‘I’ve been thinking about the way/you helped’: Kindness Poems

Students wrote and talked about kindness before reading the poem, ‘Small Kindnesses’ by Denusha Lameris. In crafting their own poems students focused on one idea, one stanza and small ways they have been kind or received kindness from others.

Lesson Note: Kindness has health benefits. Kindness not only feels good, but it can also boost the giver’s well-being. Studies show that when people are kind, they have lower levels of stress hormones and their fight-or-flight response calms down. For instance, when we see the person thank us or smile back, our brain a feel-good bonding hormone, which can increase trust and reduce fear and anxiety. Research also shows that giving directly to a person rather than contributing online seems to better unlock these emotional rewards. –Psychology Today

Mrs. McClain, 7th Grade

Acts of Kindness
by Arturo L.

I’ve been thinking about the way when
people pick up trash, let the old people
sit on public transportation, give food
to homeless people.
Because big or small acts of kindness
are the same amount of respect you are
going to have.
Because I realized this is a kindness you did

Something for us All
by Adelaide S.

I have thought about…
The way someone gave their chair to an old lady
The way someone smiled after a compliment
the smile didn’t fade after the present went away
The way the barista’s posture changed a bit
brighter after a big tip
The way a girl skipped with her dad
a feeling that she will remember in her
old age
the way our teacher grinned after her students
all got good grades
the way the homeless person said thank you
over and over after someone actually acknowledged them.
The way a little boy grinned after a friend walked
the way an elderly person drops her stuff
and a teen rushed to help
The way the gardener talked after she saw
a flower
The way people change for something small

The Power of Kindness
by Jovani H.

I have been thinking about the way when people
give homeless people money their lives get a
little bit better because they can buy
warm good or new clothes or by helping some
one pick up their lemons or complimenting

Mrs. McClain, 8th Grade

Cool Shoes
by Kayden W.

Kindness is
the catalyst to joy
the thing that makes the sun
look brighter,
The thing that can make
someone’s day.
Despite this though,
some people can’t grasp it
They remain rude all the time.

Is it a lot of effort?
or is it their
heart that makes them foul?
While the cause may be unknown,
There is room for change

So go up to someone
and look at their shoes
Doesn’t matter if they’re
fake or dirty.
just say
“Cool Shoes.”

Kindness that is Big or Small
by Arfan M.

I’ve been thinking about the way
kindness is everywhere.
Big or small it is seen here and there.
I might see it out the window a person
helping another who fell down
or in an alley a man giving
money to the homeless
In a restaurant
people bring food for others
You might show kindness
with knowing
Kindness like that is the best
It might be the simple friendship of two
Veterans from a war
covering one’s back
helping a stranger
who is in trouble.

Include Disabled
by Philip G.

I’ve been thinking about the way people
adopt people with
Don’t put us first but
do whatever is necessary to help us learn.
Giving directions can go a long way
Just saying ‘Hi!’
Getting ‘it’
Walking to school with one of us can go
a long way
It will make us feel included
I have heard bad stories
Don’t bring us down
Make us feel good


Mrs. McClean, 8th Grade

Kindness Poem
(in Arabic)

by Maryame E.Z.

Acts of Kindness
by Enes G.

I’ve been thinking about the way,
you helped
me and my friend
buy food, help with homework
and hold the door.
Helping someone pick up something
at the store or somewhere
or help someone across the street
is an act of kindness.
This is an act of kindness,
it can help them
with their mental health
so be

Mrs. McClain, 7th Grade

What People Do
by Serafina K.

I’ve been thinking about the way when you say bye
to someone and they wave at you. Or how you hug
each other when you see them. Sometimes you’ll give
each other gifts and be happy. We will smile at each other
or high-five. We’ll wait for someone. Give each other compliments and say ” I like
your shoes.” Only a small life we can make each other
happy. When we see our family and run up to
give them a hug. Giving a seat to someone on the train. Making someone’s day by giving them a high five.
Ending the day with a nice “Have a good night.”  All the
things we can do to make someone happy.

Kind Story
by Max B.

I’ve been thinking about the
way that people are kind.
People open doors for you,
they give you drinks,
they compliment you,
they make sure you are ok
they say, “Bless you”
they wave to you
they smile…
That is what it is like when I am
kind or when other people are
This is also why being kind is
a good thing to do.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.