grade
3rd Period

Hello Canyon!!
Charlie N.

I woke up from my car.
I walked up and saw a canyon.
“Good, morning canyon,” I greeted.
“Hello!” echoed over the land.
“What are you doing out here?”
“None of your business! My parents are still
sleeping. Shhhhhh.”

“Wow! No need to be so rude,” said the Canyon.
“I said, Shhhh, canyon!” I exclaimed.
“Okay, so answer my question. Why are you up so early?”
“I got curious.”

“About what?” the canyon whispered.
“It does not concern you,” I said.
“I am over millions of years old, you must
respect your elders, young one.”

“So, what are you curious about?” he asked again.
“How are you talking?”


The Lonesome Flower
Maura D.

I run, stomping through the grassy field.
Nothing in sight.
I am lost in thought, until I hear a sound.
“Hey! Watch where you are going.”
It is a flower.
Alone in a field,
bright against the dull grass
“Sorry,  didn’t see you there!” I yell down to it.

“You people don’t notice the things right in front of you.”
“I said I was sorry.”
“What are you doing out here alone?” I ask suddenly curious.
“Some things aren’t as appreciated as others,” replies the flower.

Stunned, I ask, “What do you mean?”
“I mean, you people need to look around some more.”
“Notice the little things.”
And with that,
I run along and soon spot a rollie pollie on the ground.


Saddle Up
Max S.

Hey, Jorge how are
you. Goooood and yooouu?
I’m good. You want to ride?
Shuurr brooo. Leeett’sss saaadle

This is fun, bro.
Yaah brooo (he said panting).
Let’s go back and chill.

Jorge is a horse.


Poor Buddy
Isabella C.

My dog woke me up,
this Saturday morning.
When I could’ve slept in.
“I need a walk right now,” he insisted.
I told him he had a doggy door for a reason.
Luckily he left my room!

An hour later after I got the right amount of sleep,
I walk out,
and there he is
with a sorrow face, he peed on the carpet.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know what else to do.”
he explained. But I couldn’t take this.

“Out!” I motioned him,
about to prepare breakfast,
bacon, eggs because it’s Saturday.
And the usual Buddy,
he runs in because he smells my bacon.
“Doggy Chow again,” he whines.

Oh no he didn’t!
“I’m sorry, but my life isn’t as easy as you think it is.”
“You go out with your friends, I lay on the couch.”
“You get to eat the coolest things, I eat that
stupid puppy chow all day, everyday.”
That’s when I realized I was a terrible owner.
Poor Buddy!

Mike D.

I’m onstage, making music
People cheering, screaming
I’m the best, they all
love me. They came to
see me.

While me partner sings, I
shoot out notes louder
than bombs. My voice
bellows through the crowd.

I make no mistakes. If
something goes wrong, it
is my partner’s fault,
because I’m a guitar.


Ms. Munoz, 7th  Grade
6th Period

The Feet
Anna P.

I was walking around the house
Until I heard my feet scream
“Hey, I’m tired of being smashed to
the ground, OK?”
I sat down. “That’s better,” said my
feet, “Now I can finally say what
I have to say.”

“When will you start to respect
your fellow body parts. They’re
tired of being thrown around
and not cared about. You
only care about yourself!”
said my feet.

“Sorry feet, but its not my fault
you are a part of me. If you
the hate me so much then leave!”
I replied in anger from the
greeting of my feet.

“Fine, I will!” My feet began
to control themselves and
drag me around. They knocked
me into the walls and knock
down all the shelves. “I’m sorry.
I’ll be nicer, I promise!” I said.
“Good, I’ll do it again if I have
to,” replied my feet. I learned
my lesson.


Conversation With A Meadow
Dylan B.

“Hello, Meadow, I need some help.”
To my surprise the meadow responded.
“What do you need? You can
tell me.”

I was reluctant to tell this
meadow anything.
But I did anyways.

“I’ve just been down lately.”
The meadow replied.
“Why’s that?”
“I don’t know. I just don’t feel
the same,” I said.

