Ode to Kool-Aid

This week at Shoesmith we learned about ode poetry, which is when a poet gives praise and celebrates a person, place, or object. Together we read Marcus Jackson’s poem “Ode to Kool-Aid.” Jackson creates unique similes to describe this beloved sugary drink, “When toddlers swallow you their top lips mustache in color as if they’ve kissed paint.” Students became tongue tied when they tried to read out loud Jackson’s lines of alliteration for Kool-Aid flavors, “Purplesaurus Rex, Roarin’ Rock-A-Red, Ice Blue Island Twist, Sharkleberry Finn.” Students discovered that Kool-Aid is not just an everyday drink, but is a symbol of childhood, fun, and innocence.

Inspired by Marcus Jackson, students wrote their own odes to celebrate the significant people, places, and objects in their lives. Enjoy this week’s published poems.



                                     Ms. Wesson’s 5th Grade
                                                      Group 1


Ode to Seafood
Jada E.

I put melted butter on everything.
A shrimp’s tail is red like an apple.
Crab legs are as curvy as a maze.

I love to go to Fisherman’s Island
to try their special spices, that
taste hot like fire.

Seafood smells just like the sea.


Ode to Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
Timothy M.

Thank you for having a phone with
5G for fun on the internet.

Thank you for the exclusive

Thanks for the flashlight to fight
the demon in the night.
Your screen is so bright like the

I look in the news and I’m so

They came out with another new
phone, who knew.


Ode: Rookie to Legend
Claude O.

His name was Kobe Bryant.
He played with the Hornets
and the Lakers.

He was a legend, known as the
Black Mamba. His best friend was
Shaquille O’Neal. After Kobe retired,
he had started a new life.

On January 26, 2020 Kobe died in a
helicopter crash. The NBA was sad.
Kobe’s daughter Giana died with him.



                                        Ms. Wesson’s 5th Grade
                                                         Group 2


Ode to Chicago
Paris M.

Chicago you are the best place to be.
You are one of the top cities of the
50 states.

I know that your people get hurt
and killed every day. But I was born
and raised in you Chicago.

I know my way around you. It’s
as if I’m dragging a cart through
a garden a thousand times.


Ode to Chocolate
Charles O.

Chocolate, you are dark as night,
yet you light up my life.
You are my favorite candy.
You make me happy.
You turn a cloudy day sunny
and a boring day fun.
You are simply sweet and delicious.


Ode to Stranger Things
Denatelon P.

Stranger Things, watching you gives
me shivers like eating sugar out of
a bag.

You’re a terrific, tricky, and
terrifying show.

Whenever Mike rides his bike,
away from the monster, he cries
like a wolf.

Stranger Things, you are as scary
as a bat.



                                   Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
                                                  Group 1


Ode to Sharks Chicken Shack
Christopher B.

You are the salty, saucy, savory slayer of
of all the chicken markets. They try to hide
your greatness under the carpet. But you
are cool as a pimping, popping player, game

Fries salty as the sea.
Sauce sweeter than a pea.
That chicken be crispy,
always making me tipsy.

Chicken so delicious it got sleeping
with the fishes. This godlike food
got me saying “Dude.”

Fries got me so high,
feeling like I’ll never die.

Chicken on chicken always finger
lickin. It’s got me thinkin, all that
quality never sinkin.


An Ode to God
Nolon H.

God is the creator of all things.
God is love and he loves all.
God is as powerful as any superhero.
God is as nice as a circus clown.
God is smooth as a Sunday shave.
And that is why I will pay an ode
to God.


Ode to Blue
Eloise V.

You can be as dark as the bottom of the ocean.
You can be as light as the summer sky.
Anyway you make me happy.

I may fight over you with my weird, wild,
wiry brother and my little cousin who try
to steal you as their favorite color.
But you’ll always be mine.

Your blueberry blast is my favorite candy
flavor and your midnight blue, is the color
of my hair. You’re everywhere in my life.

You’re like my home.
So, I’ll never let you go.

You’ll never get rid of me,
because I’m the one that
cares the most.




                                       Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
                                                      Group 2


Ode to Kobe Bryant
Zoey B.

A legend died on January 26, 2020,
late in the morning. You were a fearless,
fierce, and feisty basketball player.
You never gave up on your dreams
Strong as a 180lb helicopter.
You just wanted to go for a helicopter
ride with seven of your friends and
your daughter Gianna. Gianna was as
pretty as a neon light show. A bright,
beautiful, brave girl that wanted to be
just like her father, who was an
inspiration. But no, you had to have
a helicopter crash. My heart is
breaking as if I lost a puppy.

Hope you rest in peace and paradise.


Ode to Jolly Ranchers
Taylor B.

Jolly Rancher you are so jolly
and joyful, making me jump.

You remind me of a bright,
brave, and bold rainbow.

You look like a colorful
unicorn’s room.

The watermelon flavor
makes my tongue feel
like the sweet, summer
sun relaxing in a hot sauna.


Ode to Mommy
Tamia G.

Your face lights up in the sun.
You shine bright like a diamond.
You’re sweet like strawberries,
starburst, and skittles.

I love you.

You have brown eyes like a puppy.
You have caramel skin like a Twix
candy bar.

Your hair is a red, rough rose.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.