2nd Grade Odes of Wonder

Odes and wondrousness is what we were investigating during our 17th remote poetry session.  Swift 2nd graders contemplated things that they wonder about, things that make them curious.  We read “In Praise of Tiny Things” by Eileen Spinelli, and then wrote our own odes – poems in praise or wonder of a person, pet, something in nature, or anything else!

Ms. Amato
2nd Grade

Wondering about Wondrous
Arya C.

I think Candles are wondrous because they flicker looking as if it’s going to blow out
Because when you let it be it starts to smell wondrous
Because the fire looks as if it’s dancing
Because as small as it is it can still burn you
It seems as if it could freeze into a tiny crystal
How does the black fade away in little time
Why does the wax puddle up into a sticky goo
Why does it get smoky when you blow it out
Each candle if you by the same how does it smell exactly the same
What does it look like when they are being made
Who had invented it
Why does it have such a calming scent


The Wondrous Poem
Kylan J.

I wonder how laptops are made?

They use a case to put wires and chips and circuit boards
buttons, screens, to form laptops
we use laptops for different purposes
they come in all shapes and sizes and colors
and do different things for many things.


My Wonderous Poem
Annessa R.

If my friend falls down I help her up
I get her a bandage and an ice pack
This is how I’m kind
It makes me feel wonderful inside
Even if I don’t show it on the outside

I finger paint or use a paintbrush
I draw with crayons, markers and even with colored pencils
Making art makes me feel wonderful
because I like seeing all the nice colors

When I sing to myself I feel free
I don’t feel afraid when I’m alone
I sing about the seasons and the weather
Sometimes I hum, sometimes I have words
I like to sing high pitches
It makes me feel wonderful, happy and free


My Mila
Rebecca T.

I love my Mila, I love her
so much

I love her so much because
she is cuddly and sweet

She is loveable, she is kind

I love her and she loves
me. We love each other,
we make a good team.

She is the best.

I drew her one time.

We will never stop loving
each other.


Emir H.

An acorn is wondrous because
how it forms and
how does it grow?
It wonders how does it get to become a tree?
and is there a seed to it?


I Am Wondrous About the Sea
Toni S.

Different species are wondrous in the deepest places in the sea.
Sea lions are wondrous.
Do they have any predators upon them?
Butterflies are wondrous and can glow.
The sea is wondrous because there so many species beyond.


Ms. Popovic
2nd Grade

In Praise of Class
Princeshikha K.

From books to pens to boards, I feel joy and wonder sparks.
As we bond and learn, the teacher always marks.
We grant wishes together, and I always have fun.
We tell funny things like jokes and puns.
I know some things already but,
There are lots of things to learn though it was shut.
Corona has made sad feelings and hate.
But we still managed to go through the gate.


In Praise of Nature
Apara S.

Hopping grasshoppers
Hard working ants.
Helpful trees.
Calming Butterflies.
Chirping birds.
Cheerful rabbits and bunnies.
Calm and quiet city.
Flowers blooming.
Kids playing around.
Babies learning how to walk.
Animals singing.
Wonderful fish swimming.
World full of happiness.
Nature is growing.


In Praise of Animals Around The World
Kashiv C.

I wonder about tigers because they have whiskers that they use to sniff.
I wonder about lions because they
always are trying to fight tigers.

I wonder about cheetahs because I want to
learn how they run fast.

I wonder about panthers because
They have different colors. Some are
Tan and sometimes black.

Cats are wondrous because
They are the boss of us.

Dogs are wondrous because
They listen to you but cats do not listen to you.

Jaguars are wondrous because
They are masters of disguise.

Fish are wondrous because
There are so many fish.


In Praise of Petals
Ashritha K.

Petals are wondrous because they are soft and pretty.
They are also wondrous because they come from flowers.
Flowers are the best.
Petals on it are the best thing about flowers.🌹🌹🌹
Flowers grow  how an insect life cycle grows.


In Praise Of Germs
Gegeenkhuslen U.

Germs are wondrous because they are powerful
They make people sick and in pain.
People do not like Germs.
Germs are so small.
People can’t see Germs.
Germs are a mystery.
New Germs are coming like Covid 19.


In Praise of  Sweet
Preet C.

Oh sweet Ice cream
You are my one true love
Thick, creamy, and luscious
You have surely been sent from heaven above

Oh sweet Ice cream
I turn to you no matter season
Spring, summer, fall
And even when weather is already freezing;

Oh sweet Ice cream
A flavor matters not
I will love you forever
With every taste bud I’ve got







“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.