Another Planet @ Shoesmith 5th and 6th Grade

For their eighth virtual poetry residency Shoesmith Elementary’ s 5th and 6th grade explored the possibility of creating new planets. A planet is a sphere, an object in space that orbits around the sun. Students mentioned some of their favorite planets such as Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and even poor little Pluto, that is now considered by scientists to be only a dwarf planet. Earth is the only planet that can sustain life. It contains water, air, and land, the main elements needed for its inhabitants to thrive. Due to COVID-19 most students gravitated to the idea of escaping to distant planet.

Together we read the poem “Another Planet,” by Dunya Mikhail. I her poem Mikhail uses similes and personification to describe a new planet. The weapons sleep beneath the dust/and the planes pass by without shelling the cities/and the boats look like smiles on the water. With her words Mikhail paints an image of a peaceful planet without war and violence. Although this seems ideal, she is still hesitant travel to this planet by herself. Students discussed taking their families, pets, friends, and even those in need if they had the chance to travel to Mikhail’s planet.

Inspired by Dunya Mikhail, students wrote poems creating their own unique planets. Please enjoyed these published planets.


Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 1


My Planet
By Amina K.

My planet.
Where the silence is loud and the animals are not very rough.
People are are chill and there is no violence.
Flags gracefully dancing.
Skateboards roaring as people ride by.
No one judging you for what you like.
Everyone being supportive, no anger just happiness.
Animals peacefully resting.
Trees dancing as the wind flies by.


Planet Kayayday
Brooklyn M.

The moon will be big, cold and bold.
And the holes will be filled with marshmallows
bouncy and tasty.
The sky will be minty just like gum.
When you are flying you can pick
the stars like apples.
When you leave the planet Kayayday
the human-like sky will say goodbye
and the world will blow like
the sky’s breath.


Planet Dream
By Mariah O. 

The sky shines and sparkles day and night
Where the trees explode with imagination.
Where my planet is, it’s fun and filled with imagination.
My planet makes everyone dream.
Where you see the stars, that lifts your soul.
Where all the imagination begins!



Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 2


Dalana’s Planet
By Dalana G.

I have 300 tickets to a my new planet
A nice place without violence
And no mean people
Not warm or cold it is just right
Police are super good
School is really really fun
There would be peace on the water spreading positivity
And all of the things that are happening have a reason


Miracle’s Planet
By Miracle M.

In Miracle’s planet worry about being sad or harassed or judged disrespectfully
because that would not exist.
In Miracle’s planet there is no colorism or racist or colorist people, they are banned.
In Miracle’s planet if it rains there will always be rainbows..
In Miracle’s planet there are no homeless people or people being hungry
because you will get food every time you ask for it.
In Miracle’s planet everyone is happy and there is no evilness.
In Miracle’s planet candy does not affect u.
In Miracle’s planet some days gonna be snowing chocolate chip
cookies from Pillsbury and Subway.


Fnaf World
By Larry W.

On Fnaf World there are things you need to know .
That you can see Mars and the nice stars.
But there is a lot of pizza here and foxy robotic dinosaurs
that sing that if you want to be a pirate, but first you have to
lose an eye and arm.
So if you stand there for too long looking
in to there eyes you will get eating.



Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 1


By Laylaa M.

My planet is warm like July
My planet is like mercury
My planet is like a shooting star glowing
my planet sleeps like a baby
My planet is as mad as a dinosaur
My planet is a round bell
My planet has talking animals
My planet eats the moon rocks


By Dalylah O.

My planet is blue as the sky
My planet is shiny as mental
My planet is green as grass
My planet is bouncy as a bouncy house
On my planet there are built-in smoke machines
On my planet there is a half party side and a soundproof quiet side
On my planet there are sleep paralysis but ones that make you have good dreams
On my planet there are real-life Minecraft and Fornite worlds


By Shamari P.

My planet is animal waiting to be freed
My planet is a lion waiting to become king
My planet people came here to live and
Have fun with on another

My planet don’t believe in mistakes
My planet is not like others the planet animals
Have power and a voice here in fact they
Own the planet

My planet have hope that man kind
Give one another the same respect that
we do to each other
My planet doesn’t use violence
We use our words

Come join a planet were everyone has a say



Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 2


Xavier’s Planet
By Xavier H.S.

My planet shines like a emerald
My planet is so sparkly and shiny
My planet shines like the sun

My planet is as happy as grass every time it gets watered
My planet sings every time I water it
My planet smiles every time I water it

My planet is as huge as Saturn
My planet is as GIANT as the moon

My planet smiles at me every time I wake up.
It fills me with happiness when I wake
It feels like smelling fresh green plants.

My planet dances every night
My planet throws parties every Friday
My planet’s parties usually lasts around 6 hours.


London’s Planet
By London R.

Hi, welcome to London’s planet
My planet can be
as cold as dry ice

Or my planet can be
As hot as the desert
OHH! My planet has another weather

My planet can be as cool
As drinking cold water
On a really hot day

Sometimes my planet
Can even be as shiny as
the diamonds people find

On my planet
The weather jumps
Around and about

On my planet
Every single tree
Sings to everyone

On my planet
The food in my stomach..
Leaps for joy!

On my planet
The water farts
On everyone!

See, now isn’t my planet kool?
Yes cool with a K
Your welcome to come

Oh here’s someone new
Time to start again
Hi, welcome to London’s planet


My Peaceful and Harmless Planet
By Kaleigh R.

My planet is as smooth as skin
My planet is as warm as water
My planet is as cold hearted as a human
My planet is like a bright Diamond
My planet is like the best life you could live
My planet has Holy animals
On my planet worships The Lord
On my planet we accept Jesus as our Lord and savior
On my planet our Father is God
On my planet we sing Joy
On my planet the animals do not bite
On my planet we fly



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.