4th grade Winter Impressions❄️

Before reading and discussing “winter poem” by Nikki Giovanni, I asked Shoesmith 4th graders to share their winter season likes and dislikes.  When I asked how winter during this pandemic is different from previous winters, students shared that they missed seeing the festive winter decorations in their school and classrooms, attending holiday assemblies, and drinking hot chocolate with their classmates.  When we turned to writing our own winter poems, students were encouraged to join wintry things with features from other poetry lessons such as sounds and comparisons; or patterns, or even the blues. Many students enjoyed the lowercase letters that Nikki Giovanni employed in her poem, and opted to use some in their poems as well.

Ms. Lehner
4th Grade – Room 207

My snowman in the snow
Dion T.

Look at my snowman.
I made him out of the snow
And now, I can see him
out my window.

I gave him a tall hat
Up on top.
But it got super cold.
I had to stop.


Sanaa F.

Wintertime is a Synonym for fun.
An adult is an Antonym for the young.
Usually, an adult is forcing snow pants on the young for school.
But not this year,
This year is actually gonna be fun.
Sitting on your couch
In live class. Teachers going blah blah blah. While you’re wondering what to do next.
Do you build a snowman? Or have snowball fight?
Maybe you should sneak out while it’s deep into the night.
Looks like all of the children have the same idea.
As it’s the night
The children of Chicago are gone.
Playing, having fun, or maybe singing a song.
Everyone is having fun until someone comes out.
Look! It’s an adult. Scream and shout!


The frosty winter
Thaddeus H.

Skating on freezing ice.
snowflakes falling
making piles of snow.
Snowmen are smiling while the sky is white.
Crunches in the snow.
Soft foot prints in snow. Snowflakes in your hair.


the winter theme
Zinata N.

one day i saw snow fall
i was all happy
i could not wait to go play in the snow
when i finally got there it was like heaven
beautiful snow falling from the blue sky
snow on the trees
me in my backyard
me at the park
snowing and snowing and snowing
snow ball fight and then i just stayed there
right in the same spot
closed my eyes and let the snow fall on me
just like the tree


4th Grade – Room 208

The snowy wonderland
Anabela C.

The snow is falling down making big big piles of snow,
The snow is going to start to grow
We all see the beautiful snow, as it can glow
Walking in the snow is rather slow
As the snow whooshes through the wind it can blow
There’s a lot of snow looking like its in a row

Living in snowy places, and having snowball fights often can make you a pro
When we see grandma getting ready to sew
We smell mom’s delicious cookie dough
When we see all the snow we go WHOA!
As we all get ready for bed we have a pillow fight where we throw!


Winter hates and loves
Grace A.

When you step on the snow how loud it sounds
like when someone eats chips.
When you build a snowman you build down to top
it is like going down a hill.
When you make a snow angel
it is like rubbing on a soft rug.
When a snowflake falls
it calmly melts in your hand
like hot cocoa when you put the marshmallow in
it melts calmly and smoothly.

I hate that some people don’t have a coat
it is like a homeless cat.


the snow poem and jokes and rhymes
Tyasia H.

The snow is falling
the sky is blue!
If I keep falling
this snow will get in my shoe!
If I fall down the stairs 1 more time I will cry (not for real)
someone come over and I will poke them in the eye (not for real)

what did the snow say to the snow man when he did a trick?
he said “that was snow cool.”


a winter day
Kaden D.

once upon a time
there was a boy named Jake and his sister’s name was Star
they where so excited to go see the snow
so they went out and they made snowballs and snowmen
Jake said “this is SO fun, Star”
Star his sister said “i know right? i love the snow.”

so they played all night till their mom told them
to come inside “it’s late” their mother said
then they went to their rooms
they said “this was a fun day” at the same time
the end.


The Winter
Kyleigh F.

I love the snow
Its icy n’ cold
Sit with some tea just for me to hold
I need some new coats to keep me warm
While I try to stay out of this wintery storm
What a winter we are having

I love the snow
We fight and make angels, we slip and slide
We use the trees as a place to hide
We sled down hills while our nose glows red
We use two covers as we go to bed
What a winter we are having




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.