5th Grade Recipes for Confidence, Gaming, Happiness and More!

Cookbooks, cooking shows, and online recipes abound, but you won’t find a more eclectic collection of recipes than the one that follows!  During our 13th remote poetry session together, Avondale-Logandale 5th graders discussed ingredients, measurements, cooking utensils and cook times.  We talked about things we might teach others to do, and thought about what goes into baking qualities such as courage. From there, we dipped into our grocery bags of creativity to come up with unique recipes of our own.

Mrs. Pannell
5th Grade – Rom 206

Recipe for a Confidence cake
By Jaliyah D.

How to make a unique cake.
First, get a bowl of niceness.
Next, a whisk of Brave.
Next, put all the ingredients in: 3 eggs of confidence,
2 cups of Pretty Flour,
1 cup of Shimmer Water,
Half of scoop of Unique Butter,
2 cups of face-your-fear milk,

Next Put two spoons of Nice Sugar.
Then mix it all around.
Put the mixture in the Sparkly Pan.
Then put it in a Unique Oven.
After it’s done baking
there you have it
a Unique Cake👍.


Recipe for being kind to a classmate
Yelitza R.

1. Open the door for them.
2. Help the student with problems they don’t understand.
3. Lend students some of my school supplies if needed.

4. Help them when they are feeling down.
5.  Stick up for them when needed.
6. Giving them complements.

7. Include students in activities.
8. Offer to clean up a mess with your classmate.
9. Call for a teacher when your classmate is hurt.

10. See the good in people.


Recipe for Getting Good at Games
Michael N.

Games. Games, Games, Games
Everybody loves games
But sometimes people who are bad at games just give up right away

But today, I’m going to show what you guys need to do
To not give up.
First, You need to get used to the controls in order to find out if you like the game or not.

Next, try the game
You need to learn the map
or what’s the point of the game.
Last, you just need to play a lot of the game and don’t get mad.
Just keep trying and you will win sooner or later after you read this.


Recipe for: How To Be Cool
Jermonie R.

For starters, we will get a dash of fashion.
Next, we get a pair of cooked sunglasses.
Then we get a quart of medium rare Gucci handbags.
After that, get a fully roasted Pre-Prepared meals

On The Other Hand,
we get a whole Deluxo-fanchy-schmancy pencils.
After THAT, we get a small pint of popularity.
Finally, we get the grand finale: A packaged girlfriend!
BOOM you’re done!
Are you popular now??


Recipe for The weekend
Annalis N.

You wake up and don’t want to get out of bed.
You go on your phone and watch something.
One of your parents tells you to get out of bed.
So you take one tablespoon of clothes and two tablespoons of WAKE UP.
Then you take your breakfast and eat it.
Your mom tells you to make your bed, but you feel too lazy to do it.
So you take two spoons of stop-being-lazy and ten spoons to get-ready-for-chores today.

(no matter what happens on the weekends you probably always have chores to do just remember that.)


Recipe for being happy
Jocyana C.

This is the recipe for being happy
You won’t be needing any eggs or flower
Or cookie cutters or rolling pins
All you need is you and your feelings
Let’s start with the easiest part of the recipe
Get yourself up and do the things you love
It could either be reading a book,
Or drawing a picture
(Just make sure you don’t play video games!)
Next, tell your parents or guardian you love them!
Make sure you let all guilt and tension loose
And smile like you just won a million dollars
The last part of this recipe is very easy
Smile and laugh, and bake your favorite cookies
Then sing and dance and love!
If you follow this recipe, you will be on your way to being the happiest person in the world.


Recipe for getting good at math
Elicia N.

So, first get a pencil and paper
Then write a math problem with the pencil
So, now, get your thinking and work

Now put them in a bowl and stir
Get your paper with the pencil writing on it
and put it in the bowl
Also, make sure you check if it is the right question
you want to know, or else you can get the answer wrong

Now you take the stuff inside the bowl and flatten it out
Put all of the things you know about the math problem
Then you can take it
and see the problem answered
and it being correct.

Grade 5 – Room 204

Recipe for Morning
Nialaney G.

Add 1 tablespoon of 6 am get up
Drop in ½ cup of 20 minutes of sleep
Add 3 cups of getting yelled at by mom to wake up!!!!!
Mix water and toothpaste together, creates clean teeth
Add 2 quarts of Clothes Ready
Stir together for my grandma’s house


Recipe for Happiness
Mitzielys T.

First get a bowl
Then add one large smile to start
Add 10 cups of love
1 barrel of patience
3 cups of forgiveness
Don’t forget a Large Pinch of Joy.
A whole bag of adventures
If you miss any of these It won’t taste the same so don’t miss anything!!!


Recipe for: How to give a guinea pig a personality
Andrivel Q.

We start by adding 100,000 gallons of hunger
Then we add 5 more gallons of laziness
10 cups of love
6 teaspoons of sports
1 tiny pinch of letting me hold them
2 cups of exercising
99 gallons of pooping in our room
1 pinch of drinking water
56 cups of laying down and eating at the same time
And that’s how to make/give a guinea pig a personality







“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.