Grissom Elementary 6th Grade

Mrs. Nazimek




Marianna S.


In front of a snowy day walking home,

there are three boys throwing snow

at each other, while the snow continuously



Four friends walking home together,

a girl and three boys, the girl behind

them thinking while the boys continuously

throw snow at each other, in front of a

snowy day.


The boys fall down and pull me down to

fall as well, while we’re on the snowy

floor, in front of a snowy day.

The girl continuously stays on the

snowy ground while the boys leave,

they come back and ask, “Are you okay?”,

in front of a snowy day.




Nathan C.


In front of me there

is a pitcher, I

step in the batter box

he pitches and I

swing but miss.

In front of me there

is a pitcher a big crowd

everyone is cheering

me on, I look the

pitcher in his eyes and

we start making eye


I do that to make him

nervous. He pitches the

ball everything is moving

so fast but then I swing

hit the ball to the outfield, it’s

in and it dropped no body

caught it. I start running everyone

is cheering I’m rounding third base

and when the outfielder throws it

to home plate but I slide and the

umpire calls it safe, then I stand

up and in front of me there us a pitcher

whose mad.




Isaias H


During recess students playing

soccer with a dirty old ball

6th graders running everywhere

trying to win the game.

During recess students playing

tag with each other

some students laughing and

running as fast as a cheetah.

Screaming children

so loud as they are playing

basketball during recess.

After lunch during recess

students playing.




Alejandro M.


This for PS4, loud, games,

the one that makes you

wake up early to play with

friends with a loud turn on

on a table, desks, there are many

different games with fingers on

controller clicking many different buttons.

This for PS4, big lead players, different types,

those who never quit

with their dreams of going pro like others

filled with might of being the best

at all games like Warzone, Fortnite, Minecraft, Rocket League.

This for PS4, Game-Boy, Video Games.

They’re very good at many games

but different buttons for many

different things and games.




Ernesto M.  

Grandpa and Grandma are artists

he builds stuff and she paints them

Grandpa uses tools to build stuff grandma

mixes the paint to make the color

she needs.

Grandpa and Grandma are artists

He works in the backyard and she

works in the basement,

Grandpa and grandma are artists

he built his own house she painted

the house.



Evelyn S.

No my heart has not fallen asleep. It is

awake and alert. The smell of roses in my perfume

and pencil shavings awaken my heart. The trees

with no leaves and the cold wind below 80 degrees keeps my heart alert. My friends in school

keep my heart active and alive. If my heart

were to sleep, I guarantee those things would bring it back to life. How about yourself? Is your

heart awake?



Yisel M.

Are the math problems


The difficult equations with Mr. J

are our notes helping us learn and solve the problems?

Yes, the math problem is

completed. Yes the work is there,

division, multiplication, addition,

subtraction. And the answer

is 2.



Isaias H.

“Has the Earth Gone to Sleep?”

Has the earth gone to sleep?

Has the earth stopped rotating?

What would happen?

I know the earth won’t stop.

No, the earth is not asleep and didn’t

stop rotating

it is awake, it is awake

not asleep, I am dreaming.



Ernesto M.

What are you saying when you bark?

When you are outside in the backyard

when you are inside the house are you

mad, sad or happy?

You are telling me

you need to use the bathroom

you are telling me you want to go

for a walk, you are sad when we

put you in the cage.



Ethan N.

Where is the next vacation?

Will we drive, will we fly, will we travel the sea?

Will we use my moms car dads car or will we buy tickets for a plane? 

Will we go to Mexico?

I hope we will go to Mexico. I also

hope we can take a plane. If we do

take a car, I hope it’s my dads.

I also hope we can take a boat

it will be cool to see the fish.



Nathan C.

Does my brain even learn

aything new each day?

Does it even matter, does

my brain even function,

does it think?

Yes, my brain does learn something

new each day. It does

matter, and my brain does function

correctly, my brain helps me

do anything.



Natalee R.


Our heart is awake to give us

energy, and to give us a positive

energy. How our heart is awake

is our heart pumps in blood, and

our heart us beating experiences,

thoughts, and people that make my

heart alive is when I’m being

active, going outside, running, and

listening to music.

What makes my heart awake is

being with friends, going out, playing video

games, chatting with friends.




Ricardo C.


My heart is awake when I am with my friends. 

My heart is awake when I am with my friends because I can talk to them

about anything.

My heart is awake when I am with my dog because I can play with him.

My heart is awake when I am with my siblings.

My heart is awake when I am with my siblings because they are my siblings.

My heart is awake when I am outside.

My heart is awake when I am outside because I like to be outside.



Joseph F.


In L.A.

everyone is out;

the runners, the dogs,

the workers, the cars,

everyone is out,

in L.A.

everyone is out;

the hoopers, the players,

the kids, the celebrities,

everyone is out,

in L.A.




Bella E.


Boombastic side eye







Side eye









Johnathan R.


The drop of water

Falling down

Thinking to itself

When will this fall end

Will it hurt when I hit the ground?


Then plop! It hit the ground


The drop of water

Multiplied into many

Now the drop is now mini

Drops on the ground

Soon to rise up as mist

And fall again


Gia A.


The sun is so hot,

Everyone is burning,

The sand, the sidewalk,

The sandals, the counters,

The sun is so hot,

Everyone is burning.


It’s so cold out

Everyone is freezing,

Your nose is runny, your hands are cold,

Your whole body is cold,

Everyone is shivering

It’s so cold out.



Aaron G.


For all the percussionists, drummers. 

The pencil tapers, the desk knockers.

The noise lovers, the never stopping noise makers.

The foot tappers.


For all the percussionists, drummers.




Ismael P.


MY friend has a big pitbull

He looks mean and scary when you first see him

He also has a scary face but in reality

He is very friendly and likes to play

And goes on walks

So that’s why you don’t judge a book

By its cover.


She Is Not That

Delilah C.


She is not that

She will look

Mean and annoyed.

She will look

Not caring.

She will look

Not friendly at


She is not that.

She is so caring

She is friendly and 


She will comfort you

She is helpful

She is that.



Payton W.


Am I capable of playing pro hockey? Have I 

practiced enough, am 

I good enough, am I 

committed to the sport?


Of course, I can play pro hockey! 

I practice four times a week. 

I am good enough.

Yes I am committed to the sport.





Adrian P.


He is friendly

He is this

I am in the sea

Who sometimes jump and the splash

Is scary the sound he makes is alerting

You can train him and he can do a trick

With balls on his nose

And tail, he likes to eat fish in the sea.





Lucsipher C.


On my way

to the library

I saw the leaves

on the trees

move and the

breeze on my face

when I walk.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.