From Fear: Part 2

The poets from Avondale/Logandale finally got to write their horrific stories! After analyzing the parts of story structure like plot, characters, and setting the poets incorporated these elements into their work, while writing about their favorite subject, FEAR! Enjoy the creepy side of the 5th grade…if you dare…
Camila C. 

Once upon a time a boy and his class went on a field trip. Their teacher Mrs. Happy told them “We are going to a hospital that is famous and historical.” The boy called Adam asked ” Why is it famous?”. The teacher said “Well I do not know but we will find out.” The trip from school to the hospital was long. It took them at least 2 hours. When they got there his friend Sam told him “It looks scary.” Mrs. Happy answered “Well it looks scary so it can be historical.” “ But look around Mrs. Happy, there is not a single building, there is just a forest, ” said another friend called Jack. Then Mrs. Happy was going to talk and an old woman interrupted. ” Hi, my name is Sally. I am going to be the person to give you the tour.” she said.” She even looks scary” said Adam. Mrs. Happy said “ Please stop.” The old woman said “It is okay.”

Ethan F.

In the basement there was a flashing light and blood on the floor and some water dripping on me. So I went to the corner of the room where I saw the flashlight that was making the light and when I picked up the flash light it shut off. Then I saw the light was out but there were enough wood to make a fire. When I made the fire I saw the doll in the other corner of the room and it said, “ring around the rosie pockets of posies” then it shut off and then said, “let’s play” and “ my name is tommy what’s your name”. and then I blinked and Tommy was holding an axe  and he was going closer and closer until….Come back next time to find out what happens.

Magaly E. 

In a birthday party four cousins Cricel, Daisy, Magaly, and Alexander decided to go down to the basement of the house. The basement looked very nice like nothing could happen.

They were playing around and then they threw some water. Alexander decided to go to the bathroom to get some paper, When he went to the bathroom he noticed the lights were on.

 He said maybe they were turned on already. Then he grabbed the paper when he was about to leave. The door shut and the lights turned off he heard someone laughing.

 He said “ok guys stop fooling me” then he open the door and he said to Circle, Magaly and Daisy “can you stop fooling me”

They all looked confused then the lights turned off they all said “do you hear that noise” they went to check the bathroom and a shoe was there but it also had a hand next to it. They rubbed their eyes and nothing was there.

Alexander decided to check the tub when he checked it everyone just got in and the door closed. Cricel, Magaly and Daisy push the door and when they opened it they all fall asleep. They woke up in a strange place on the basement and what they saw left them all shocked…………

Oberlin V. 

30 years ago there was a kid named Igor. People always looked at him disgusted because he was new and weird. Then one day two bullies from his school had a plan to bully him. Igor came back home from  people staring at him. He started playing with his pet bird and started writing in his note book. The next day Igor went to the cemetery to see his grandma. She died a long time ago because someone pushed her off the stairs. But little does he know the two bullies were there too… Next thing he knows he gets pushed down to a place where there were stairs. The bullies did not mean to kill him but they did. Two weeks later Igor formed into a strange figure… he didn’t want anyone to came near him… he took their souls and created them into eyes. But the people who bullied him are inside his head and eyes. Years later his pet dies so he makes the pet an aye and made his diary into an eye shaped diary. He mostly appears in the night. He kills/takes souls of the people who he hates. but the only way to save yourself from him is to kill the person you most hate and summon his army saying … eye eye eye come take my eye eye eye eye come take my EYE. Then his army comes and takes your soul.

Jayden R.

            one day there was a kid in the basement and the kid was lost because it was a new home but he did not know that there was a man in the basement. The door shut so he went back up stars in then he realized later than he went into a cemetery but he didn’t know that the cemetery was haunted. He went alone and all of a sudden there was a man staring at him but the good thing is he was far away.


Aileen M.

Uno dos tres minutos faltan para salir y con un cuchillo yo te matare sangre derramaras y con  miedo me veras querida claudia es tu fin. Despierta despierta despierta es hora de morir descender de el piso sin fin te esperare con mi máscara blanca. Mi traje negro y lleno de sangre por la masacer que voy a hacer para derte sufir. Quiero que mires  todo lo que sufri por ti. No voy a tener piedad porque es tu fin!



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.