Mirror, Mirror…

Amazingly, we are halfway done with the 2nd grade residencies! The students have come very far in only five weeks, analyzing and dissecting, while also enjoying the work of some very difficult writers. This week, I brought in Sylvia Plath‘s poem, “Mirror.” After reading it, I asked students who was speaking; some recognized that it was a mirror in the first stanza, then a lake in the second, and for others who were not quite sure I reminded them that it isn’t always the poet narrating, nor is it necessarily a person. I then asked how the mirror and the lake were alike, which brought the discussion around to things that reflect. We also looked closely to find all the water-based words Plath uses, such as swallow, unmisted, tears, drowned, and fish. I asked why she used those words in both stanzas, and we decided that was one way to develop a unifying theme throughout a poem.

Last week’s prompt was to write a poem about mirrors or the idea of reflection. Here are some of the students’ responses.

Ms. Ellis
Room 221

The Clear Mirror
Henry D.

I see a mirror. I look
in it. I see my reflection.
Then I don’t see my self and
there’s a tree and I
don’t know which tree
is real.

Jamarri J.

I see a tree
it’s on me I see
it so much it is
a part of me that
is the end.

The Bird
Maria M.

I lost my bird in a room full of
mirrors. Too bad for me because all of
the other animals in there were
birds!! So I freaked out.

Me and my friend searched for
my bird we got tricked a lot
when we thought our bird was really
the mirror.

I finally caught my bird it
was tough me and my friend were
tired after we finally found
my bird.

Grace N.

I look into the mirror with
shiny gray smooth plastic it has beauty
in it.

Justin S.

When I was looking in a mirror
I saw myself in the mirror. I saw
my sister and the mirror and my

Jarvis T.

Mirrors make reflections
and the sun they shine
bright they can make
a rainbow by the rain.

Mrs. Beaudry
Room 217

Kyra C.

What do you see when
you look in the mirror?
I see me. Everything I
do the mirror copies

It is my reflection I say
to myself. If you could go in
a mirror what will you do?
I will try my best to get
out of there as fast as I could.

Brooks H.

When I look through the mirror, I see something
else. Something amazing. When I step through
my magic mirror, my room turns into a
village. It is filled with strange creatures
with amazing tattoos on their hips. Suddenly,
I morph into another strange creature of
my own.

What I See
Max K.

When I look into a mirror
I see what I never see
I see a kind, happy face with
big green eyes and blond hair like
the sun.

I see a mouth with words
that flow out like a river,
a river of emotion.

A Hall of Mirrors
Stephen L.

I am a hall of
mirrors, so big and
wide. I am lost, un-
able to get out.
I stay for days,
starving. I am

Tommy V.

I look into the

what I see
is a face a
shirt and skin

I see a
lake on it

It stands
still in my

I walk
past it

I never look
into it

I Look in a Mirror
Kayan V.

I look in a mirror and this is
what I see my
very own face
staring at me.

There is a woman behind
me I had known that face before
I knew that face.

There is a sudden stop she
runs past me
the fright chills me.

The breeze goes
through as the mirror
looks at me.

Mrs. Rupp
Room 219

Korey C.

The frog jumps in ruining its reflection.

My Reflection
Stella C.

When I look at the river I
see myself.

Could it be a second one of me
under there?

Or maybe it could be my reflection.
I put my hand through it to see
if it was a second me.

But all I felt was thin water.
I guess water reflects so that
picture of me is my reflection.

Caden L.

reflections going everywhere
bouncing off the walls

Alonzo M.

Once upon a time I
was in the bathroom
brushing my teeth. Then
I kept on seeing myself.

My mom said what are
you singing for? I said
I am not singing anything
it is my sister.

I See My Reflection
Emily P.

I look up at the moon I see
my eye my mouth my nose
the moon has beauty in it

It shines so bright I
go back home it’s almost

I look in the mirror

I wake up I go swimming
I see my reflections.

Cara R.

I can’t see my
face, but I can.
I look so

just seeing,
it’s believing.
I see.

It snips back
quick. I walk away.
A mirror comes back.
It comes again,
this time, eyes
on nose with mouth no toes.

Aiden R.

over and over.

Mrs. Stone
Room 216

Amir D.

I see my reflection where
I see my TV I see my

reflection where I see a
black screen

My Cat Lexi
London F.

When I look in a mirror
the reflection makes me
feel special it reminds
me of my old cat Lexi
and when the reflection
sparkles I feel like she’s

I Look at the River
Adriana M.

I look at
the river

But I see myself
in it

How is it
happening I ask myself

I look at the moon
and I don’t see myself

Then I like
the light


The Lake
Nicole P.

I see my face in the

It does
not look strange

It looks calm and nice.

I say to myself I have
a beautiful face.
I see
the lake nice and calm.

Diego S.

I look at a silver

It looks like a silver

I look at it. I see a
person. Then I realize it is



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.