5th grade Poems Inspired by Luis Tubens

For our 8th remote poetry lesson, 5th graders at Avondale-Logandale took inspiration from the poem “Bidentity,” by Luis Tubens, in which the poet expresses his identification with both Puerto Rico and Chicago.  We learned that “La sangre llame” means “your bloodline is calling,” and viewed a video of the poet performing his powerful piece.  We discussed the poem and contemplated our own unique identities before writing letter-poems for Luis Tubens, aka Logan Lu. Luis Tubens is Poet-in-Residence for 7th graders, and was an Avondale-Logandale student when he was a youngster! You can learn more about him by clicking here.

Mrs. Pannell
5th Grade – Room 204

Andrivel Q.

Dear Logan Lu

You inspired me
Now, I’ll tell you something about me:
I have 2 guinea pigs and 3 parakeets and lots of fish
I’m American and Ecuadorian
I love my family
And I’m bilingual:  I talk in Spanish and English
That’s all I’ll say and thank you for inspiring me.


My identity
By Angelina A.

Dear Logan Lu

Let me tell you something about my identity
I am from Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Chicago
I am 10 years old and live with my enormous/dramatic family
Some foods that I enjoy eating are tamales, tacos, pizza, and chocolate
Sometimes my family calls me “Gina” because some can’t pronounce my name
Some of my heritages are Puerto Rican, Mexican, and American
Some languages I speak are French, Greek, Spanish, English, Sign language,
I am practicing speaking French and Greek

This is only some of my identity
there is more yet to come.


Mitzielys T.
Dear Logan lu

Your poem touched me
Why did you write that?

Let me tell you a little about my identity
Like you, I am from Puerto Rico from the town of Mameyes
I love Mofongo and Arroz Rojo
I am a Puerto Rican from blood
Last year I went to Puerto Rico to visit and kinda forgot fluid Spanish
It was a little hard to get it back
Nobody calls me


My Identity
Nialaney G.

Dear Luis Tubens
When I read your poem it really spoke to me. It reminded me of how I have always wanted to see what Puerto Rico looked like. How my grandma used to grow up there, and how she would tell me about her mother and father.
Sadly, one of my cousins passed away in Puerto Rico. But your poem was very inspiring and powerful to me.

Some things we have alike is that we are both Puerto Rican and we are both poets.

Something about my identity is: I like to dance.One of my favorite dishes my grandma makes me once in while is arroz con salchicha. One of my nicknames is Poochie.

5th Grade – Room 206

Sophia B.

Dear Logan Lu,
The word “Bidentity” gave me life!
This word explains everything about me as a person.
It gets me deep into history.

I also have a “Bidentity.”
My mother’s smile explains the deep green grass.
My father’s glasses tell the Tall green trees.
My mother’s blonde hair looks like the sun.
My father’s gray hair reminds me of the moon.
“Is it ok to be “Bidentity”? You may ask.
Yes, it’s ok to be who you are.
Sometimes I ask myself “Is it ok to be from Chicago”? “Should I not be Cuban?”

Deep down in my Heart, I’m proud to be “Bidentity.”
I’m proud to have a green side of me.
I’m proud to have a building side of me.
I’m proud to see the blue ocean.
I’m proud to see the black dark sky.
I’m proud to live both ways!
I’m proud….to be “Bidentity.”


Jocyana C.
Dear Luis Tubens

I really like “Bidentity”
It really spoke to me
I really don’t know Spanish but your words made me understand them!
I too have a Bidentity

I speak English, my parents know English and Spanish
I am also Hispanic
My parents call me “chicken tender” and “Jocy”
I am from Chicago

I love rice with beans
Pizza and cheeseburgers
Hot dogs and tacos
All these things make, well….


Identity: but with a twist
Michael N.

Dear Logan Lu
Your poem about bidentity was great and showed us what your Identity was and your identity was cool.

My identity is that I’m sort of 日本人 (Japanese) and I am English





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.