“How to Have Fun Writing a Poem”

  • First, you’ll want to hang out with 2nd grade students and their teachers at Swift Elementary School.
  • Next, you could blend together a great conversation about rules, recipes, and instructions.
  • Stir in 4 tablespoons of fun and creativity.
  • Add a sprinkle of “know-how” to some sharpened pencils and clean paper.
  • Serve with Imagination!

Ms Amato
2nd Grade

How to be a cat
Emily C.

Get cat ears and get a cat
tail. Drink milk in a cup. eat
spaghetti and meatballs. play with your
cat. and say MEOW. and play with yarn.


How to stay up
Tarik S.

When you get tired drink mountain dews
and play video games or do
something you want to. take a spoon of
hot milk and give it to your mom and
dad. they will fall asleep. and
play video games. when it
turns morning fall asleep.


How to make a friend
Lacey V.

first, fill up with a tablespoon of kindness
find a person filled with loneliness
next, get two cups of nice words
mix them into sentences
pour them onto the person so they get filled up with happiness
Last, add a pinch of conversation and a sprinkle
of a hug once you are done you will have a
cake of a friend


How to be a scientist
Agnes L.

Add one cup of chemistry
Add two cups of bugs
Add three teaspoons of crazy worms
Add 8 pounds of potions
Add 11 pounds of lab coats
Add 12 trucks full of hair
Add 12 cups of food to
check for chemicals


Anjel S.
How to be a scientist

Open up your brain
with some intelligent
hands or some smart
fingers. 2 teaspoons of
smartie pants then 3 cups
of water
a tiny pinch of
white paint for your
cloths. now Hello Scientists.


How to make a cake
Farzanah H.

Take a licorice stick of butter and put it in a
big bowl. Add flour and sugar to
the big bowl. Put it in the oven
for six minutes. Take it out. Add
icing on the cake. Then add spinach
it will smell like a cat
cake yummy yummy.


How to be a super hero
Oliver B.

Add 1 ton of gamma, sprinkle some
super soldier serum, make a radioactive
spider and let it bite you, get 5 teaspoons
of suits, and 80 tons of weapons,
50 tons of potions, and a bottle
full of capes. Hi Super hero!

Ms. Popovic
2nd Grade


How to do your chores fast
Meldin K.

first, get a friend to maybe 3
or 4 friends plus 5 or 4 people
everyone should split up and
they should keep on splitting
until you are done making your
beds and the kitchen you are
almost done then you have
to do the living room. And
when you are done say BYE!!! THANKS!!


How to make tea
Alina P.

first you need hot water
then next thing you know
you will burn yourself.
third you will start yelling
because it is way too
hot I guess that didn’t
go as planned OWWW!!!
Alina what did you do?
add a pinch of madness


How to get in the sibling army, part one
Laila R.

first, you drag your
brother or sister to
the living room. next,
you grab a pitchfork
and yell CHARGE! Then,
your sibling grabs a
broom and says ATTACK!
(to be continued….)


How to scare your brother
Nermin S.

go behind him and yell!
run behind him.
turn off the lights and go behind him.
turn off the lights and change your voice.
put a cat down and the cat will scare him.
put a mask on.
get their iPad on full volume.
yell OUR COUSINS ARE HERE! go behind him and touch him
yell out his name and go


How to make a fake ice cream
Greyson R.

First you need an ice cream cone
Second you put chocolate
ice cream.  Third you put
plastic all around it. Fourth
you find a friend of yours.
Last, he or she eats it
and gets really hungry for
it and he or she bites it
and they can’t eat it because
they are eating plastic.


How to make pink slime
Sumea T.

First, you need glue,
glitter, activator, baking soda.
Mix and you have some
slime.  Play with it a lot.


How to feed a dog
Ayusha R.

First, take a dog’s 2 cup
pour water in one cup.
Then, pour dog’s food in
one cup now give it
to your dog and your
dog will crack and
drink water.











“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.