‘When we made our/dream houses’: School Daze

Students read Peggy Trojan’s deceptively simple poem, Noon Hour. We talked about the two-word title, the two stanza poem, short lines, putting big ideas into small containers, empathy,  marginalized characters, and the one period  (.)  at the end of the work. Students then crafted their own short school-centered poems.   Peggy Trojan is a retired teacher who published her first poem at the age of 77. She is the author of several poetry collections, including the self-published All That Matters: Collected Poems 2010-2018 and Essence (Portage Press, 2015). She lives in Wisconsin.

LESSON NOTE: ‘Poetry with its intimate focus on everyday moments in time, is an ideal medium for uncovering the grace that is always available to us, especially when we choose to take care of each other in whatever ways we can.’ –Healing The Divide: Poems of Kindness & Connection.  Ed. by James Crews.

Ms. Munoz, 9th Grade
Period One

Matthew L.

I remember 8th Grade
being with all my friends for many years
to time ticking down until I leave them.

May of 2019 we went on a DC trip
Me, Danny, Anthony, and Grant shared a room

We had so much fun and messed around
a lot. I clearly remember Danny chasing me
and running into a wall and put a hole
in it. That night we spent 2 hours fixing it.

Victoria C.

I remember grade school
when life was easy
small school and nothing
to do.

Once a guy went on his knee
and asked me for a dollar.

Christopher R.

I remember
Annoying subs at school
was never something interesting
like long essays
and failing final assessments
or avoiding reacher
Ds and Fs
I prefer home
It’s much better

Need to improve
Asking for help
I don’t understand the work
Cap and gowns at the end of the year
Not everyone makes it.

The Time I Got Suspended
Mia A.

I remember
when I got suspended
for going on one of the buildings
it wasn’t a big building
it was small
We were playing soccer
not thining the ball would go over the roof
but then it happened
so we didn’t know what to do
until I said I would get the ball
so I went up. Climbed the side of the building
once I got up there I saw the ball
I went toward it and grab it
not knowing I would get caught
until a teacher went toward me
when I came down and she sent me
to the office.

Ms. Munoz, 7th Grade
Period Two

Benjamin M.

day to day
students fill the rooms
Airpods, in
Phones, out
lunch served, on a day to day basis
good-and-bad-people all around
You are just a number now.

kindergarten blues
(more like bruised)
Samuel C.

Fall air, crisp smooth
kids going home
walking or driving home
but not me
I see my sister

She runs up to me
hugs me tight and
lets go
Danger seems like
Falling backward
and break my head

Lunch ‘Masterpieces’
Lily M.

I remember
once, at lunch
my friends and I
made a ‘masterpiece’
of all of our unwanted food
for the first time.

The teachers got mad,
but when they left
we laughed.
We thought it was
the funniest thing in the world.

We would do it almost
every day at lunch after that.
The teachers always
got mad but after a while,
they started ignoring us.

The was last year,
though it seems like
much longer.
These days are long gone
but they still make me laugh.

First Day of School
Adrian O.

I remember the first day
of 7th Grade. The sky was
blue with big sunshine Birds
Chirping. People not knowing where
to go. because the school was new.

Walking up the stairs. Not knowing
where my class was. Asking people
where to go. Finally, I entered class,
not knowing anyone. I found a seat
next to a kid. After that day
we became friends.

Hanna M.

Unless its an emergency and a very good reason,
DON’T stand in the middle of the HALLS
People don’t wanna be late and you are causing TRAFFIC
so MOVE (No I won’t say excuse me if you’re selfish)

I despise you and others like you
Just stand on the sides it’s not HARD
I have to go to class and you are being a dumb traffic cone
You are selfish and think the world revolved around you (it doesn’t)
so like MOVE or I’ll actually move to shove you.

Ginevra K.

Nothing ever happened
as we walked down the hallway
All the peopled gathered.
Gathered to see some kid
The kid’s anger, frustration all guild up
But for what
To fight a kid
To take his anger out on someone
Or to make someone feel the pain they are feeling.

