Laments of Loss @ Shoesmith 5th & 6th Grade

For their fourteenth virtual lesson Shoesmith 5th and 6th graders explored ideas about loss through laments. A Lament is a poem that expresses strong feelings of sorrow, grief, and regret usual about someone who has passed away. Sometimes laments can be about the loss of important objects and even relationships.

Together we read the poem “Mermaid’s Lament,” by Rachel Rooney. In her poem, Rooney takes on the “persona,” the voice of a mermaid, who feels deep sadness because she doesn’t have legs. I want to go disco dancing with my mates/ look great in my high-heeled stilettos and tight blue jeans/I want to pedal hard up a steep hill/then legs outstretched, freewheel down just for the fun of it. Some students saw the poem’s connection to the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid.” Ariel the movie’s main character, was also a mermaid, who wished to walk on land. Other students mentioned the mermaid’s loneliness, she has to sit on a rock all day by herself waiting for sailors and friends to visit her. Without the ability to walk, the mermaid in Rooney’s poem, has lost the chance to experience the things, we humans take for granted.

Inspired by Rooney, students wrote laments taking on the personas of people and things that have experienced grief, loss, and regret. Please enjoy these moving poems.



Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 1


Lament For A Lost Crown
By Ryan B.

Oh god! I said I lost my crown, let me ask jerry the butler. I asked, he said no.
So, I thought maybe Sabrina had it (my daughter ) she also said no well let me
search around the house. I said I searched high and low nowhere to be found.
It’s like it is playing hide and seek. I searched the rest of the day till I went to sleep.
Let me keep looking, retrace your steps, Sabrina said, I have been everywhere yesterday.
But I did anyway, I went to the royal barber, the mall, and the all over Paris.
I couldn’t find it, so I had to get one remade, but the memories would not be in there.


What she lost Lament { Brandy/Moesha ]
By Jamylah B.

She lost Q who was her boyfriend
She was sad she thought it was the end
Her heart shattered like glass
But the tears didn’t last
She got back up on her feet
And didn’t go in defeat
She showed that she wouldn’t let something as silly
Get the best of her
Though she was sad
She was able to talk to her dad
They cloudy weather faded some more
As the talked and talked
She said “her dad was bright”
And she was right
Moesha would never let her sadness get the best in her
There is too much sun shining on it


LeBron James Lament’s
By Kamren M.

I lost somebody that I looked up to
Now, I’m crying all day, but he always said keep your head up
Now, I’m a legend and people look up to me
Now, I have to tell people to keep their heads up.



Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 2


Carol’s Lament
By Alonna A.

Yo, I’m carol! I’m pretty popular in my area but the popular I’m talking about is that I’m the 2nd best rapper in my neighborhood. Some may think I’m pretty weird because i hangout with a guy who looks like a bomb and he’s really tall, but that’s my buddy Whitty and I don’t care about what others say about him and Whitty isn’t the guy you would think that would get used to you quickly. he is actually really hard to become friends with. Anyways, I have a lot to deal with. I have many many fans, I have to deal with my friend going ballistic sometimes, there’s just so much I wanna do, but the important things come first. So much to deal with, too much to change, I just wanna be free from the disasters that come in my way! I can’t ever get my life together but here I am now!


Losing someone you loved
By Equere E.

So, you either started loving him/them/her from the internet, and so when you started loving them/she/he so much, you was a big fan and had posters with your favorite celebrities sign on them, and so, years and months later, one of your family members told you about the news about your favorite celebrity. And so they told you that he/she/them died off something that was a natural cause, assassination. And so now you gotten this:

I lost a closest friend,
I wish he had not died.
I wished that things in the future could have been better with him.
I always cried, remembering about that celebrity.
today ‘s a new year, which means a new me.

I hope this will be a better year, without you, my friend…

Rest In Peace, Chadwick Boseman..

Wakanda For Ever.


Marinette’s Lament
By Xochitl H.

Your hair shines like the sun,
Your eyes gorgeous green,
When I look at you,
I thought about your anonymous thoughts and dreams,
Yes your valentine I will be,
Together our love will be so true,
Forever in eternity,
My heart belongs to you.


