Make some Noise

This week at Dever the 7th graders reconnected with onomatopoeia and the other group completed alliteration. The 7th graders wrote pieces to welcome in spring and the activities it brings into their lives. I asked them how to bring in their favorite activities through sound. Below are some of the highlights.

Make some Noice!  

Summer Splash

Donovan R.

As I run my feet slaps against the hot concrete CLAP CLAP

I dive into the water with a switch and center with a. crash

My stomach turns red as I howl in pain

I plash in the water

as my back sizzles in the sun,

I approach the concrete with squishes and splats under my feet.

I sign with relief,

I made it back to the shore



Aramis V.

Run down the field

As the grass peeled

People using their bodies as shields

The end is getting revealed


I zoom past all of them.


Sunday Morning

Delaney M.

The smell of the butter on

the pan sizzling, popping,

I put the batter on the pan


The smell of the pancake batter is bomb!

the bacon is the oil sizzling splashing flashing!

the crunch of the bacon and the softness of the pancake is good!


Jogging in the spring

Illya G.

Jogging is a hobby I DO

Every springs every summer I DO

When jogging the sun is like a charger

it charges me to do more jogging

the beautiful sounds of the forest

birds chrippin, river swirling, legs joggin’

sun chargin

heart bumping

adrenaline pumping



Music makes me faster

Richard C.

Music makes me faster

I want to head bang to music

music is my buxx jam

music in smash bros

music makes me zoom faster



Karina S.

The water canceling out all the extra noise

that’s unnecessary in this world

while people chatter.


The splashing is warm water on you

gentle skin submerging

you as you dive in the depths

of the fishes home with you fill body.


The blindness in your eyes as the closest people to your heart splash you.

All that your ears can hear is the happiness in their voices as happy

as you all could be.


Your wet hair and dropping water as the cold air whooses

against your skin

you smile

and look back wishing you would return one again.



Hockey Games

Abigail A.

Driving to a hockey game zooming through the streets

Arriving at the hockey game I start to clap and say wahoo!

When their on the ice you hear the puck whooshing

When they get a goal the buzzer goes off and theme music starts to play.

When they fight the crowd starts to clap

When its loud it starts to achoo




Keleia R.

Hina howl at the hilarious house horses make hint howel

Green gems are gorgeous gems which are green and shine glamorously

Casts can’t cook but cats can crawl creepy like cows creep cowardly

Marlyn mouths “mens” at the mitten and “moo” at the mischievous monkey names Manio that mouths “moo” back.




Angelis G.

Jhene juggles the jug of jay jiggle with the joy of jay

Green girls get google grades for the green glow brand glue

Elephants eat extravagant eggs on excellent elephant elastic eat the ease of the elephant extravagantly.

Zaira zucchini xylophone on the way zi zo sari sat the zucchini with zay.







“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.