Fractured Fairytale Personas @ Peterson 6th Grade

This week at Peterson we learned about persona poetry, where the poet puts on the identity of someone else. This week we took the personas of fairytale characters. Students discussed the characteristics of fairytales, made popular long ago by the Grimm Brothers who collected these stories throughout Europe. One student mentioned how fairytales have stereotypes: a beautiful blonde princess, a prince charming, an evil witch or ugly stepmother. Other students discussed unique fairytale characters from their own cultures, such as Baba Yaga the old crone from Russia whose house walks on chicken legs and Le Bafana a witch from Italy who delivers presents to children.

Together we read fantasy writer Jane Yolen’s poem “Beauty and the Beast: An Anniversary.” Yolen is known for giving a modern spin on well-known fairytales. In her poem Yolen takes on the persona of Beauty who is now an old woman celebrating the anniversary of her marriage to Beast. In Yolen’s version of this fairytale the Beast never turns back into a human prince. Through Beauty’s eyes we see how she stills loves the Beast but regrets not having children. This made students question what happens after the Happily Ever After.

Inspired by Yolen, students put on the personas of heroes, villains, and minor characters, allowing their unique voices to be heard, and giving readers new ideas about these classic tales. Enjoy this week’s published poems.



                                          Ms. Bell’s 6th Grade
                                                      Group 1


Emily B.

It’s hard always trying to look nice and happy.
The slipper ended up not fitting my growing toes.
Anastasia is now with the prince.
At least stepmother is trying to respect me.
I’ve been a maid for a while now.
I have dark blonde hair mixed with silver strands.
I’m pretty sure my dear mice have left me for my sister.
I really thought I would be a princess.


The Three Little Pigs
Wilhelm J.

Hi, I’m Bob, I’m a pig and my friends
were Pickle and Tomato.
Mom said to build our own house.
She didn’t want to suffer living with us

So, we built a beautiful brick house.
When suddenly a wolf came along.
He sneezed and the whole house came
tumbling down.

The wolf growled and I got scared.
I bribed him food, Tomato and Pickle.
I said, “Here eat them.” And he did.

Then wolf and I then became best
friends. I have no regrets. Right
Mr. Wolf. No wait what you are doing?
Stop biting me! Stop!


Michael S.

I never lie even if I try,
because I’m a real boy.
My nose rarely grows,
but one time it measured

My father is growing old and gray
While I barley age.
Though that might be a lie.
But no one would know because
now I’m a real boy.

I yodel in the morning,
because now my body is growing,
just like my old nose.
I’m a real boy!!!



                                            Ms. Bell’s 6th Grade
                                                        Group 2


Gaston Is Good
Karina B.

I could have saved her.
Beast was my brother.
He was evil.

Belle thought I was full of myself.
I only tried to protect her!
Now she’s dead because I
didn’t destroy him.

Beast with his claws
and bloody, destructive teeth
has killed more than a hundred
maidens. They were pretty
and innocent.

I’m trying to find him.
But Beast has run away

into another fairytale.


El-Hdiydan, From Morocco
Soufiane D.

It has been ten years since I’ve escaped
the witch. Now, I’m scared of figs like
the ones that had touched her face.

I was walking down the street and I
saw a woman wearing a foulard that
covered her face. She was saying in
Darija, “Please give me money.”

She prayed for all who gave to her.
I walked over and gave her 200

She said, “Thank you child,”
and uncovered her face.
It was the witch.

I screamed and ran. When I
was a safe distance away, I
picked up a rock and aimed
for her head.

A bus road past where she stood.
She was gone when it drove off.

I sighed with relief and turned
around, dropping the rock.

When I looked up, she was there.


Cinderella’s Stepsister
Lana S.

Its fall now since Cinderella’s been gone.
I know how I treated her was so wrong.
My sister always made me wear that persona.
Always jealous of Cinderella. I wanted my
sister to own up.

I kept those glass shoes, but I wanted
Cinderella’s life. At least “Prince Charming”
has a wife. I have to stay with my horrible

Mom just weeps and cries. All I want to do
to do is go outside. I feel trapped, even in
my own home.

I saw Cinderella the other day, looking happy
as she rode in her carriage.

I felt like saying “hey,” but I wouldn’t let
my mask slip and all my other horrible
horrible wit.

I just want to fly solo.



                                                Ms. Bell’s 6th Grade
                                                             Group 3


Little Red Riding Hood
John I.

Mom always makes me go
to Grandma’s to give her a basket
of food. Why can’t she go instead?

I have to use my own money
to pay the bus fare.

I’m supposed to go with my
friends later to a party.
But here I am at Grandma’s.

Grandma I’m here!
Can we hurry this up.
I have places to be.

Hello anyone? Grandma?
Grandma…. GRANDMA!

There you are. Why do you look.
like a wolf?

No No No…. I am so sorry.


Rapunzel, No More
Dulce V.

Sometimes I wonder why she separated
me and my parents. Never thought she
would try to kill them.

I miss my long beautiful blonde hair,
But most of all I miss my stepmother,
even if she’s a bad woman.

I miss my old tower. I’m not used
to all these fancy things. Now I
only have short brown hair.

I never thought I was a princess.
I don’t know how to act.


Snow Queen
Soha V.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m queen,
even though everyone I love is here
within these walls.

My powers keep growing stronger
and stronger. I’m still scared about
what happened to Anna, her frozen

My hair is even white and I’m so pale.
Oh no, am I dying?

I know my mom and dad aren’t hurting
anymore, but why did they have to go?
I’m scared, don’t go.

Anna is with the love of her life.
Do I want to be in love? Not sure.

I’m meant to be here.
I’m not meant to be here.
Make a decision Elsa!

I don’t know myself anymore.
Guards, close the castle doors.
I just need time… to think.





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.