Last Day Poetry Slam!

For the last day of their poetry residency, Haugan 8th graders celebrated with a poetry slam! Students chose one of their best lines and stanzas from the virtual residency and collaborated on a class poem! We set the poem to music, bongo drum beats, to make us feel as if we were at a live poetry reading at a café. It had been my pleasure to have taught poetry at Haugan these past twenty weeks. I wish my awesome eighth grade poets all the best on their journey to high school.



Ms. Thomas 8th Grade
Group 1


You wanna know what turtles have that we don’t….is time!

The Opposites that have more than just of doing stuff really right.
And getting into the meanings of being just your own self of doing what’s best for you.

2day life is a disaster
But time won’t move faster
Home feels like prison
But no one would listen
Clearly we can die here
Can’t believe it’s been a year

Today and tomorrow is never promised
A day is just a day to admire
Beyond and above I will try my hardest
Capturing every human mistake
Betraying any negative comment of myself

Tomorrow may not be peaceful. It may be painful.
The sky may look like a knife.
Having no peaceful night

A poem is as frustrating as learning a new language,
or taking a math test but timed

Cope with each other we can’t rush
But learn how to live or be turned into dust
I hope you know what came here
Living won’t be easy but dying won’t be either

Tomorrow there will be more disasters
Tomorrow is not what you think society will fall apart,
the world is coming to an end, don’t think it’s too soon.

Today the sun was able to rise the most beautiful to watch were
the skies but somewhere in the world are full of cries

Today is not so great
The day cloudy as it can get
Trying to catch a break
But what you want you forget

2day is a world of hate
People run from there fate
Frightening reality 2 be faced
People are being judged by their race

And when the night comes
You cannot call it a “Good Night”
When it’s the worst night you’ve ever had
A night knowing those you love will sleep forever
With no tomorrow

A poem is enjoyable like sweet candy .

Poetry doesn’t have to be perfect; Poetry is just a way to express
your feelings or emotions in a different way.

Wished they could last forever, an addiction to each other, with equal parts
pleasure and pain… but fate got in their way .

Hearing a wonderful melody playing a wonderful song

2morrow life will go faster
Without a disaster
People would be dreaming without screaming
There will be no hate but fate
Life will be easier with a little bit breezier

Para toda la historia del dolor
Una puerta vacía y una hoja de arce
Por amor
Las hierbas inclinadas y dos luces sobre el mar –

le gusta trabajar.
le gusta jugar fotbol.
le guasta jugar fre fire
le gusta preparar comida.

a king of da introvert

A poem is as electrifying as a hair dryer thrown into a hot tub



Ms. Thomas 8th Grade
Group 2


A poem is a lesson for life,
Once you learn your lesson you will never forget it
Because you might not want to experience it again

Natalie: In her deep dark brown eyes lay my mothers childhood memories
that only she can look back and live in one more time.
In her hands were all the details that stood for the chances and time spent
just to wait for her children to succeed longer than she could.

I have hope for a better world,
A world where you don’t upset her…
A world with love…

Where everyone feels loved,
It’s never going to be a Utopia
But we can hope for a better world.

No you’re the thing that makes me move.
know that I love you no matter what you are.
I know that only time can tell if we spread apart.
know that I would throw my life on the line for yours.

If everyone tries
Fails, and keep going
The world would be nothing
But a plant that keeps growing

So today the days are full of betrays
Everybody dying and world chaos
This disease is not good for anyone
Even in your knees the disease can get in you
But hopefully later on the earth can be more better

Open the chat, change your image, chin up
You have to look presentable
When night falls the feeling comes back find it… or don’t

A poem is like a story
A poem is as interesting as a complex universe
A poem is as loud as words screaming out
A poem is as special as a diamond
A poem is like a treasure worth millions

Today temptation is knocking at my door
I know the day will come
It’ll smile and gladly hand me the sound
so until it arrives I must not succumb

The dinner Awaiting down the hall
people Buzzing with Anticipation -Hunger..
Longing and Desiring for the Old Ways..
the ways in which we Sleep as we’re taken care of..
but as we eat, the Battery Starts to Drain..
Fulfilling our Desire-

Letting yourself resurrect..
Letting yourself live again
Is something that even a bargain with the devil himself can’t compare to.

If one of yourself died, would the other be able to live?
Do you believe in my deadly resurrection?

Tomorrow I will restore my fate
when this world will not discriminate
tomorrow all races will be equal
Because this world will no longer be evil.

Grandpa looks out the window,
He looks outside with disgust
People clutching their bags closer to their chests,
Faces painted with distrust.

Finally it’s time to go
heading home towards the lights
Friends coming along
Making sure you’re alright

Why do you guys hate me
What did I do
Is it that I was right
Why do I keep on hearing bleeps coming at me
Why do you guys call me bad if I’m in second place
At least I’m not in last

What’s there planned for me Tomorrow
Is it anything different from today
Will it be just as boring as the day before
Or will it bring something different to portray

He has a secret power
He does not cower
He fights to the very end
But he can be a good friend
To support his anyone

Her eyes shined
The shine was something nobody had seen
It was blinding
And her skin was golden
You would receive such a warm feeling
She smiles preciously at us
Her name was SUN

Any worries, “worthless” they are,..
Art doesn’t need to be organized,… it doesn’t have to be clean
It just has to make you fresh,.. Make you feel “Alive”, like if you could “Fly”




Ms. Thomas 8th Grade
Group 3



Tomorrow will be a new day
We will dance and play
Who they say

Michael: We will change
We will make the other people change
Changing the range

Every tear we shed will dry
The People we love will die
Every flower we’ll decay
And that’s the beauty of nature
Or so they say

Blood and gore with a hint of religion
Demons, vampires, werewolves, etc…

Including the end of the world and the apocalypse
and cant forget time travel

Where’s Superman to save the day
People still die every day

Los poemas
pueden ser la puerta hacia el amor

The Dumb, Why does common sense not existing in your world
The Dumb, What Is going on in your brain
The Dumb, Where Has Your brain gone?
The Dumb, How Did you become so stupid

Why does the sun comes up and then go?
Why does the night come and go ?
Why does the summer leave ?
Why do it snows ?

The real world…unfolding
Learning how powerful my words can be…

Why do people hate?
Is hate lovable?
How much hate can one show?
Has someone never felt hate?
Is hate something we can all take?
Is hate pain?

Can we turn back time to
the good old days when we
Weren’t stressed out?

Right now I’m filled with anger because of so much hate
Thinking good about everyone while everybody is just fake.

A hero
An inspiration
A person I look up to
No super human abilities
Not famous or noticed

At the age of 9
We started to get judged
Life started to change
Life started to get a little boring
Life starts to get challenging

Cathay… Yes, That’s me
A Queen of France.. And lover of cats
My house is like Heaven of cats..

For there lives are such
Strange & Wonderful That
Not a trinket its a savor and treasure.

A voice that can inspire, encourage you by finding that voice to speak up
Not with the silence but with the sound of your voice….

2morrow there is change like
yesterday was strange

Will Spider-Man be able to
Save the world when needed?

Being a Hero does not require money

The cabinets are no fun.
But it’s where an object like me belongs.
Old, new or antique.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.