Don’t go into the Waters part 2

As promised here are the scary poems/stories from the 7th and 8th grade poets from Waters Elementary!


James R. And Zoe R.

It was a cold and stormy night as the high school debate team slept soundly on their coach bus. They were heading to the ever-anticipated debate semifinals, where they would compete against some of the top teams in the country to advance to the championship. Rain pattered against the windows as they drove down the dark road, nothing but corn fields for miles on either side of them. Everything was calm until suddenly, the bus started swerving uncontrollably across the road. The students roused themselves from their sleep, and chaos broke loose. Mr. Smith, the teacher and chaperone of the group, urged the students to stay calm, and he assured them that everything was fine. He himself was terrified as he scrambled to the front of the bus to check on the driver. The bus veered wildly off the road and slammed into a fence bordering the corn fields. Mr. Smith was knocked to the ground, but still he crawled slowly to the driver’s seat. To his horror, the driver was slumped over in his seat. Blood ran down his shirt from a cut across his neck. Some sort of creature had done this; Mr. Smith was sure of it. He was petrified, but he didn’t want to alarm the students anymore. The bus had slowly started to tip over, and the screech of the steel wire on the fence was audible as it scraped against the outside of the bus’s hull. Mr. Smith was thrown sideways, and more screams erupted from the students, now hanging from their seats, only their seatbelts stopping them from collapsing onto the ground. Mr. Smith desperately gathered his wits and started to execute the emergency procedure. He ordered everyone to immediately evacuate the bus. Once everyone was off the bus, Mr. Smith produced a flashlight from out of the emergency kit he had recovered from the glove compartment at the front of the bus where the driver still lay, motionless. As the rain started to fall harder, he led the shaking band of students away from the bus, which suddenly burst into flames. The students gasped, realizing that they had been just moments from certain death. Stunned, they observed the bus, a mess of twisted and burning metal. After their senses returned to them, they slowly turned back around to Mr. Smith. But Mr. Smith was no longer standing at the front of the group. A quiet croaking sound rose from a heap of mauled flesh on the ground. Mr. Smith lay there, or at least what was left of him, breathing his last breath as blood gushed from a cut on his neck. A cut identical to the one on the neck of the dead bus driver.


Cheyenne M.

On a dark, ominous night. A girl (let’s call her Geny) and her friend (let’s call her Nadia) were vacationing in a secluded lodge in the woods. They went on this vacation because they heard rumors that it was haunted. They were searching up demon names while watching scary movies.

“Hey geny, do you remember that one Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode we watched?” said Nadia.

“Oh of ALL of the tree houses of horror they have I will remember the specific name” sarcastically said Geny with an unamused face.

“Oh my the one based on the exorcist?” Nadia said annoyed.

“Oh yeah I remember, why do you ask?”

“Well I decided to look up a demon like it and I found a demon that possess you until your body eventually disintegrates”

To be continued…



Pitch black


The night laid dim on my pupils

Pitch black.

Not knowing where to go or where I am

Pitch black.

My vision is blurry.

Pitch black.

The subtle light I grasped like a hand.

I followed it.

Pitch black.

Not knowing where to go or where I am.

Where is this light taking me?

Is it a street light or the light at the end of the tunnel

Pitch black.

Murmurs from a voice.

It looked pitch white?

“Close your eyes” It said

My vision is clear.

An old man? Why at this time of the night?

No streetlights. No moon.

What was the light I followed?

“Close your eyes,” it said. Why am I closing my eyes? What is he hiding from me?

It disappeared in thin air.

Why didn’t I listen? Mutilated. Scarring. Goring.
“Close my eyes”
“Close my eyes”
“Close my eyes,” I begged. And begged. Again.

I rub my hands to my face.

Pitch black.

I remember where home was.

Why am I crying?
I’m home now.

Why are they crying?

“My poor boy,” they wept.

They rush to me with their arms.

My hands unclench

Pitch black.

They had picked up the two last things that would see that old man again.

Their hands laid dim on my pupils.


