A Ticket To Another Planet

For their eighth virtual poetry lesson Dubois students explored other planets. A planet is a sphere, an object in space that orbits around the sun. Students mentioned all the planets in order Earth, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Neptune and even poor little Pluto, that is now considered by scientists to be just a dwarf planet. Earth is the only planet that can sustain life. It contains water, air, and land, the main elements needed for its inhabitants to thrive. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic  most students gravitated to the idea of escaping to distant planet.

Together we read the poem “Another Planet,” by Dunya Mikhail. In her poem Mikhail uses similes and personification to describe a new planet. The weapons sleep beneath the dust/and the planes pass by without shelling the cities/and the boats look like smiles on the water. With her words Mikhail paints an image of a peaceful planet without war and violence. Although this seems ideal, she is still hesitant travel to this planet by herself. Students discussed how they wish they could travel to a planet without viruses, racism, and police brutality.

Inspired by Dunya Mikhail, students wrote poems creating their own unique planets. Please enjoy these published poems.




Ms. Dydo
8th Grade



By Kiazia L.

The offshore is a home we all wish for
Its beautiful like a bouquet of flowers
Its safe and trusting like a family
You always free to be you
No matter the race, gender, or shape
There’s no weapons are at rest
The beautiful bells sing all day long
Even the animal smile joyfully
School is 5 ½ hours a day
Children are happy and full of love
Bullying is not allowed 100%
On the offshore everyone is equal
Everyone is family and everyone’s friends
Offshore give people a sense of hope, family

And it does everyone good justice
Come to the offshore you won’t be disappointed


Cloud City
By Elijah R.

I want to break free from the earth’s bonds
And leave, all the noise behind me like a bad habit And soar above the clouds

and stars to my very own planet Made of soft fluffy clouds
And soft quiet ominous sounds
A place I visit any day I would like
where I can bounce on the happy clouds all day and night.
With happy and carefree smile on my face
For when I can’t handle everything on earth this my place And where I can count

the sheep until me and the cloud fall asleep And it flies me back home so I can repeat


The New Planet
By Nyiesha

 The new planet has a lot of new things and New laws like there’s this law
That guns not allowed on this planet
There’s this thing when its only 2 days of the week day And 5 days of the weekend
And when you get older to the age of 5 you get To pick your own name for yourself
In this planet there’s no such thing as covid-19 There’s no such thing as test and quiz
When you come to the new planet
There’s no racism it’s gonna be all love
And people would not worry about the color you are In this planet they allow
LGBTQ no matter what
And every month we celebrate BLM



Ms. Dydo
7th Grade 



By Kaliah B.

I drift off away to my very own fantasy
But only I don’t wake up in my bed
I wake up to a world full of tomorrow
Where I am there isn’t sorrow
Nature welcomes me
Cups full of tea
No nominees
Eyes full of merry and foresighted people
Elves, fairies, mermaids, unicorns aren’t fictional nor evil
Small people, Tall people, Giants
No riots only guidance
One and all get equality
No leaders
No kings
No queens
The air smells so clear and optimistic
Trees are as big as Jack in the beanstalk
No time No clock
I eat so many tacos
I drift off back to bed
Can’t wait for tomorrow to be my land again.


The Unwanted Devils Planet
By Shiala M.

Life’s just fine in the unwanted
Its where no one can find or catch us now

There’s no time to cry nor die
And the streets are as quiet as a mouse.
We’re all dead in this devil town
So things are fine ‘cause nothings is gonna scare us now
Devils planet is colder in the summertime

And thunder dances across the sky
And On summer nights the stars fall a little slowerI don’t know if I can catch them in time to sew words Delicately to my small
little hands to ask me “Was it worth it?”Lately, things haven’t been the best for us here
People may think it’s all in our head
But everyday we are thinking of ways For someone to come
And take us away

My emotions here roll over like the head rest
On the plane I connected under the sunsets
Start a rhyme for the time I got nothing left
Moms screaming, time’s beaming, gotta make the best


Is more than mere disturbances
Helps you learn to yearn for life
To be respectful and sail the ship

Expect for less
for when you try to do your best
So much grieving, for what we’ve done, yeah, it for sure keeps us stressed.

War crimes, space time, with a mix of bad lies
Even when we try to have a good time

We think “don’t forget to be yourself” and maybe we’ll be just fine.

(This poem is about a planet or a world where people who have done bad things such as crimes, removal of lives, and more in their life. They have to live and suffer here. There is no way they can be forgiven and now they have to live on this planet for the rest of their life.)




Ms. Dydo
6th Grade 



Another Planet
By Trenya

This planet is beautiful
The planet is peaceful and big
The planet as bright as the sunshine
Its colorful
The planet is as wavy as the ocean
Its stronger than the creatures
My planet is nice like nature


By Aalyiha C.

Perfecto is perfect! Everything is Nice and neat. If anything gets messed up or goes missing it magically goes back to where it was. The temperature in perfecto is warm and nice for a good swim. The smell of perfecto smells like cupcakes. Perfecto is the perfect planet to live on and go for a swim and have a blast! You can also get whatever you wish for!

All animals are friendly and colorful! We don’t eat them here!

We have vegetables that look and taste exactly like whatever you want it to so you can stay healthy here. The cars are also magical here. The cars can fly and drive by themselves, they can pretty much do whatever you want them to do.

No More having to wake up early! No school! No jobs! No nothing! You can enjoy
life here. You don’t have to work for money here!

To get money all you have to do is wish for it and it will come. Anyways I’m pretty sure you want to live here you will have the best time of your life! Enjoy!


Sunny May
Kimora L.

There’s a special place
Sunny May where all your heads may lay.
Sunny May, the planet is sunnier than you think
The sun will make you wink
Oh Sunny May
The clouds will never get in the way
The planet can take you away
Makes you feel relaxed and calm
Happier than Tom.
Sunny May
We’re in April, but it takes us to may.
The beds are comfortable and soft.
No food, all candy.
This planet can be in handy.
Sunny May Even though we’re in April it takes you to May.


By Trinity M.

Destiny is your destiny
Destiny is so dark
it’s invisible
Its like your own home
Its like your sitting on your own throne
Vibes and peace
Final peace
Your own space
dark like space
shine bright like stars
a peaceful place.



Ms. Dydo
5th Grade 



Anyone is welcome
By Luis G.

The people there are as nice as cotton candy but some are as mean as fire

The grass is as green as a green alien but dark as a blackhole when it rains

he people there are as clever as a fox
The trees are a shiny mirror but they are as beautiful as glowing diamonds

The trees sing with there glowing diamonds
The grass talks and walks as we speak


By Carissa L.

On this planet we drink tea and make believe
Before I talked to toys, but now toys can talk to me
The things we see on this planet is cooler then
A superhero beam not to hot ,but cold enough for me
I used to believe that all tv shows were fake but
My thinking was not very straight on this planet anything

Be awake


By: Ema R.

Xena is a planet, far in the galaxy
The houses in Xena sing to sleep
It’s perfect, like a fantasy
Xena is as beautiful as the world
To be there, it has to be earned
People would kill to be transferred
Xena is as powerful as a Quasar
It’s as scary as an exploding star
It would be very bizarre
The animals talk to their owners
The people are crunchy like peanut butter
Once you get to know them,
They’ll become butter!
Xena’s moon watches over
The living creatures of Xena
I already have a chauffeur
Don’t you know me? I’m the owner!

– Sincerely the owner of Xena, Ema ♥





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.