Bowser’s Lament
By Khary N.

Mario is the hero but bowser is the bad guy.
Bowser’s minions are killed by Mario all the time.
Bowser just wants the princess and Mario stops him.
One time bowser fell into lava and all of his skin melted of with only his bones.
In a way bowser is the hero and Mario is the villain.
Bowser not evil, just misunderstood.




Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 1


Jada Sly‘s Lament
By Jada E.

I had enough of
Listening to the news saying
my mother had died in a
plane crash. I know she’s
still alive somewhere over
there. I had grab my notebook
And start searching for clues,
When I had found some clues I told
My father that she is still alive.
But my father didn’t believe me.
Soon as he said that I almost
regret everything and lose my hope.
But I didn’t, I keep searching and
ask my friends to see if they can help
me. They did and we had gone through
lots of things and getting a little bit in
trouble but it was worth it. But when I went
to the store and I had found my mom.
I was so happy and proud and so excited
that I can tell everyone that she still alive.
But she told me not to because she was
on a serious mission.


Lost Best Friend’s Lament
By Jakar T.

She watched me play and cheered “hooray!”
She gave me butterflies and kept me up when I cried.
We were basketball mates and we were going to be great.
But there was hate but the hate was great.

We were best friends and friends till the end.
But the end came too early and boom there it was surely.
I went to her funeral and cried but I didn’t sigh.
I know she’s watching me and hugs me tightly.


Avengers’ Lament
By Maliyah J.

The Avengers say that we are not good enough.
So the Falcon and the Winter Soldier will show them.
But they know that they can not defeat the bad guys alone.
So they call all of the Avengers to help them and they came just in time.
They defeated all of the bad guys and they save the day again.




Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 2



Chill’s Lament
By Trinity C.

While I am playing with my ball outside
I see my owner’s talking to each other.

What are they saying?
What are they talking about?

I ignore them and continue playing
But it’s hard to move around with one leg..
But I don’t give up because I’m a strong pup!

My owners come to me while I wag my tail
I hope they are planning to take me on a walk!
Owner 1 bends down, scratches me behind my ear and smiles
Owner 2 just stands behind her and watches.

Later in the day, we are in the car
Going for a ride but I don’t know where?
I am sitting in owner 1’s lap with my head slightly out of the window
My tongue is sticking out, bright bright pink
It really stands out because my fur is dark dark black.

We stop in front of a white building
There is a blue paw for the logo and I can see other pups like me through the window!
I’m really excited but I don’t know where I am?

Maybe it’s a surprise party for me?
But I don’t know these pups?

We walk inside while owner 1 carries me in
There is a lady with a ponytail and bright teal scrubs
Owner 1 has tears in her eyes while looking at me and so does owner 2.

Why are they crying?
Did I do something wrong?

The lady grabs me and takes me to this room
Owner 1 just stands by the door and watches me with owner 2.
Owner 1 hugs owner 2 crying really hard.
I look at her with sadness, wondering what’s wrong?

I bark and I bark, then suddenly I feel calm.
I feel calm.. But weak. What is this feeling?
The world is getting dark.. I try to stay awake but the darkness is pulling me away.
As I fade away I look at my owners, realizing what is happening.


I Wish
By Paris M.

I wish I can go back in time to stop her from leaving

I wish I can go back in time to tell her to watch the car

I wish I can go back in time to so her family from having a fight

I wish I can go back in time to tell her to not set the fire

I wish I can go back in time to tell her it’s ok



By London R.

My brother, Itachi Uchiha (U-Che-ha) ,
Killed our clan , Our very own clan..
He killed our father, our mother, and aunties and uncles.
I grew a hatred for him ever since

I need to get stronger so I can kill him
It what he deserves after all
I want revenge for what my brother did
But I am the one who needs to kill him

I’ll use the chidori
And I won’t hold back
I can’t take the pain anymore
It time to end him

I’ll win the battle
No matter what
To the end we will fight
Because I am sad



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.