Aria A.

!! Raybies !!

I walked through the forest with brightly colored leaves of all shapes and sizes crunching beneath my feet with every step I took. I was surrounded by trees swaying in the wind, birds chirping in their nests, and animals hunting prey. My friends and I have all just carved are name it a tree closest to the most feared cave. But currently, we were playing hide and seek. At this time I was the seeker but my friends were nowhere to be found. I looked up at the dark night sky watching the stars sparkle when I heard rustling in the bushes. I thought it was Atlas because he was the clumsiest person I have ever met and it was hilarious. But as I crept closer calling Atlas’s name I noticed it was not him. My skin turned white and my heart stopped when I saw was a coyote feasting and the leftover remains of Cherry. Cherry was a 14-year-old girl who just recently went missing and there were search parties every night examining every inch of the forest except Crooked Cave which is filled with numerous mythical creatures or at least that’s what people think. I stood there staring at her lifeless body when the coyote slowly turned its head and we both made eye contact before it leaned forward. We are only inches away from each other when I hear Atlas and Rose screaming in the distance. All of a sudden, I blacked out. I don’t fully remember what happened next but honestly, I don’t think I want to know. My eyes fluttered open realizing Atlas, Rose, and Ray peered above me. This was all going on so fast that I just wanted time to slow down. Thoughts raced through my head and I was only knocked back into reality when my face randomly was slapped by Rose. She was yelling at me about something and I didn’t understand until I looked down and my leg was glowing…I had eaten a few glow sticks when I was younger but it clearly couldn’t be that affecting me now. I looked closer and saw I was bit by something with one tooth. The same thing had occurred to the rest of them.

“WAIT WHERE’S CHERRY?!?!” I screamed. They all looked at me as if I was an idiot and to quickly explain what went on before I passed out.

“There was no one there when we found you only a wolf staring down at you” Atlas spoke.

“You are really thinking about Cherry while your leg is glowing and you have a bite mark on it?!” Ray said confused but also kind of angrily. We all looked at each other and back at Ray. We realized he only had one tooth. He was glowing with patches of fur on his arm. We screamed and ran while he grinned back at us. Every since then Rose, Atlas, and I have never seen Ray and have never turned back to that forest that forever ruined our lives. If only we were brave enough to cut down the tree that started it all.


Madeleine H.

In the quiet night

A girl walks by dancing

Trails of blood behind


Whispers follow her

The memories stay inside

Replayed on repeat


Never knowing why

Others choose this fate for her

Making her angry


A destiny forced

She will always remember

The way they died


Up on her feet

Leaving trails of blood

Forever and ever again



Secrets are kept down by the lake

The smiles down there are all fake

For just a few years ago a girl fell in

She got her foot stuck on a piece of tin

Her body is still down there

Her fate was not fair

Yes, secrets are kept down by that lake

Where all the smiles are fake

For people saw her fall

And heard her call

Yet, no one did anything

And so she drowned

Down by the lake

Where the smiles are all fake

Her family goes down there everyday

The parents tried to drink the pain away

Her brother blames himself, wishing it was him

Because she did know how to swim

But she still drowned down by the lake

Where all the smiles are fake


Ruby N, Amelia C, and Layla H

The Thirteenth Floor 

One night, about 3 years ago, I was spending the night at the hospital on the 7th floor. As I was sleeping a nurse came into my room to check my vitals. Something must have been wrong because I felt a shaking, freezing cold hand grab my arm and before I knew it, I was rushed away to the 13th floor which was the top of the building. A doctor grabbed me and whispered don’t move and don’t talk, they will hear us…..

I opened my eyes and saw 2 doctors, and we were in a closet in the back.

I went to talk but I was stopped with horrified eyes when I saw a man walking by, paused to stop at my window, and then kept walking.

“What’s going on?” I asked, but not too loudly, in case someone was listening. They told me a few weeks ago, there was a lady staying in the hospital. She was in a coma and had no chance of coming out of it, so we took her off life support. Her husband was enraged, claiming that the doctors tried to kill her.

