Grissom Elementary School 6th Grade, Group 2

Mrs. Nazimek

6th, Group 2




Eliana C.


It is summertimes

the weather is good

walking around

at the park

with my friends

school is almost done

it is summer

kids riding bikes, laughing on the sidewalk

in the summer.



Ruby R.


Braiding silky black hair,

the brush softly runs through her hair,

3 thick strands ready to be directed.

Across, to the side, tighten each set.

A rubber band keeps the braid together.

Braiding silky black hair,

the hair swiftly flows through the air.

It smells like flowers from a fresh garden.



Aerson O.


This is for the people who can rap

taking a poem and adding a beat

making them sound better and rhythmic,

giving our ears a treat.

This is to the people who can rap.

Barely taking a breath

making words have a flow

heading straight to the studio

taking no rest.

This is to the people who can rap.

Me listening on spotify

headphone plugged in.

Makes me want to try.



Francisco M.


Taekwondo makes me powerful

and I don’t want to compete

and the master says you got

this, you are strong and fast.

The ground shakes when

you kick the bags or when

you do a jumping front snap

kick the floor shakes and

there is very loud yelling

in the gym.

The days i go are on

Tuesday and Thursday. Thoe

days are when I lose all

my energy and when I lose

my breath.



Kamiyah G.


In front of my eyes

I see a glowing

light that amazes

  1. It’s a shooting

star and it feels like

it’s a part of me.

In my eyes I feel

the fresh air blowing

on me. In my eyes

I see it feels like the

things outside are

after me.



Leah S.


Do I even like these shoes?

Are these shoes too outgoing?

What if these shoes are ugly and I just don’t know it?

The truth is I do like these

shoes, these shoes are the right amount of

outgoing, and these shoes aren’t

ugly. They’re perfect for me.



Dacarriyone L.


Has my brain gone mad

has the prefrontal cortex stopped working,

the dreams of my brain gone black,

is there no brain, the amygdala is disordered?

No my brain is functioning

its thinking, it’s alive

no damage, blood is rushing

to the brain. All brain cells

are in there thinking, and making

decisions for the better.



Diego Q.


Has my dream already ended?

Did I even go to sleep

or did I even have a dream

Is this another dream or am

I actually woke up.

Can I even have a dream?

No, my dream was so bad

it did not feel like it was a


it was so bad it is so

hard to describe it.

it felt so real it’s like i

couldn’t escape it.





Delilah F.


If I ask my mother, “What’s for dinner?”

I will wait for a response, but do not linger.

If I ask my dad, “Where are we going?”

He likes to continue on without me knowing.

If I ask my brother, “How are you?”

I will smile and wait without a cue.

If I ask my teacher, “Can you help me?”

they will almost always surely agree.

If I ask my friend, “Do you want to hang out?”

They will say yes, without a doubt.

If I ask myself, “This or that?”

I will answer slowly, that’s a fact.



Julian V.


The heart is awake because

of what you experience or

what makes it alive!

The people who you love

so much the mostly,

the fun you had that

makes you have nostalgia. The thoughts

can be questioning, scary it’s even funny it’s what makes

your heart alive, so when

you go in bed…to take

rest you dream what could

have been.


Mom Like Things

Malachi B.


My mom does these mom-like things,

that keep me smiling all day

her mind turns and keeps me thinking about all,

I’m wondering because;

my mom does these mom-like things,

that keep the cold and bay

she helps with all, using good advice

keeps me thinking twice, I’m

wondering because;

my mom does these mom-like things,

that help me a lot

I love my mom, who is nice,

keeps me thinking thrice, I’m always wondering about why;

my mom does these mom-like things,

that I love the most;

the good, the bad, the annoying

It’s what keeps me going

that’s why my mom

does these mom-like things.




Ramon D.


Why is rain meant to be sad,

it rains everyday

mostly, is it because

of rain shows sorrow

or it is cold or just gloomy.


I say no rain can make

or it makes rainbows

heals plants, and makes the sun

look a new. 

That’s why I say no to this really.



Jaslyn L.


I am not mean

I am this:

The person that will talk and 

support the things you say,

The person that won’t make 

you feel left out,

The person who takes you 

places to have fun,

The person who will walk 

with you if you’re feelings down,

The person who will let

You feel comfortable to say things or talk with,

The person that is generous

But sometimes it’s annoying.



Nicholas H.


Cars, I love cars

Have fun going outside

Everything i wear is nice

Very energetic

You know me




Car Person

Hates the school uniform

Only like certain tools

Loves Nike techs

Also Chevy

Sometimes likes school




Joaquin C.


Just being myself



Q is too hard to find

Understanding my work


Not good at some sports




Ashton B.


Yes, our heart is awake.

Our heart is awake because of what we dream of,

our heart is awake because of our parents and friends.

our heart is awake because when you travel,

when you get a good view of the sunset

you smell the fresh air.


Am I Good Enough?

Ariah M.


Do I love myself?

Do I hate myself?

Do I fit in like

the roses in the garden?


I do love myself,

I don’t hate myself

because I have done 

nothing wrong,

I do fit in, but not like

the roses in the garden.

I am not perfect, and I will never be

but what is perfect?



A Novel Book

Malachai R.


I got a cover, one like no other

kids don’t wanna be patient they say I got a lot of pages, but don’t get confused

don’t get it misconstrued

I got an interesting story about knights, fairy tales, and glory

my words stack up so they walk past but if they give a chance

I bet it won’t be they’re last. Give me a chance, just give me a second glance,

take me off the bookshelf if you can.



Collin V.


I am not I

I am this

the one who thinks about people’s feelings

the one who won’t tell people something I would not

  1. sometimes I think about people and think about good memories, 

I like going to the park, I’m nice and respectful

I like giving compliments

I don’t disrespect women 

I like video games and playing with friends.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.