‘100 push-ups/ 100 sit-ups/ 100 squats’: Superhero Poems

What makes a hero (both real or imagined), and how can we learn from them (even the villains) and the inner-hero inside of us? We explored those concepts and more in What I Learned From The Incredible Hulk by Amiee Nezhukumatahil.

Lesson Note: Have you heard? Recently a Harvard social scientist found that posing like a superhero increases confidence and creates lasting positive change! Superman actor Christopher Reeve noted, ‘I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”  And singer Bob Dylan adds: ‘I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with their freedom.”

Ms. Ruan, 7th and 8th Grade

“What I learned from Spiderman”
Yingen M.

Spiderman has heightened Senses.
My mind has pictures inside
How do you fly through the sky
Like spider monkeys in the rainforest?
Can I take a picture of you if I see you?
How does your power work?
Where does your power come from?

What I Learned from the Thorn?
by Ziyu C.

As the film opens up, Thor must fight his way out of the pit where he has been imprisoned by the fire demon Surtur. As Thor makes his stand,
facing an army of minions racing towards him, Surtur tells Thor, “You have made a grave mistake.”
Instead of denying this, Thor muses, “I make grave mistakes all the time but things seem to work out.”
Midway through the film,
Thor finds himself imprisoned, yet again. This time it’s on the garbage planet Sakaar, where he meets a former Valkyrie who he is trying to persuade to help him escape The Valkyrie is reluctant, stemming from the fact that Thor’s sister Hela slaughtered all her Valkyrie friends. When you have a problem, you should reach out to them, not run away from them. If you ignore your problem, no matter how small, you will hinder your growth. When faced with a problem, you need to turn the problem into an advantage by addressing it head-on.

Ms. Wright, 8th Grade


What I learn about the Wolverine
by Jiawei L.

He’s a hero with a sad past
Painfully experimented on
To be used as a weapon
With loss of memory
A lonely man he is
But that ends

He found home
A group of his kind
In search for who
He really is
Claws are out

For a different reason
Instead of hostility
It is now to defend
The people he can call family
What a journey it has been
For the Wolverine

by Kimora G.

There the Villain is feeling valid type of villain
But an invisible girl appears in front of him
He tried to throw a firebomb
She slappes her shield out
Controlling the bomb and
Pushing it back to him
Flying in his chess
Knocking him back
Taking the lighting
Consuming it in his chess
Him laying there lifeless

But home in bed before her alarm goes off for school

“Ororo wake up for school hunny!! “

Ms. Wright, 8th Grade

My Superhero
By: Tina C.

Are you satisfied with your life?
Your life is full of challenges
yet you still fight them off.
Seeing you in pain
makes my heartache.
The throbbing in my heart slows down
as I get reminded of you.
I want to tell you about everything in my life.
Every little detail I want to share,
yet I don’t see you often.
The distance between us is like
the numbers of things we don’t know about each other.
I have lots of things to ask.
But one of them I want to know is
Are you satisfied, grandma?

By:Jiajie L.

100 push-ups
100 sit-ups
100 squats
10 kilometer run
One punch

The Prince of Eternia
By Haymon X.

How does it feel
To be so powerful
At the age of 16
To be so muscular and strong
With your power sword
The words of “He-Man”
Summon a stealthy dude

Your eyebrows are snatched
Your bob cut is clean
Your costume is as pink as cherry blossoms
Falling from the trees
Your muscles and veins
You’re strong like the hulk
However you’re softly spoken and sweet

From all the hardships as a child
What did you learn?
To work for the better
Life in Eternia
Must be comfortable with your protection
Your presence is valued
Thank you for your charm

By Sheng Long S.

How does it feel to help people?
Both of us like to help each other
Like public service people
but unlike them,
You’re free to do anything
Always soaring through the sky
Always patrolling the city you protect

Whenever we encounter,
I like to know
how you gain your powers
I want to know
how you use your powers
to provide good
Hope you bring justice and
good to all people and world



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.