He has a gun and has already killed 13 people.

As we hid in the closet, we heard him come back around. Dr. Jane sneezed, he opened the door, and peered in. A grin appeared on his malicious face and he aggressively led us out of the room with guns to our heads.

Once we got a better look at his face, we screamed with terror, for his face would never be erased from my memory. He gripped his gun in his hand and shot at the doctors with blood streaming down their bodies and onto the floor. Screams filled my head. He looked at me and said “Time to die,”…. I ran as fast as I could with a crazy man chasing me. I ran till I got to the police station and the man was never to be seen again. All I know is he is alive, and the most wanted man in the world.


Kaya B and Lucy L. 

The Inhabitants of the Mountains


Tina breathed heavily as she continued her long run. She had been running 100 miles in three days, and now she was passing through the Smoky mountains. The forest surrounding her was dark and eerie, and the trees seemed to pop out of nowhere and smack her in the face. She had been starting to get this uncomfortable feeling as if someone was watching her. All of a sudden, a bolt of pain struck her shoulder, and Tina fell to the ground.

She quickly got up and looked around, but she was in a small clearing and there was nothing around her. Tina scrambled out of the clearing, but the small pain in her shoulder didn’t go away. All through the forest, she felt the pain. It was as if something was pushing on her shoulder. As soon as she escaped the forest, the pain went away and she continued her run. She didn’t think of this moment any more.

Tina’s friend had been running beside her for most of the race, giving her a feeling of reassurance. She had run many long challenges like this before; it didn’t bother her to be running this much. Though, during the run in the forest, Tina’s friend had run ahead to take some photos. It made Tine feel even more uncomfortable, because something was different about this forest; the trees towered above her and casted long shadows as the evening turned to night.

The only sounds were Tina’s shallow breaths and the sound of her footsteps against the soft mud. The feeling in her shoulder returned, and she started to wonder how much left she had. A creeping sense of doom set into her consciousness just in time for her to see a rest stop before completing her final lap. Her friend was sitting at the rest stop, with a camera in hand. Tina sat down. She had a few more hours to complete the ten-mile lap to finish. Then she remembered the silence that was somehow loud, the sharp pain in her shoulder, and the eyes she felt on her that could not be blamed on anyone else.

“Smile!” her friend yelled, and Tina forced a smile on her face, “C’mon, you got this, Tina!” Tina gave her a half smile, and her friend snapped the picture.

“Can I see it?” asked Tina. Her friend took the camera and showed her the picture, and Tina gasped in surprise.

“What is it?” she asked. Tina couldn’t speak, for the picture was too surprising. There, beside Tina, was a dark outline of another human. They were covered in mud, and none of their face was visible. The person was running, shoulder to shoulder, next to Tina, and they were right next to her hurt shoulder.

“What? What is it?” her friend questioned.

“H-Huh? You don’t see it?” Tina stuttered.

“See what?” her friend answered.

“The person!” Tina screamed.

“What person?” her friend asked, “Tina, are you okay? I think you need to sit down. Here, go inside the rest stop and clean up. Come back outside when you’re feeling better.” Tina slowly nodded and went inside the rest stop. She had just closed the door, when a voice whispered to her.

“Hello, Tina,” the voice said, and Tina’s scream could be heard from miles away.

After the scream, her friend went inside to find Tina, but she was nowhere to be seen. Police officers searched the whole forest, but her body was nowhere to be found. All they could find were a few muddy footprints leading away from the rest stop.



Julius M.

In 1939 world war ll had started blood, sweat, tears, and yells engulfed. Everyone was desperate, hurt, and enraged. It felt like it would never end. 1945 the battle was fought on the battlefield, a boy was running, this boy was Jake. He was 16 years-old, he was panting because unfortunately he was in a fight in the battle and his left arm was cut off. The flesh, and blood fell and the bone stuck out. “Come on, come on almost to the camp, ughhh !” Jake shrieked. Bombs exploded, and a nuke came flying 100 mph per hour. Along with bombs, and gun shots flying. No one expected this big of a move. A man stood on the black ash battlefield ready to die. He knew that this won’t end, so he was ready to accept it.  Then Jake raged, because he hates to see people ready to die.

