Grissom Elementary School 8th Grade

Mrs. Nazimek



Chiyla W.


In the forest

she’s dancing. A

woman with no worry


Her dress swaying in

the wind with no


The music playing

all night with no


Feet moving in

the dirt with no






Sky S.


In front of the fiery ocean

there is a surfer

who waits for a glimpse of light

to shimmer bright

she rests her board upon the water

wishing back for her daughter

in front of the fiery ocean

there is a child

who longs to find her mother

separated by the waves

the ocean seeks her gaze

in front of the fiery ocean

there is a ocean

waves crash against the sand

separating the daughter and mother’s hands

they’ve lost each other to the sea

love comes with a fee.



Khiana H.


Alone in the Cold

Outside of the warm home,

stands a woman in the cold

who waits to be let inside.

The woman stands alone in the ice cold,

outside of the warm home.

Waiting to be let in

she cries, in doubt

outside of the warm home.

Doesn’t know where to go

or who to turn to

outside the warm home.




Yariahn W.

as the woman does her makeup

she thinks about how she doesn’t

look the way people see her as the

girl pouts and shouts full of insecurities

everybody looks at the woman as a star

but the voices in her head tells the woman

that your are, as the girl pouts and

shouts full of insecurities

the woman is fed up everybody thinks

she is everything pride is filled up

in her head she wishes the voices in

her head will go dead as she is stuck

in the void she knows deep down

she is, as the girl puts and shouts full

of insecurities




Zacharias H.


This is for Saturday

the day where I can sleep sleep sleep

wake up at 2pm

play all day

this is for Saturday

go to sleep at 1am

have friends come overpoweredThe most relaxing day of the week

the day everyone loves

the day where I rest.




Lilliana M.


This is for the moms, who are secretly

doctors because they check up

on you.

With open arms

And hearts full of love

This is for the moms.





Joel C.


This is for my toothbrush

Who smells like mint and flouride.

With paste on its bristles.

With the warmth of my hand on it.

With it on my teeth

and the brush all foamed up.

This is for my toothpaste

those that run out,

with the minty flavor and green color

making my mouth tingle

and making my breath minty fresh.



Alejandro V.


Has my school work gotten

harder? Have I not kept up with

the rest of the class?

Why have my grades went

down recently?

No my work hasn’t changed.

Yes, I fell behind all my classes

and I know what to do

to get back up.





Robert G.


Has my mind shut down?

The oil feeling clumpy

the speedometer going down

fuel burning quick

engine overheating

Yes my mind is shut down

sitting their overheating

in need of new oil

and a good nights fuel stop

on the rim of staying up.






Chiyla W.


“Has My Mind Gone Blank?”

Has my mind gone blank?

Has the river of creativity

stopped flowing, the pen on

the paper stopped writing,

paper with no words,

only blank papers on

my mind?

No, my mind hasn’t gone blank.

It’s filled with rivers of colors,

pens, markers, pencils writing

filled up pages with words,

only colorful papers on my






Miguel R.


Has the world changed?

Have the times changed,

have people changed their

methods, have I changed

from the year that

has passed?

Yes, the world has

changed, technology has

made its way into

our lives, people now

seek ways to express

themselves, I have changes

inside and out, the

time period we live

in has abandoned and

left behind the past.






Joel C.


Have I done this before?

Wrote this poem before?

Worked with this pencil

my mind working

my pencil moving

only to do it again.

Yes I’ve done this before.

I remember, vividly

not dreaming, vivid

my mind working

my pencil moving

only you do it again.



Kimon H.


Does anyone know it’s my birthday tomorrow?

Do they know that

tomorrow will be the day I turn 14,

the day that people congratulate me

the most every year, the day that

makes me feel the most happiness every year?

No, but a few know.

These few are my friends.

The ones who I appreciate the most

outside of my family,

and when I said that only a few know,

well that just changed today.




Nena S.


What is it like being frozen?

The way you don’t have any words

or can’t speak when something bothers you

the way you push people away

when something is wrong

realizing that you don’t care about anything.

Why had it become to being frozen

when you can come back

and unfreeze

and remember when you were

never frozen.





Shaila A.


Has my love gone?

Has the flame finally burnt out,

the tree of emotion that roots

to my mind, de-rooted?

No, my love is still in me.

My love is still burning

within, although it burns

as an ember waiting to be






Sky S.


Am I too much?

If I was in a cup would I overflow?

If I was talking too much would you let me know?

Am I too much?

Words come to mind that I need to say

Do people feel like I am in the way?

No, I can’t do too much

people don’t look unhappy when they see me

I grew from roots to a tree

nobody can tell me I’m too much

when it took much to get to where much was

I won’t let anyone put out my flame

I don’t want to be tamed.





Daniels C.


Will I travel around the world?

Will I see the Eiffel Tower?

Will I have enough money to travel

should I travel alone

or travel with friends?

Yes, I will travel around the world

yes I will see the Eiffel Tower

and other places like the Grand Canyon

I will travel with friends for fun.



Amarja G.


My heart us awake by me

being able to feel what people

feel being able to look at

different perspectives in people’s

situations no matter what.

I feel my heart is awake

because even though my heart

is beating I still feel that

wave of emotions even when

your heart doesn’t beat. My heart

is awake because I can feel

that border between death and

life it’s a nice vision of

feeling when you think about

those who aren’t here with

us or those trying to cross over. Even though I’m alive my heart

still feels empty like something

or a piece is missing or something

to pump in my heart and make it

beat more lively.