Nothing, silence
As the kids fought people watched
Laughing, screaming, encouraging
But why
Are they coming to witness pain
Or coming to be seen and present, worthless
Making themselves be seen
This is their goal.

Everyone walks away
Students to their classroom
Fighters to the office, we carry on our day like nothing happened.

Ms. Munoz, 7th Grade
Period Five

I Remember…
Mari K.

I remember…

I remember walking in on the
first day, now knowing where to go
or what to do. Soaking wet from
the rain, I hadn’t seen my
friend from connection, Lillian. It
was chaotic.

Once 1st Period started 15, 20, 25
minutes had passed. She arrived I
didn’t talk to anyone. After the
first day, I didn’t wanna go
back. So nervous for the next day.
I want to go back. Back with people
I know.

First Day
Lillian T.

-after Peggy Trojan

I get to the bus stop.
It’s raining, and I’m waiting.
I wait, it’s getting late.
School has started.
No bus
I get a ride.
I run to class, with no idea
where to go.
It’s pure chaos.

Audrey gets a ride.
Her parents don’t go to work early.
She gets around
Everything felt calm to her.
She gets to class on time.
No confusion.
No worries.

Three O’Clock
Jerry M.

Unless it is a special day
which everybody celebrated
or there was a family event,
I always went home
right after school
with my mom or dad
like most students

My sister goes to the ice arena
to figure skate
with my
other sister
and mom
They always come home
right before
I go to hockey
with my brother.

Noon Hour
Sloane B.

I remember today at lunch
Lincoln brought his Nintendo Switch
And we played Poyo Poyo
While Victoria and Maeve ate my lunch
and Claudia watched youtube.

The Black Hole
Nathan S.

The dread that comes when entering school
Each Breath is a step as the door nears
The wait as students claw at the dor
when it opens it sucks us into darkness
Everything gets dark as work passes
and project deadlines near.

Ms. Munoz, 9th Grade
Period Six

Nataliah J.

‘RING’ goes the bell
everyone gathers their things
the room empties
I am the last one out
‘SLAM’ goes the door as I leave

Waling through the halls
You hear the chatting
or people walking with their friends
again I am alone
in a crowded hall.

Elijah A.

I remember elementary school
when we had terrible lunches
and strict rules.
It felt like prison
but we looked forward to it.
The Uno cars, friends, and stupid drama.
The only thing I remember at lunch.

10:30 Lunch
Abril G.

I remember elementary lunch
the loud noises at lunch
screaming over my friends
the lunch being bad

I remember tasting the food
the unexplainable taste
how bad it was
but how hungry I was

Lunch Hour
Miguel S.

I remember in 8th
grade every time we
were sent outside before
lunch hour in the
fall, the cold snow
and the Spring

Then after it all
we would go inside
to have lunch
with one another
after some fun.

Erik T.

I go to school at
Go to first period
Then Second
Then Third
Then Fourth
Then Fifth
Then Sixth
Then Seventh
Then Eight

Then I go to football lifting
take buses home
And sleep
then repeat.

Ms. Munoz, 7th Grade
Period Eight

Genaro P.

I remember a few months back
I decided to play a game
It was fun with my friends
We played every day and
decided to have a tournament.

Peighton B.

I remember a day in gym,
An hour in gym,
An hour in which sexism was alive
And healthy.
A certain gym teacher
Decided to
Make a comment.

Young girls don’t have to be in
The goal, he said
I don’t want some little girl
crying, he said.
I talked to the Dean that day.
I told him everything that had been
going on.
We got the principal involved.

High Rising
Connor S.

When we made our
dream houses
People were talking about,
As some were wandering around
the class
others began to
stress out.

and more
until we all
Finished our

Claudia C.

they sat at the front of the class.
One of them makes a lame joke
whether it be about one another,
or a pun,
it was lame
they all laughed
they loved to make jokes
and act up
they were truly happy.

she sat at the back of the class
always fitting her fingers
whether it be over the problem on the board
or other problems back home
it felt unnerving.
She didn’t think much of herself
so when the joke was said.
She couldn’t tell if the laughs were about her.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.