“No no nooo, you and I and the people fighting their butt’s off are not going to die not yet”.

“Just accept it we were meant to die anyway no matter what there will always be hate in this world” the man replied with a sad look.



I don’t talk about this very often; I don’t know if I am just scared or scared that it might happen to me or anybody else. But one day in late June I was with a couple of my friends. We were 18 at the time and got into all sorts of trouble because of all the crazy things we did. Everyone has that one paranoid kid and that so happened to be me. Cathy, Arianna, Leo, and I went to Chick-Fil-A after shopping and decided to go to a park. This park was new that we saw on our way home, but this was not the one Leo told us about. Arianna didn’t know and no one gave her directions so Cathy told her to turn to the park she saw first to save time. We got lost at some point but found a park in the forest. I was already creeped out, but I guess they weren’t because they got out of the car like nothing was wrong with the area around us. I could see that Arianna was second guessing herself about this as well. We played for 5 minutes and smelled something foul in the air.

Leo then Said. ”Eww, What’s that smell?”

We all told him that we didn’t know and could smell it too. That is when he and Cathy had the most crazy idea ever and told us to follow it. Arianna and I looked at each other, hesitantly agreeing.

We all followed it and came to an abandoned hospital. I was not going to go inside so I said let’s go back. And as I was walking back. They all stopped me, even Arianna. They said that I am always so paranoid and such a chicken. I told them I had a reason this time. But I did not have the keys and I was not going to the park by myself so I ended up going anyway. The smell grew stronger and stronger. The fights flickered until they went out. My fear grew and grew more and more. The place was a wreck and dirty and stinky. There were bugs and rats running past us and walking up the walls. Blood everywhere, even the tools. I could hear whisperings and at this point I was scared to death. This was my last straw when I saw a finger. I froze and Arianna fainted, Cathy cried softly, Leo nervously picked up Arianna.

Cathy comforted us and sai, “Let’s keep going.”

“Going?” I said in shock

“Cathy, Please!” Leo whined

Before she could say anything the doors closed. I looked ahead of us and saw a hole in the wall and saw an eye. We kept walking and that is when we saw Something written on the wall. I was horrified when it said “Don’t trust her. She lurks around this place. She never leaves. RUN! She wants to get you.” I felt tears running down my eyes and felt Cathy hug me. She said it must have been a nurse and she is probably dead now. We were dead inside the hospital.

Just where I wanted them to be. Who knew they were so gullible. Another fell for my trap again. I knew my time was up and it would be a shame to let all my hard work go to waste so i passed this onto Arianna who saw nothing.


Coral L.

The first day was always the easiest. Entering a new school meant slowly becoming aware of the small details, and with a first day, the small details didn’t really matter. The things inside the walls didn’t show themselves until later on. But she could sense movement. The movement in the walls. Quiet, silent, still movement, but still movement stirred up by her arrival. Like something was being awakened only because they found someone who was listening.

The second day, the walls had become aware of her. And now they were hiding…and watching. With yellow eyes and gray skins, not yet showing themselves in true form, but there, nonetheless. It was like a scent slowly strengthening, and now they were not only aware of the new arrival, but they were alarmed by it. It was no longer a common occurrence of a student entering a new school to them, it was a disruption of the space because the student knew too much, and they did not like that. They knew they had to do something about the disruption, so they watched.

On the third day, Chelsea had begun to see more. She expected this because it happened with every school she visited, but different every time. But seeing the things in the walls was much different than seeing something real. On the third day, Chelsea only saw them in her peripheral vision. But every single time she turned her head, every single beady eye and blurred face in the classroom was fixed on her. Angrily. And when Chelsea looked back to focus on them, they were just normal students again, heads buried in textbooks and computers. It happened like this for a while. She would see a black cat glaring at her from her peripheral vision, and it was gone by the time she turned their head. She would see a figure standing beside her with a staring, blank complexion, almost hungry, and then when she turned their head it would just be the teacher giving instructions to the class.