The meadow replied with a
nice comment.
“Don’t feel bad,” the meadow said.
“We all feel bad some sometimes.
But don’t worry.”

“It gets better.”

If Sand Had a Brain
Eemaan B.

“Hi friend.”
I whip my head around
To see if someone from school was trying to scare me
But there was no one.

“Hi friend.”
No way. The sand was talking to me.
I shot to my feet, knocking my chair over.
“No, no. It’s alright!” the sand reassured me.

I slowed my breathing down and relaxed.
“You can talk?” Am I going crazy? Is this a prank?” I asked.
“Yes, yes and no,” the sand replied. “I’m not real.”
“Neither am I,” I remembered. “I’m imaginary.”

“Oh, BTW, I took your 305 and put sand in the SD card slot.”
I fell asleep in class and must’ve woken up.
It was just a prank, bro.


Ay Chihuahua
Melany C.

As I was walking my Chihuahua,
he turns around and tells me, “This just isn’t going to work out.”
“Why,” I ask curiously.

“You just aren’t giving me the attention I deserve.”
“But I play with you whenever I can.”
By this point the whole neighborhood was staring.

“Can we just talk about this at home,” I suggested.
“No. We are going to figure this out right here, right now!!”
I started tugging his collar to go home.

He wouldn’t move. I picked him up.
“No. No, put me down, put me down!!!!!!!!”
He screamed all the way until we got home.


Ms. Munoz, 7th Grade
7th Period

An Engagement Ring Encourages Me To Hurry
Isabelle P.

“You’re running out of time!” screeches
a voice that might have originally been
soft and sweet. I crumple my face
in pain as something small falls on my

“I’ve done everything you’ve said,”
I grumbled annoyedly and flicked the
sparkling engagement ring across the sand.

“Did you really think it would be
enough?” the ring clucks mockingly.
“You’re still dreadful to look at.”

I pick up the ring and shake it,
holding it inches from my nose.
“I will throw you,” I threaten as I
stomp closer to the clear sea water.

“You know you don’t have enough
in you,” the ring cackles. “You need
me to finally live your life.” She
snorts. “You’re not even dating.”

“Listen, Ringo,” I say, evenly still
holding the ring in my fingers, “I don’t
even want to get married. Too much

“But I chose you!” She breathes angrily.
“I saw the way you gazed at me
when you passed by that awful
shop window.”

“I’ve never seen you before,” I announce
indifferently and drop the ring into the
sand. “Perhaps another lucky girl will
discover you.”

As I pad away, urgent screaming
follows, but I don’t stop. The thought
hadn’t even occurred that the clock was


My Soul, My Dancing Shoes!
Vanessa P.

“Stop,” my dancing shoes said.
“What’s wrong?”
“Don’t you see? I am tired & old.”
“I’m sorry. I forgot”
I’ve been trying to fix my shoes, but I’ve
been too busy, I have to practice every weekend
and concerts on the weekdays!

“My poor dancing shoes,” I said.
I went to the store and asked for
them to be fixed.
“I’m sorry, we will need a week.”
Sad, I went home and thought of my poor dancing shoes.

A week had passed and happy I was!
May my shoes I have back and we
forever dance forever and ever
“Dancing shoes,” I told the lady.
“Am I happy to see you,” my shoes said.

Together happily we danced until an
“Ouch,” came to our mind.
We are ready to go, I thought and happily
we stopped!

Chatting With A Fab Flower
Lazlo K.

“Wooooooo, hey girl. Hayyyyyy,” said the flower to me.
“Well, hey there, lil flower, ” I said in return.
“I’m feeling very fab today,” says the flower.
“Me too,” I reply.
“Let’s go to Starbucks,” said the flower in delight.
“Yassssss, I’m gonna get my Mocha on, gurrrrrllllll” I said.

I walked to Starbucks with my fab flower in hand.
We skipped there.
I ordered a half-caff double Frappuccino Venti, half chooc mocha
with a whisper of cinnamon.

The flower ordered an Iced Coffee.

How I Lost My Feet
Leah J.

