Heros and Heroines

In their seventeenth virtual lesson Haugan students explored the meaning of heroism. They were asked, “What characteristics make someone a hero?” Many students mentioned bravery, selflessness, intelligence, and kindness. Together we watched a YouTube video of spoken word artist Angelo’s Geter’s poem “Wonder Woman.” In his poem Geter uses powerful metaphors and imagery to describe his mother. Her eyes are bridges that connect the past with the future/ She is a war machine/With missiles shooting from her tongue/That have stopped grown men in their tracks/ she is air/A floating force too big to escape/yet too small to hold onto. Geter expresses his love and pride for his mother who not only raised him, but survived breast cancer and heart disease.

Inspired by Angelo Geter, students wrote poems about the heros and heroines in their own lives. Please enjoy these heroic poems.



Ms. Thomas 8th Grade
Group 1


My Hero
By: Crystal C.

My dad is my hero….
He is a hero like hulk WHY?
Because hulk is strong and my dad is strong but not muscular he is strong because…
He came to the U.S to give his family a better life
He suffer so much and he still stood up and never gave up
He did not see his dad for the last time
But he keep going strong and getting a better life
That is what a hero does because he is showing me to not give up
Keep going whatever happened you always keep going
And now he tells me “You need to be someone in life to not suffer like me.”
That is being a AMAZING HERO

My mom is a hero
By Angela L.

My mom is strong like wonder women
My mom is as fast as the flash
My mom’s eyes are Storm from X-Men
My mom is a warrior no matter what
My mom is gold
My mom is a lifesaver
My mom helps homeless people that need money
My mom takes care of her job
My mom never gives up
My mom is a strong handcuff .


By Jovany M.

The Janitor is one kind Hero
How do people know he is a hero ?
Well he cleans the whole school after it’s sometimes trashed by students.
He cleans the hospitals during Covid to make sure its safe work environment for doctors
He kills Covid germs left on surfaces no matter what any work place
Without the janitor there will be trash cause he comes in every day ready to clean
I feel like he unappreciated he goes under radar he clears trash every day
I wonder one day how it would feel if all of the students said thank you to him
for he has done when we use to go to Haugan
Every lunch time they always took out the trash,
when we were in class and made a mess
We go in tomorrow, everything was clean.




Ms. Thomas’s 8th Grade
Group 2


What is a hero?
By Adan C.

Well what is a hero?
Is a hero a person who saves your life?
Or someone that gives you birth?
If that is so then a hero is your mom…
If you are talking about a person that leaves its mark like a stamp,
Then that is your dad and it doesn’t matter if he is good or bad…
He leaves a stamp.
If you are talking about someone that comforts you then that is a friend or a sibling. If it is someone that saves lives then that is a cop, doctor, fireman…
Some that are heroes are all of these things.
Well my hero is God because he does all these things…
For me honestly that is my hero and you don’t have to agree with me,
That is just who my hero is…


My Grandfather
By Chelsea N.

The weather was cold.
Everyone’s nowhere to be found.
Rain kept pouring from morning ‘till night.
Alone in the room tucked in each other’s beds. Waiting and waiting
Until a tap on the door made us dash out of our beds. Racing to get to the door first when,
Lightning flashed, ducked as we might.
My sister and I both looked at the door,
His cape swaying drenched in the rain
His imposing shadow visible in the lightnings flare But his face recognizable,
As we ran to his arms
To be hugged safe at last
There are times when I sulk
And no one can make me smile or laugh I twist and turn, and run and walk.
To find him is not that hard enough, Sometimes he appears behind my back.

Surprises me, with eyes that sees every acts But then again, he’s very human when he cries, No matter at least we do it when he flies.
When times are fragile and limbs are frail, He rescues me every down and fall.
The arms secures my every slip and bawl.
He is more that what they’ve got,
I am proud of him that guards and guides me with all his might. He is my shoulder and chest
My grandfather, I know he is the best.


My Parents
By Roberto R.

My parents are like superheroes
In our lives they have key roles
They would stand in front and protect us like walls They would make sure by making calls
My parents make sure that anyone is safe
They also feed the homeless and
the people that were once hopeless.
They would support anyone in any way
If someone one didn’t have money they would pay They would want for people to be satisfied
They can sometimes get mad like a red habanero Even at something narrow
But they calm down eventually
They also donate many things to charity
No matter what the rarity
On the darkest day they can lift spirits They would make many visits

They can also have weird laughs like Hyenas But they have amazing ideas,
And I wouldn’t change a thing



Ms. Thomas’s 8th Grade
Group 3


By: Anjali P.

He is called by the name..
For he calls himself THE RABBIT
With squishy white fluffy fur..
You might think how can he be a hero?
My hero is someone I rely on when I am sad.
He saves me from this dangerous world..
Gives me comfort when I need it….
We had a lot of memories together…
The memories that are filled with different emotions..
Happiness, Sadness, Craziness many more..
We can make more memories when we meet again…


Ground Zero
By Ashley G.

Ground Zero, Also Known As Katsuki Bakugo
Quirk: Explosion
Fearless, Courageous, Powerful, Intelligent, Tenacious, Driven,
Respectful of people showing guts except Deku , Competitive, Strong willed, Brave, Irritable.
Ground Zero Is Just High School Student
But has already saved Musutafu multiple times From The League Of Villains
Katsuki showcasing his overconfidence.
Katsuki is a crude, arrogant, short-tempered, and aggressive person,
especially at the beginning of the series.
Katsuki tends to come off as unheroic, if not downright villainous
for those not familiar with him.


​By Dyson J.L.

You are my hero
You help me in tough situations
I can always count on you to be there You will always protect me
You are quick like a free throw
It’s not so easy
It’s really breezy
Your smile lights up the whole world
When there is sadness You turn it into madness You’re out of this planet You’re full of gladness
When I am with you
I feel safe
I can express my feelings
You make everything have a meaning



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.