This got worse on the fourth day. They kept staring, except when they turned their head to look, the response was delayed. Like a glitch in the carefully set out system, suddenly they not only appeared in their peripheral vision, but the staring would continue even after. It was like they were starving, they couldn’t stop themselves from staring, and then they started to move. They started to move, the gray and yellow shapes, towards Chelsea, staring and chanting.

The fifth day was the tipping point. She had thought the gray shapes would stop after a few seconds of movement like they had as usual, but one day in Writing class, they didn’t. Chelsea turned her head like she had before, countless times, and the gray and yellow shapes were suddenly her reality. They rose from their seats and stood, towering over her as she sat, moving closer and closer and closer until she could see their shining teeth, until they were reaching out their infected hands to touch her, to grab her and infect her, and just as she started to scream and shout to get away, there would be 20 students looking in curiosity and confusion at her from their seats, the gray things gone. The teacher asked Chelsea to go to the principal’s office with a concerned glare.

There was a slight break from it on the weekend, but the sixth day continued on without hesitation. The gray shapes were following them everywhere. And they were constantly there. Always the silent, staring yellow eyes, shining like a car’s headlights, except they were gone again when Chelsea turned her head. But they would also say things. Bad things. They told her to do things she shouldn’t do. Like put her head into the hole in the old attic to see what was in there. Or to stop to stare at the rippling mirror in the bathroom. Or to press her head to the walls to hear a secret. Or to touch their fingertips to the floor to feel the constant unprovoked trembling.

By the seventh day it was irresistible. She had to do it. She couldn’t imagine what could be inside the hole in the attic, and she needed to find out or the voices would keep whispering in her ear until she went insane. The walls were so alive, flaming with movement inside the depths, the constant whispering sounding in her ear every time she got near to the wall, though they were never close enough to make out the words, and the trembling in the floors was so tempting to touch and feel and understand. They would show Chelsea the answers if she would just put her head into the hole in the wall, peer around in the darkness, and feel the coldness wrap around her. It was no longer a choice.

On the eighth day, Chelsea was crouched down by the hole. Just put your head in, they said. It will all make sense. Just a little dip in the dark waters, right? You won’t plunge in unless you get too deep, and Chelsea wasn’t going to get too deep. Just a small look and the voices would stop. So she stuck her head into the crumbling hole in the corner of the attic, darkness folding around her head like a quiet blanket. She felt air on her neck. It felt like sickness was drifting up through a draft from the bottom, but where was the bottom? It just went on and on until the bottom hit. Just so much emptiness. There was nothing in the hole. There was a beautiful type of silence in there. A silence Chelsea had never heard or felt before, and now the silence and calm was coursing through her bones and her blood and her head and now she was the silence, as she felt her skin flake away and blood drip into darkness and head plunge into the deep walls of silence. The voices were finally silent.



My shoes splashed in the oozing mud. Raindrops pelted me and my family. I was exhausted from hiking for hours, but everyone else kept chanting “let’s go a few steps more”. I had no choice but to drag myself along.

I shivered in the freezing rain, trying to convince myself I wasn’t completely terrified. Faint noises echoed behind me, and thunder roared in the distance. Legends I had heard about the forest lectured me again and again in my mind. No matter how much I tried to shake my worry, it would never go away.

The wind whistled to my left. I turned to look and saw that Laura had vanished. I swished my head around frantically, but I seemed to be the only one that had noticed. The rest of my family kept chanting “let’s go a few steps more”.

Where was Laura? I didn’t know, but I didn’t pay it much mind. She had always been my least favorite sister.

A bird flied past, grabbing my attention. I gazed at its blueish-black feathers. When I turned my head back forward, I noticed Heather was no longer there. But I didn’t pay much attention to it. Even though we were sisters, I had always hated her.

No one else noticed. They kept chanting “let’s go a few steps more”.

