Figure of Speeches

The 7th grade poets from Mrs. Gonzalez’s class used figurative language to describe their everyday lives. They created fantastic worlds out of the mundane. Enjoy!




New things about me

By Karianey G.  


I like to travel, I like to see a whole new world

I have an older brother, I have a blood relative who is annoying

I will go out to walk the family’s dog, I go out and see beautiful flowers out in the summer evening while walking with the evil dog

I enjoy spending time outside in the summer, I enjoy the blooming sun hitting my face on a hot sunny day



By Heidi H.


I have yet to explore this world i live in

I sometimes want to escape this reality

I don’t feel the need to be super energetic

I am as blind as i can possibly be

I tend to distance myself from society

I question myself and the world i live in.


My actions throughout the day

By Roger V.


So like time passed and things changed because I was there since the beginning of the old pine tree. I started playing the game on day one so the ender dragon can’t kill me, I killed the ender dragon in the first place. I am like a sloth. I move through my day. I have no energy during the day like burning the candle at both ends. My favorite place is the unconscious world I like to go to a lot. But after being a sloth I like the fresh breeze while going down the mountain side and I like to play with my old companions. After I make meals for myself and numbers running in my mind all day. At the end of the day I tell my friends to join me on a quest to get back the land of freedom.




By Giana E.


I am a huge ball of energy

I live in a hole of darkness

I am the owl in the night

Behind a mask of smiles, I hide.



By Farida Humphries

I feel like Michael Jordan when i hit the court
I am glued to my screen
Savoring fried chicken down to the bone
 I enjoy the spooky when its time for candy
I get ticked off like a bomb
I spilled the  popcorn because there was a scary scene
The crack of the bat gets my attention
I have a short fuse so beware
Looking like a million bucks with caps and shoes






By Jayson G.


Like a bear cub growing up working in and out through jobs

Doing my hardest not to get fired to proceed in life

Working all day and night not having time for as many family activities

Gotta do what you can to proceed in life and bring joy to my family

Warm soothing beach waves come across my ears soothing.



By John B.


My favorite thing on earth are memes. Memes are the key to my heart.

I’m 13. I have been on earth for 13 years.

I like the Goosebump books. Twisted endings are melodies to my eyes.

I stay up until 12:00. My fire lasts until noon hits.

From my house to Minnesota it is a 8 hour drive. Earth to the sky is a long distance.

I have never gone to sleep during the day. My battery never runs out during the day.

Burritos are my least favorite food. My taste buds don’t like the taste of the white tortilla.

My favorite food is chorizo with eggs. The most fascinating resource for a bear is honey.

I like the color blue. The color of the sky above is very satisfying.

I like drawing. Making different perspective images is always a fascinating thing to do.


The Gremlins in My Cave

By Selena F.


The Gremlins in my cave tear me up,

Everyday it’s the same thing.

Two of the Gremlins devour all of the edibles,

Leaving a tiny portion.

The two small Gremlins screech and squall,

Causing trouble and being thunderous,

Relentlessly running in all directions.

Another Gremlin gaming and smashing buttons,

Paying close attention to the game.

A different Gremlin that watches the time run away,

And is brainless, yet so amusing.

This next Gremlin dissolves in tears and turns on the waterworks,

However, it is very exquisite and super wise.

The last Gremlin is me! I am dopey, brain-bird and even sometimes blue and miserable,

But I’m a very heartwarming person.

Our parents are trolls.

Our father is a box troll, he is the most learned and he is the grumpiest man you’ll ever meet,

DON’T GET ON HIS BAD SIDE!! Yet he can be very sweet and supportive.

Our mother is very wise and gorgeous, she is really amazing,

She can also get a little bit crazy…She is super hilarious and is good at dressing.

That is our perfect gigantic monster family.



By Tania L.


I like seeing movies

I escape to a world of fantasy

I love dogs

Their eyes are like diamonds shining in the sun and her fur is soft like a cloud

I like drawing

it’s colorful like a rainbow

I like running

I run fast like a horse

I love food

I’m like a squirrel having food

I like to cook cakes

Watching that cake cook was like watching grass grow

I am a girl

I am strong as a rock

I like the color blue

The calm color like the sky

I am a happy person

I am a completely different person when I see others smile

I love my family

From here to the moon



By Arichely M.


Fresh air, clears my thoughts

But sometimes I am a sack of emotions

Shadows lurk in my mind causing me to fright

My taste buds are slot machines, never knowing what I might like

Four legged friends take my heart

Monsters attack me everyday

A mother’s love is what I cherish

Everything is fine under the sunshine’s smile

Shiny trinkets catch my eye

Like soft silk I stroke my hair.



Melissa M.


I was born in the season before the cold winter.

When I started school, I was really shy since I was not used to being near too many people.

My mom gave birth to my annoying weird brother…

After a few years when my brother was 5 we had a lot of fights (we still do).

I had trouble making friends because I was shy and sometimes rude to others, some kids just found me annoying…

Then my mom gave birth to my cute little sister..

I was really happy when she was born. We had fun together, I was not bored at home or at the park anymore.



By Michael R.


I’m a chip off the new block.

I’ve owned many enjoyable contraptions.

I enjoy eating bloody snakes

The wheels on my horse drive around a city

I like to fly high above the towers

I enjoy creating worlds in my mind


What I like

Melissa T.


I’ve listened to the same song I like for the past few hours.

Music makes me think of a world of imagination.


I like to laugh with my friend while playing games.

I enjoy doing what can make me happy.


The wonderful weather makes me feel calmed,

when the wind comes towards my face.


The nice bright and dark red reminds me of some

beautiful red sunset.



By Aileen Z.


Waking up in the morning is like disturbing the dead

I like to hear the twang of the guitar from my favorite musicians

The laughter that fills in my room comes from relatives

Virtual learning calls to me

8th grade is the gateway to high school

Reading in the reading room

My friend’s voices give me serotonin

The universe gave me 13 years so far

Purple is the only color that exists in my world

My face is stuck to the phone






“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.