More Apologies

TEAM Englewood – Week 8

More poems inspired by the Martin Espada poem I taught to the Moos students.  Once again, they were encouraged to only apologize if they meant it, otherwise say why they weren’t sorry.  And also lying is still fun in poetry!


Ms. Dube – 9th grade

5th Period



“I Apologize For Hitting You with My Car”

Elijah W.


I apologize

for hitting you with my car, but

it wasn’t my fault

you wandered into the street like

a lost dog. Not seeing you

I hit you. You flew

into the air and


the ground like a WWE wrestler

on smackdown

“I apologize for this Fake Apology”



I apologize for this fake apology

I apologize for not crying

I apologize for coming late to class

I apologize if you’re upset

I apologize if I don’t take things seriously

I apologize if I don’t show sympathy

I apologize but don’t get used to the

“I Apologize for Meeting You”

Andreonna D.


I apologize for meeting you. I apologize

for wasting my time. I apologize you were

always on my mind. I apologize because

my apology is fake

but really I apologize

for the day we crossed fate. I apologize for

you being on earth. I apologize but I take it back.

You’re so wack.

For that I apologize.

Ms. Dube – 9th grade

7th Period



“I Apologize for Coming to School Late”

Nyquan M.


I apologize for coming

to school late

every day in 8th grade

even though

I lived one block away

from the school

“I’m so very sorry for what I did to You”

Miracle A.


I’m so very sorry for what

I did to you

The lies

The seeing other people

the dates, messages, the oovoos. I’m

so sorry why won’t you

forgive me? I know I broke

your heart in a million pieces

like a mirror being thrown

on the ground. I let you

slip away like lotion on a doorknob

I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry

why won’t you talk to me? No calls

No texts no KIKs?


They say you never know what you have

until it’s gone. Now I’m asking you

to come home…I’m on my knees

begging please


you mean so much more than these

other stupid mistakes.

I love you

and I hope you love me too, but

I guess you don’t ‘cause you walking

over me with your dirty shoes. If you love me

you could come back

before I have a heart attack.

“I Apologize that my Homework is Late”

Manuel M.


I apologize that my homework is not done

but I can tell you

what happen to it. I was walking down the street and

a dog ate it. He ate it because I throw my bookbag

at him so he broke it. I was mad, so mad that

I kick the dog butt. I did it again but I have forgot it

on top of my books.

Ms. Dube – 9th grade

8th Period


“I Apologize for Cursing out my Teacher”

Zion D.


I apologize for cursing out my teacher. I

apologize for letting out all

my anger on you. If I would have just

stayed home none of this would have happened

If I would have just stayed quiet

this would not have happened.

“I Apologize that I Broke the Church Door”

Dejah K.


I apologize that I broke the church door

it was like satan on my right shoulder

shooting the bull out of the angel with

his pointy staff. As the angel

fall as she’s diving (?) my heart

beeps faster. As her eyes close,

the veins pop out my head, as her skin

turn pale, my eyes are red like a rose

but as I realize that the angel is dead

after I realize what I did

the rose turned white

for I am with sorrow.

“I Apologize for May 26, 2013”

Krisheina R.


I apologize for May 26, 2013

The first time I had ever been

disappointed in myself

the first time I felt like nothing

the first time…

I wish I could take it back

I wish I could just turn back that

little clock on the wall

I sorry that I did this to you

I sorry that I didn’t wait longer

I sorry that I disappointed you

and myself




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.