One by one, my sisters and brothers disappeared. Michael. Then Holly. Then Daniel. One by one by one.

But I didn’t think of it much. I had always hated all of them.

When I looked up from the ground once more, my parents were gone. There was no one left to chant “let’s go a few steps more”.

But I didn’t really care. They were the worst.

I was alone, so I did the first thing I could think of. I screamed.

I yelled into the darkness, shutting my eyes to make it feel more powerful. When I opened them about five seconds later, all I could see was black. Pitch black. Jet black.

I reached out my hands to feel where I was. Rock rubbed onto my hands. I saw a bright light ahead of me. It was followed by a person. An actual person!

He yelled when he saw me. He asked who I was, and when I told him, he screamed.


About five or six people ran. They gasped when they saw me.

Sobbing, I pleaded for them to tell me where I was.

According to a crew of coal miners, posters of me reading “MISSING!” had been plastered to every wall in the state, along with posters of my brothers and sisters and parents.

But that was 23 years ago, and my dead body had already been found in a dark forest about 15 miles away.


Abigail G.

The old wooden floorboards creak beneath my feet

On the chipped walls, crimson red blood seeps

This hospital is alive with spirits of the deceased

The soft wails far off do nothing to bring my mind to ease

Long hallways stretch into the abyss

Shadows pass by of bloody little kids

I peek into the door around the corner

A body lays open, I scream in horror

Stomach cut open and guts in knots

This wretched sight brings scary thoughts

In the trash can by the door,

Are clumps of eyes bloody and sore

Tongues lay sprawled across the floor

A severed hand at the end of the hospital bed points at me

And disturbing whispers inform me of my destiny

“Your next” they say

And that’s the last I hear before my ears lay-

on the ground


Diego L.

“Mom, he’s back!”

In the dead of night

Little Ben’s chest raised and dropped

Raised and dropped


As the seconds passed,

Little Ben’s chest raised and dropped

Raised and dropped.

He sat in his racecar bed,

Draped black in the cloak of night.

“Mom, come!”

Before it was too late,

Little Ben cried and cried for his mother


Moments before, he had awakened from another nightmare

Another dream turned to ash

With the face

Of him.

Little Ben’s chest raised and dropped

Raised and dropped

Footsteps pounded up the stairs

Thump, thump

Thump, thump

More, More,

Little Ben’s chest raised and dropped

Raised and dropped

Her hand twisted the golden doorknob

With a heavy shove, she heaved open the creaking door

Little Ben’s chest raised and dropped

Raised and dropped

“Ben, stop it.

It’s not real.

He’s not real.”

With those words between deep sighs, her face twisted,

Turned with distaste.

“Mom, come back!”

Little Ben screamed at her waning shadow,



With her leave,

Little Ben’s chest raised and dropped

Raised and dropped


Jacob B.

The man of New York now in New Mexico.

The house bought, the property sold.

Once in, the man sat.

Suddenly, TAP, TAP, TAP!

A chief of the natives walked in.

“Go,” he said with an eerie grin.

“My love was destroyed here.

If you had any sense, you would feel fear”

The man refused.

Twice more the chief arrived.

He told the man he would be wishing he had died.


That night, the man dreamed of flying out the window to the cornfield.

When he woke, his eyes revealed

he was in the cornfield.


The air was chilled.

The moon as red as if it had killed.

The stars were blinking.

The lights from his house were twinkling.

Running home, he came across a lake that wasn’t there before.

In it, what looked like an opening, circular door.

The lake flashed blue, then green, then red.

The man fell in as if going to bed.

He sunk to the bottom of a lake.

Sunk to what looked like a metal plate.


The chief found him dead.

dead in his own bed.

Throwing the body into the lake, the water set on fire.

The chief’s wife emerged from the flame with skin looking lighter.

She burst into light.

The chief took flight,

not noticing he was running through a maze of crops.

If you look at it from the top,

You would see runes etched in the corn, not known by man.

Then, the lake disappeared with a BLAM!



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.