Where to Find a Poem

Swift Elementary School 2nd graders believe that poems can be found nearly everywhere! After we read “Finding a Poem” by Karla Kuskin, students brainstormed places where poems are found and wrote their own poems.

Ms. Amato
2nd Grade

Where I found my poem
Annessa R.

I found a poem in the bottom of the sea
I found a poem jumping on the moon in outer space
I found a poem flying in the air and above the clouds
I found a poem in a river with lots of fish
I found a poem riding on fields with my horse
I found a poem while walking in the woods collecting berries
I found a poem in a castle while eating a big feast
I found a poem while farming in a big field
I found a poem while swinging on trees in the jungle
I found a poem while walking in a flower fields picking up flowers


My Morning Routine
Londyn W.

I found a poem when I got out of bed
I wait for the water to run and I get in the tub
I found a poem when I got dressed
And then I pack my stuff
And go to school


Where Do You Find A Poem?
Arya C.

I found a poem in the forest
From looking at the coy fish
Sparkling in the water like freshly cleaned dishes
From looking at butterflies in the sky
Looking like they’d want to say “Hi!”
From looking at hedgehogs so prickly
But they are also tickly
From looking at rabbits
Watching their habits


In the Store

I found a poem
I found a lot of stuff
I can find toys and clothes in the store
I can find my Squishier and a Wacky Track
And I could also find car toys.


Aayush Da cool  (actually Aayush P.)

I found a poem
I found a poem when I looked into the flowers
I found a poem when seeing all the moving vehicles
I found a poem when seeing the sun rise
I found a poem when hearing sounds of birds and trees waving at me
I found a poem when imagining inside my head of living trees and leaves


I See a Poem

I see a poem in my eyes
Which travels to my mind
And gets written into lines

I get surprised when I see the imagination in me

Unlock a door
to something you’ve never seen before
(to be continued….)


Toni S.

I found a poem in my pj’s.
I found a poem in my bed.
I found a poem in my sleep.
I found a poem when I woke up.
I found a poem in my head all night and day.
I found a poem in my heart.
I found a poem all the time, everywhere.


Ms. Popovic
2nd Grade


Duro D.

I  found a poem in  school
The kids are going to recess and we are going  to play a game.
The kids are going to do  math.
Time, money, addition, subtraction.
and  specials make me feel good.
In the end we all go home.


in the park.
Lisa B.

I found a poem in the park

Squirrels running around
Fast and funny with their tails.
Looking for some nuts under the tree.
Bees are buzzing and children are screaming!
Bunnies hiding in the bush.
Ants are crawling back home
Taking bread crumbs with them.
Sitting on a bench and resting.
I am enjoying the sunny day.


Christmas Time
Mayank B.

we give Santa some cookies and milk and eat
And we get some gifts.  We eat chocolate for Christmas
I found a poem on a Christmas tree
Decoration is all around
Cute and cool and so bright
Lights are coloring my living room.
Beach time I find a Poem at the sand
I eat Ice cream with my friend
my friend came to the beach to play with me
We swim to together at the beach.


I saw a poem in the milk
Sijan A.

I saw a poem in my milk
The milk was white 
and hot
I took the poem
Out of the milk
I saw it was blank
So I decided to
Write a poem
And also it was
A Finding
  I was
Done with
The poem
So I decided
To bring the
Poem to
The poetry
She said
It was
I was
I had
A good


Sanvi D.

I found a poem in spring time.
When beautiful flowers grow.
My favorite one is a tulip and
The tulip and the roses are
Skinny, bright, and colorful.
I see the flowers on
The garden.
The rose and the tulip
Makes me feel excited and
Butterfly comes on top of

Also the best thing about spring is
That butterflies come out and all
Plants start to grow.
Spring is my favorite season

That’s all I like
About Spring!!!!!


I found an orange in my poem.
Samidha. D

Round and soft, fresh and juicy
Sweet smell of summer
Not sour as you think
Reminds me of orange cake
Making me twirl around
Sugery,Yummy, Great
a garden of oranges


Krish G.

I found a poem in the deep blue ocean
Look at the dangerous white foamy waves!
They are so beautiful and scary
Splashing on the dusty sand.
A big whale swims around its prey.
Sea animals are so cool when
Moving so fast from each other.
Blowholes pushing water so high.
A starfish hides from its predator
A shark comes closer
Terrified fish tries to escape.
Everyone is hungry!
It is getting colder.
I saw a fish
Playing with a rock
It’s so beautiful!
I see a person
Cooking kebabs
I see a lot
Of sea animals
They are so cool
Don’t go deep inside
There might be some
Hungry sharks!
Look at the Starfish!
It is so cool!
It’s like a real star
Why would a starfish 
Hide from a shark?
It’s hungry!
Hide next to the surface.
But don’t go high!
They might cook you!
They can be hungry!
Be safe out there!
Bye Bye 🙂





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.