Tech Trending Poetry @ Peterson 6th Grade

This week at Peterson students explored poetry about technology. Students were asked to discuss the positive and negative effects technology had on their lives. Most students agreed that technology has created faster ways to communicate with others, spread important news, and receive stimulating entertainment.  The downside of technology is that it can be addictive and dangerous. One student mentioned how staring at devices such as a iPhone or computer can ruin our eyesight and brain function. Another student discussed how cyber bullying can effect someone’s self-esteem, leading to isolation and depression.

Together we read “Like Any Good American,” by Brynn Saito. In this poem the speaker’s life revolves around her TV. Not only does she give it her full attention, but also physical parts of herself: corneas, eardrums, and skin. Saito constructed her entire poem using enjambments, the running over of sentences from one poetic line to the next without punctuation. This allowed students to experience the erratic thoughts of the speaker, who disconnects herself from others. Saito also incorporated functional white space, the area around words or phrases that create pauses and rhythm. White spaces emphasized important ideas in Saito’s poem: “In return it gives me so may different sounds to fill the silence where the secrets of my life flash by like ad space for the coming season.” Although technology gives us exciting sounds and images, we must sacrifice our relationships and sense of privacy.

Inspired by Brynn Saito, students wrote poems reflecting on the influences of technology in their daily lives. Enjoy this week’s published poems. Also thank you to our artists Michael S, Imad K, and Azucena R for providing the great tech themed artwork below.




Ms. Bell’s 6th Grade
Group 1


Like Any Good Kid
Imad K.

Apple, Samsung,  all   these    devices
are addicting        but cool        they
drag us to              their dungeon
of addiction          and won’t
let  us             go            we try
to flee             like         scared mice
but we           can’t        because
their grip is strong     like a
cats’ jaws                     instead of
running    from         an explosion
we   go   towards    it
and        follow         what happened
like        obedient puppies
listening to       every command
we are chained to
our devices         like prisoners
ready for execution   and
our brains get            lost
When we open the
glaring     void   of   the


Dax K.

I am finally           back
home      after     a long day of   school
Its 4:15
I grab a snack
I decide to feed my      hungry essay
and work for 2 hours.
I knew I should have    started earlier
Its 5:10 screaming
I look at my      obnoxious phone screaming
at me      about     texting for         10 minutes
Its 6:00
I begin            to study  for    the test
tomorrow for 1 hour
Its now 6:10 pm
Now I’m tired             of homework
I take a            15 minute nap
Its now 8:00
Its late          I should go to bed
But I need    to finish the last episode
now its 12:00


Jacob M.

Every morning, I wake       up to my alarm
clock     It sounds as   loud  as
the bell in school           Alarms
sing all      morning until     you stop it
They come in a bunch of  different shapes
and sizes. You can set    to different
times            Their textures can
be    smooth      like a table
some alarms clocks are wired       long as
spaghetti noodles     and some are wireless
they need batteries to work         Hands are
just so eager to                turn them off




 Ms. Bell’s 6th Grade
Group 2


OK Boomer
Jaycen B.

My old finger     trying to type     on a flip phone
turn the TV on    whoops the remote is backwards
Back in my day          kids used to play outside
now they are caught up          on the fidget games
and their        hootza-whatza-call-its
I wish         the world              would go back
to the good old days            when kids played
baseball    not just      watch it
These kids       have no idea   what they
are doing         tok-tik  I think that’s how
you say it         is ruining
the world
Their faces buried       into     those screens
I’ve never thought       about   upgrading
I don’t need                  to text anyone
There is something called       the mail
I’d rather       sit down             all day
to me        Netflix     does   not   exist
I just want               to sit in my
chair     and   eat    my    humus


Home Phone
Zola B.

In the     stone age      you would just   be a squared
rock       draw on you   Boom  phone    Now you have
1 camera    2 cameras     3 cameras       What’s next
4   5   6   7                            you’re like my little    baby
I hold    you        until you fall asleep     I give  you
love       you give me   Tik Tok      You’re cheetah fast
Now     you’re turtle slow    you’re now my grandma
i have to    give you    up for    adoption      I give you
to Mrs. Can     who lives right next door    by the
alley       I go to the    stores      buy you again
But    you’re not    the same   You look the  same
but you don’t have the  same         feeling
I  will   miss  you


Like Any good Doggy Teen
Tahreen S.

I give my photos    of me wagging my tail
to Instaran     in   return         for likes
from my followers    and some comments
that are as mean       as a hissing cat
Or I give my bark
to my  MooTube videos
and I get          some treats
But  my  favorite  thing of all
is Batchat       for its cuteness
stares    into     my eyes
begging   me  to use  it



Ms. Bell’s 6th Grade
Group 3


The Inside of Technology
Youseff H.

We use technology     everyday
We use  cranes    to  lift  the heaviest things
Ovens are like fire   but to the next generation
How did we create this?
The motherboard      is the most  important  piece
It is         how the computer           functions
No motherboard              no computer
Let’s move on        to the battery
The battery           is electricity
light              eating your eyes
Gobbling       your brain
But the battery can explode        like a nuclear bomb
Circuits    wires   tiny metal
they all       build up to a piece of technology
Dare not           destroy technology
It is        valuable


Slow Spiral
Sylvia S.

Everyday         for hours on end   the blue light    illuminates
up      my face      The time ticks by    slowly  slowly  slowly
I don’t  notice   tick tock  tick tock     my   life   drains
like     sand in an     hourglass       I  know     I      should
get      up  but  I can’t   the phones  claws    have  sunken
into    my soul  my  legs  are  heavy   like   they  are
filled with   cement         I’m sinking in quick sand of
expertly designed distractions         They know my tastes
my   interests   my history      Just one more video   I  lie
A never ending spiral     But   I’m   not   alone     I’m not
the    only    one


Like Any Good Tik Tok User
Dulce V.

My eyes dancing     through    the songs
Forgetting       to check  the   time
My ears     getting  distracted     and not
listening to     my mom
My hands     getting sweaty        from scrolling
though    tik   tok
Never   been     this addicted    to something
I always     tell myself                 Stop
but       I   never do





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.