Natalia H.


As the leaves crash down

they start to turn red and brown

not the summer ends.



Christian S.


He’s tall as a statue in the sun that makes him bright.

He’s straight as a mannequin. He’s loud as an alarm.



Laniah A.


She’s a rose with thorns that will make you bleed out hate. She’s warm inside and

Outside but loves you no matter what. She’s quiet like a centipede looking into your face seeing love and hate but still caring about feelings instead.





Lianah A.


Dance for me, I dance in patterns

in footsteps like

dancing for me

like a shining star jumping around

in the night sky, I dance for myself to be happy and joyful, me dancing for family and friends, dancing for me like I mean something in life.


Me bein’ waves moving in the ocean.





Liana M.


My mom’s birthday is beautiful and sweet…beautiful as the bright flames blown out from a light breath…sweet as the taste of cake!





Kaylyn S.


Leaving a place we’ve known our whole lives,

Walking along the bridge

Starting a new chapter on the other side.

Rocketing to this new world

Nervous and scared

Yet can’t wait for the landing

A new place to explore

With or without our partners

Creating a world of memories


Back to earth we go.

It’s like a roller coaster,

We’ve past our peak

Time to go steady

We’re going to go fast and slow

Bumpy, and smoothly

fighting and crying.

Trying so hard to get to the point…

We landed.




Santiago D.


We all put up walls,

Either to keep the good in,

Or to keep the bad out

The walls are meant

To help, but

Stop you from living.


The walls have to be broken.

Through a crack you can see flowers

Maybe roses, Then you see a storm

Even through the storm you have to break the wall down

If you break them you can finally enjoy the flowers

That’s easier said than done.


You have to let the others in

Even their shadow

These are the people that will break the walls

Some may make your wall stronger

But others will break your wall

Then enjoy the flowers of life and embrace the storm.




Gregory E.


Goat is for legend

Ring the doorbell

Elf on the shelf moves

Glad to graduate and go to high school



Skyler G.


S is for special, gifted and smart

K is for kind, an excellent characters

Y is for you, for being my own self

L is for lighthearted always fun to be with

E is for entertaining, your sense of humor

R is for relaxing and sailing through time.




Laniah A.


Dance for me, I dance in patterns

In footsteps like

Dancing for me

Like a shining star, jumping around

In night sky, dance for myself to be happy and joyful, 

me dancing for family and friends,

Dancing for me like I mean

Something in life.


Me being waves moving in the ocean.




Isela C.


On windy ways the ocean is all over the place,

The waves collided with the sand.

On other days the ocean is calm

Like a clear blue sky.

Light being reflected off the ocean from the sun.

The smell of the fresh air.

The hot sand sticking to your feet…

Going to the water to cool down,

Having fun, laughing and smiling.




Liliana M.


My moms birthday is beautiful and sweet…beautiful as the bright flames

blown out from a light breath…sweet as the taste of cake!



Our Friendship

Damian C.


This is for you, and all our fun times

Like that one time we went 

To the park

Or when we

Partied all night.


This is for me, and all our laughs

Like when we almost suffocated

From laughing

Or that time we

Hurt our stomach.


This is for us, and all our memories

Like when we had a sleepover


Traveled around the world.





Damian G.


I am not who I seem to be

I am not the athlete everyone sees:

I am just a kid trying to follow a path

A path that my dad built

On the outside I am a normal kid with dreams.

But in reality I am just a kid trying to be his dad

From playing the same sports as him to going to

The same high school as he went to,

To listen to him, trying to be him.





Yariahni W.


People see me as this or

see me as that and I can’t

even see myself as a I, me

she or they.


They call me Yari or Yariahi

but I don’t even see the

true colors within me they call

me a bright girl but honestly the brightness is dying inside me

all I see is disappointment and

people sighing.


When I see myself in the mirror

I don’t see me, I see myself as she.


My mind slowly turning from divine

to dissociations from the universe

my feet and every other part of my body

is stuck on earth.


They say don’t judge a book by its cover

well they’re right

cause I feel myself is undercover.


So who am I 

you tell me 

it’s always what somebody wants me to be.


I see myself in the mirror but I see myself as she.




Sofia M.


I am I

I am this

the thing people love and hate

the people love because you feel free

the people hate because the feeling of falling

the sounds of laugh and screams

the joy on faces when they leave

and the scared faces when they come

and the messy hair when it’s done.




Sergio G.


I am not what you think I am

I am much more than the eye can see:

I am the one who will provide hope when needed,

hate if needed.

I am a person who will forgive those who seek it

if you are in the dark, I will try

to be the light

a mind with an extraordinary hunger for new ideas and adventures

however, I am also one who will

most likely hold grudges ‘till the end of time

I am just an average guy who gains the necessary confidence

to open up to the world and show who I am.




Softball Game

Briana A.


Number 13 is up to bat

she is shaky and nervous,

she takes a couple practice hits.

number 13 is up to bat

she sees her coach at first base,

and a lot of her family is there watching her.

number 13 is up to bat

she swings and misses,

she starts to get emotional.

number 13 is up to bat

she motivates herself and swings again,

she hits the ball super far and makes a home run.

number 14 is up next.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.