As I lay in my bed, I ask
“What’s that nasty smell?”
“Who are you callin’ smelly?”
says a voice from the foot of my bed.

My feet have a mouth?!!
“Since when can feet talk?”
“What do you mean, I’ve been talking forever!
I can’t believe this. I’ve known you
for 13 years and you’ve just found out
about me.”

I was shocked. “Am I dreaming?”
“How rude. You think I’m just part of some dream?
You know, I can just walk away from your
legs if you don’t start respecting me.”

“Why is this happening to me?
Can someone make this stop?”
“You know what? I’m done with you.”
My feet popped off my legs and walked away.
And that’s how I lost my feet.


Ms. Munoz, 7th Grade
8th Period

Meeting Love
Isabella C.

One day an old man approached me
in the park and tapped me on the shoulder.

“What do you know about love?” He asked.

“Why do you need to know?” I responded.

“I am love. I am here to find out what
people think about love,” he replied with a
warm smile.

“Love is when…when you will do
anything for another person. You give them
your heart, promises and trust. When they
are your world and you are theirs. Living
in harmony and not afraid of each other.”

“love smiled. “Excellent. That is what
love is.”


Alyssa A.

A firework shook me awake
at midnight loudly, screaming
and whooping, earsplitting yells of
joy. Spinning in circles and loops
belting, “Oh the joy!” outside
my window. Still dreary eyed
and blinded by the extreme
brightness, I said, “Why the joy?”

“I’m free!!!!” it squeeled
glowing even brighter. “I know
you fireworks, in a moment,
you will die. Why are you
so close to the ground anyway?”

“All of us seem to shoot in the
sky. I wanted to see what it
was like down here.”


A Cloudy Conversation
Leanna H.

Lying with my back against the grass,
Staring up at the sky,
The clouds start to talk,
One shaped like a dinosaur roars
“I’m hungry for meat!”

“Sorry, I reply,” But you’re a cloud, you
can’t eat.”
“If you did,” I continue, “The food would
go right through your belly and hit
someone on the head.”

The dino glares, quite annoyed
“What if I ate a cloud-beef?”
He asks,
Hoping to corner me in the argument.

But once again,
I win the argument,
Because: “But clouds can’t eat other clouds.”
Which stuns him into silence.


The Special One
Klarke M.

One day, I sat under a tree
This was my special spot
There was a reason I liked it so much
Besides the fact it was in my backyard
I had a special connection with him
And yes, I said him

When I first met him it was a bad day
I stomped into the yard
Then I sat down under him
Before I continue, you must know
It had just grown to its full height

I sat on the roots of the tree
All of a sudden I heard a loud scream
I guess nobody heard it but me
I finally turned around and faced the tree
He spoke again and said:

“Hey, you there!”
I was so shocked that he was talking.
He continued on and said
“Watch where you sit. That hurt!
Well, that I’ve spilled my beans
I’ll confess and tell my story”
I finally got over the fact that he talked
I asked him if it was going to be long
Don’t judge, I had a lot of homework

“No, it’s not that long, you bum”
A long time ago a witch put a
Curse on a seed which was me.”
Wow! That was short!
Well, I have to go now, bye!

“Bye, young grasshopper.”


The Three Not So Little Bears
Leslie P.

As I take a walk through
the woods,
I see a cabin in front of me,
I feel a cold breeze around me
I head inside and feel warming
Instantly heats me up
I walk around and I hear a
“Hello?” the voice says
I turn a corner and

See a bird standing in front of
me, I must be dreaming
This bird is at least a foot
larger than me.
He speaks again
“Who are you”
“I am a girl from a nearby town.”
I don’t bother to explain more.
He simply smiles and
tells me to sit down.

I sit down and he hands
me some cookies and milk.
He tells me he has lived
by himself for over 50 years
after his wife died.
Today was her death anniversary.
He was going to go to her grave.

Instead I decided to cheer
him up and tell him to
bake a cake for her anniversary.
He just smiles and we make a cake.
I went back to the cabin.
He wasn’t there
and I never saw him again.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.