Defeating Writer’s Block @ Shoesmith 5th & 6th Grade

For their sixteenth virtual lesson Shoesmith 5th and 6th graders explored the meaning of writer’s block. Writer’s block occurs when a writer feels stuck, overwhelmed, and has trouble writing anything new. Students were asked “What ways can you overcome writer’s block?” The responses were amazing: taking a break, meditation, going for a walk, listening to music, drawing, reading stories from a favorite author.

Together we read the poem “Writer’s Block,” by Edward James. James uses repetition and rhyme to describe his own moment of writer’s block. Soon ideas I begin to see/ Like ships setting out to sea/ And as my pen moves they flow, flow/ Flow graciously out of me ./ But today is not the same / Ideas are stuck in my brain/ As I sit and think, think/ Think of something lame. James’s poem shows how there are good days and bad days when it comes to writing. Sometimes you must search for ways to become inspired.

This week students pushed through their writers’ block by revising old poems and freewriting to create new ones. Please enjoy these published poems



Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 1



How Mermaids Were Made
By Ryan B.

Sasha, Lexi and Alexa were in the science lab working on a project. They tipped some chemicals on themselves. So, they went home and took a looong shower to get it out. They went to sleep thinking nothing of it. The next morning they all went to wash their faces and as soon as 3 secs of touching the water they all fell. *Big thud* they all grew red scaly slimy wet tails. They were in a rush; they had their finals that day. *Dramatic music* they were so worried then realized mermaids without water aren’t mermaids. So, they dried off.  They kept it a secret. They could not try out for the swim team but they went on crazy adventures. Like one time fishermen were snatching the turtles so Alexa was swimming and they caught her on accident. She had to cut it, but she could not, so they discovered and now their are more mermaids


Writer’s Block
By Ayden H.

I lay out the paper
I pick up my pen
I rattle my head again and again
Yet nothing emerges, I draw a blank
Just like this paper, all but blank
This mind far from empty, my thoughts race
Yet I can’t get them down, can’t find a pace
This mind of mine, so sporadically poetic
This mind of mine, equally pathetic because of writer’s block.


Dogs Playing Poker
By Brooklyn M.

 The dogs are playing poker just as if they were human. Yes, it does look pretty weird and horrific but yet at the same time it is funny. When you look into the picture more it gets even weirder but even funnier that’s what I like about the hard work. The dogs look like they were very focused and looked like they were trained at all but at the same time there are no owners inside and it is just them at the table.


Wash Day
By Marysol T.

A hot sunny day

They are having a laundry day.

The shades of the sky .

They are working together.

Beautiful houses.

The shades of the sky

As they all work together

To get the job done

Mothers are cleaning.

Fathers are collecting wood.

There all working together.

To get the job done

Once it’s done

They can all rest



Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 2



I Finished my Day
By Kevin O.

I finished my day as a superhero.

I finished my day as a snowman.

I finished my day as a rapper.

I finished my day as a movie star.


The Mona-Lisa Comparison
By Zachery S.

Mona Lisa was looking straight into the sun.

Her chair is as hard as math.

Mona Lisa Is Like A Work Of Literature!

The sun she’s looking at, must hurt her eyes.

Lisa is as still as my counter.

Mona Lisa’s hair is as wavy as the ocean!

Her nose is as long as my curtain.

Her background is as modern as day.

Her hands are as long than a 50-inch tv.


Writer’s Block
By Amaya V.

Writer’s block is not a bad thing.

It’s something most people have when writing a book.

It’s not bad, it’s just that your brain is taking break.

because the overload it deals with when u write.

When I have writer’s block it takes up to 2 to 3 days

with writer’s block.

It would come back to me in the moment.

when I am calm or outside.


How ssj9k was made
By Larry W. 

So as soon as ssj9k was born

He was a nappy head child,

he grew up in abandoned house,

and then he made his own rap career

He had two brothers and when he found them

One of their names were Frko and they rapped

against people.



Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade 
Group 1



Patrick the Mouse’s Lament
By Zayla P.

I have had enough of hiding in hole,
behind this old clock, waiting for the family
to go to sleep so I can get my cheese.
I want to run free,
out of the couches into the sofas
eating my lovely cheese.
I want to keep my family safe,
teach them that not every cheese is clean.
I want to be friends with the other animals,
like the parrot and the dog.
I want to stop playing hide & go seek
with the dog because it got
kinda boring.


The Kraken, Norway 1180, A Retold Legend
By Elliot S.

Here he comes
the great King Sverre of Norway
he comes with a prophecy of a beast
a beast that is a planet in the ocean

It’s the Kraken he calls it!
the what? ask the guards and villagers
the Kraken he says!
a monster that every ship will run from!

Head in the mountains
before it can reach and eat!
take our animals and food!
before on them it can creep!

So we release the horses
store the food
from cheese to peas
get the wagons, and get away from the Kraken


While Playing Basketball
By Jakar T.

While playing basketball
In the rain
I slipped and tripped
and I was in so much pain

My teammates helped me up
I was acting like it didn’t hurt
knowing inside it was killing me
I felt gooey like yogurt.

I was in pain still playing the game
It was funny all jokes
I will never play basketball in the rain again
But no pain no gain



Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade 
Group 2


I’m Just A Man
Alyce J.

I’m just a man
Walking around in my blue suit
I’m just a man
I think I will dine in and tell the waiter a party for two but it’s just me in my blue suit
I’m just a man
Look across the room and see the couple looking at me and
I tell them they wouldn’t understand because
I’m just a man
Sitting by myself all alone
I’m just a man with a hat alone


I Wish
Nigel M.

I wish we talked more
I wish I knew where you were
I wish I could pick up the phone
And hear your voice

I wish you would come over again and not just on dad’s birthday
I was very sad when you were gonna come over but I had to go back home
If only I could have stayed longer if only the trip was another time
I am very sad while writing this poem because I want to see that brother of mine

Next time I come over I’ll be looking forward to seeing you again
Good bye for now CJ our brotherly love will never end

I’m trying to finish a poem
By Timothy M.

I’m trying to finish a poem
But I have writer’s block
I don’t know what to do
I feel like I’m getting SHOCKED

I’m trying to finish a poem
But I KNOW I have writer’s block
I swear I’d rather do anything
Even eat a box of rocks

I have to finish this poem
Will my writer’s block ever end?
I really want this writer’s block to end
All I have to do is sit back and pretend



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.