Life is Full of Suprises!

This week at Smyser, just before the break, The 4th-graders looked at a poem that has a surprising ending, which is emphasized by the final line break. I reviewed what we’ve been learning about lines and stanzas, and also introduced a lesson on similes. Ms. Edwards had a lovely illustrated book that helped with my lesson, especially for the Ukranian speakers in the class. All of the students were excited to make their own similes in no time! We talked about how poems are more like movies than they are like books, in that they drop us right into the action. The students wrote about when they felt surprised, and they also tried to surprise the reader as well, as you’ll see below!


Ms. Erzrumly’s 4th Grade 


life is full of Surprises
By Santiago 

fun and
going to
But the
dentist is
not fun instead

going to Disney
very happy to
see Woody and
Jessie and maybe

Passing Disney
confused and mad
why mom I asked?

She said she lied
while I just cried she said
where we’re going but I was
not cooperating.

soon to find out the
dentist said open wide.



the blackout
By Noel 

Boom! The lights went out
I was as scared as an actor.
go check it out
the tv cranked like a firework

The wind blew!
the light turned on fast as a cheetah!
thud! it turned off again!
the snow went flying like superman.

shhh! The snow stopped
then the light came on as bright as the sun!

then we went downstairs
You check it out no you!
shh! I will check it out
Boom I heard
then I said nope. like the fastest talker alive

oh noo!
then I realized my brother was flickering
the switch. then as we were going up
boom, a sound.



Mom vs. Brother 
By Marcie

family game night
everyone’s competitive
my brother’s fast like a cheetah
my mom also

I’m behind
My dad is in front of me
I am sad that I’m behind
it’s a race for first

Mom vs Brother
who will win
My mom beats my brother
by a hair
My mom’s not the best at the games we play
so I’m impressed and shocked
my mom won my brother was as angry as a
grizzly bear.



The beeping sound
By Nikolas

My sister said if there’s a ghost
make a sound
few seconds gone by, nothing.

I thought nothing was going to happen
until the Nintendo listened to us
it made a beeping sound.



The carrier
By Audrey

The first day of camp
and I’m coming home
mom’s holding a carrier
she brought something home!

I asked her the first thing came to mind
“Did you get a cat?!” I asked

And when she said yes
I was so surprised
I jumped on her
like a happy cat!

I felt really happy
I had waited for years
and finally it happened
I now have a cat!



Surprised time
By Mikhail

I was surprised when I made friends
It was my first day of 2nd grade
and I was alone but 3 kids
asked me if they want to be
my friends. I said sure I asked
their names they said Jay, Matthew,
and Nick. we were the best of friends!



Giant Drop 
By Ethan G.

My first time being
on a drop, Being brave
like if I was a lion.
Getting on the
ride being safe on
the ride going up
hundreds of feet.

Stopping on the top
waiting for the countdown
dropping like if I didn’t care

Going on the ride again
to be brave again. Stopping
on the top waiting for the
countdown. Dropping before
my eyes. leaving my soul
behind the ride.



Ms. Edward’s 4th Grade


By Emily

I was swimming regularly in the pool
Later I did not know that I would be making
a fool

My family comes up to me and says “Come
on this fun slide”
I did not know it was my demise.

I agree and I walk up the stairs, 300 feet
I was singing a nice beat until I got to the
top, at least!

When I got on I regret, but we’ve already
gone, it seems quite wet.

I will not scream, I will not cry as I go down
the steep, steep slide.

I did scream, I did cry, but by then I
had finished by five.

I was happy, it was fun! But nobody else
wanted to try. Then I screamed then I

“I want to go on that slide!”


Snow Boarding 
By Lugie

I felt scared as a
stray cat, as I fell under the boards
panicked like a baby coming out of
a mother’s stomach

I tried and tried to get out but it
felt like it was sucking me in like a
big big void. suddenly my uncle
came in rescue and caught me
just in the nick of a clock and went
back to



The Line
By Samuel C.

Let’s go on the roller coaster
I could see it all away from my house
It’s so big as a giraffe.

The Line is so big as a elephant can be
I am the 40th person like if I was 40 years old
I am so excited like a puppy can be.



The time I met my mami! 
By Ivanna

I thought my surprise
is small

but it was
actually big

I saw my mom
I was so excited as a puppy getting adopted.

a cold day
I’m cold as ice
my hands froze
I’m freezing like snow
I’m never warm inside or outside.



The trip
By Erica

I sat in the car
and feeling bored.

Hours passed and I watched a movie.
eating snacks
Kinda sleepy.

Almost there
just talking to my dad
cause I’m feeling bored.

We’re here!
I was excited like a kid.

I thought it was small and boring
until I saw everything.



Tired guy 
By Maksym

Yawning in the dark tired guy
zzzzz my dad is snoring
Wide awake and can’t fall asleep

When we are going to play something?



Excited as confetti
By Jonathan

I thought I
was going
Target but

no my aunt
bought tickets to mexico

I was excited
as a confetti
going into my



What could be happening? 
By Tymur

If you lie in an inconspicuous
suit on a tree
you can look like a camouflaged
iguana not in a tree!
If you are very tired then
you can be like as a turtle.





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.