Concrete Abstracts

Moos – Week 8


This week was met with a small challenge – I love the poem “On Kindness” by Aracelis Girmay, and I usually teach it to High School students.  In the workshop I make them list ten abstract concepts and write “On ______” poems.  Since this workshop is tried and true, I didn’t realize the challenge of it until the words “Give me some examples of abstract concepts” left my mouth to the fourth graders.  “What’s that?”  “They’re ideas!”  “Like what?” “Um, they’re nouns you can’t touch!”  The kids did pretty good despite my idiocy.  When the class was done, their teacher, kindly, said “Yeah, not really abstract thinking yet.  Pretty much just concrete.”  We changed it for the next two periods to write about emotions, which I wish I had done from the start.


Ms. Ramirez – 4th Grade

Room 214

“On Stuff You Can’t Touch”

Angel J.


On stuff you

can not touch.

It makes me

fell so sad

when I can’t

touch stuff

like a joke

like Darkness

and like family.

it is so sad

when you can’t

touch stuff it

feels like you

touch it but

you are not

touching it.

“On Inventing”

Juan E.


Inventing is cool

like building a mini insect

with a mini remote or

building a Penguin 1000 that

you can talk to it and it does

what you told it to do. My friend

and I will like to invent stuff

We love to invent cool stuff. Inventing

makes me coooooooooolllllll!

“On Darkness”

Bianca O.


Darkness is bad

darkness is black

darkness is sad

darkness is rude

darkness is in you

darkness is anger

darkness is for fools.

Ms. Morales – 6th Grade

Room 307

“On Friendship”

Taja R.


On Friendship

I had a bff but she

betrayed me because

people keep telling her that I was talking about her

but I wasn’t

and she’s mad at me and I feel very mad

because all they do is instagate to see fight and like

it’s annoying me

and it needs to stop.

“My Jealouse Pup”

Rosy M.


My pup gets jealous

when my dad hugs me

she want all the attention for no reason. When

no one pays attention to her

she gets sad and lonely. My puppy

needs love so she won’t be lonely, but

when she gets active she looks like she’s


but I still love her

even if she gets jealous of me. She gets jelous like

the actors on TV

she barks loud as a boat when no one

pays attention to her. But still I’ll love her

forever and ever.

“On Boredness”

Oscar R.


I’m stuck at home alone

wishing someone would hurry up and come. I am

walking around the house jumping and running. Finally

I hear someone coming and I wait

and watch and it’s the mailman, Steve. Now I have to wait

for hours and lonely. I’m bored

for hours and hours.


(ed. note – Oscar just got transfered into this class, and this was the first poem he ever wrote. Ever!)

Ms. Moss – 4th Grade

Room 212


“On Scared/Unexpected”

Lauryn S.

When I’m scared

it’s not good. My stomach drops…

HARD!!!! I scream very loudly.

Even unexpected things scare me. I was

walking down the hallway in my house

and my brother called me. I came and he threw

a bowl of water on me

that was very unexpected. Or, when I’m

in the shower and unexpectedly someone

flushes the toilet! It was painful

and unexpected. And when my cat fell

from a shelf yesterday

it was unexpected, but at least

it didn’t happen to me.


(ed. note – her brother is in the class, and was really proud of himself for pouring water on his sister.)

“On Hungry”



To: My Stomach


I am hungry! I want to eat

something. Some people might know that

song that goes I really wanna love somebody,

but I made my own remix that goes I really

wanna eat somebody.


Deshawn K.


My fist bold up when someone

yells in my hear. Tears start

to drop like a lion is near. My face

turn red like markers on a teddy bear.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.