Dear Basketball

During my first week of my virtual residency with Dubois students, we explored epistolary poetry. Epistolary poems are poems that can be written as letters, notes, or diary entries. We discussed the different ways people communicate with each other in 2021: texts, emails, Facebook, Tiktok, and Zoom. Letter writing may seem old fashioned but it can be just as exciting and meaningful.

I shared with students the late Kobe Bryant’s poem “Dear Basketball.” Kobe was a brilliant basketball player for the Lakers. He wrote this poem when he decided to retire from the sport he played for over twenty years. Students thought the poem was sad, yet heart warming,  as if it was written as a farewell to a close friend. I’m ready to let you go/I want you to know now/So we both can savor every moment we have left together/ The good and the bad/ We have given each other/ All that we have. 

Inspired by Kobe Bryant, students wrote epistolary “letter” poems to people and things in their lives. Enjoy these published poems.


Ms. Dydo
8th Grade



Dear Online School,

Online school your really pointless
We do work that is boring
I would rather be a sleep snoring
Because I be tried in the morning

The computer sometimes have glitches
It glitches when I’m getting my badges
Math has to many digits
I would rather be doing dishes

We get in trouble when sometimes we’re not the problem
At first I thought online school was going to be awesome
But there’s too many problems

— Jason H


Dear Grandma,

I miss you, can we just have fun?
We had so much, I’m still crying to this day

I miss reading and talking to you,
You are my best friend

I couldn’t see you like that in the hospital,
All I can do is cry, when I got the call

I wasn’t expecting you to leave so early, I’m keeping your name alive
I love you granny, rest in peace.

Love You Always,


Dear Jayla,

I’m so proud of you
You have grown so much
And you have been some strong even through hard times
Even when you felt like the hurt was growing, you still stayed strong
Even when you felt like no one cared, you still stay strong
But when the hard time were over you enjoyed yourself

You stop let the bad stuff phase you
and started to enjoy every moment of everyday
I want you to keep enjoying every moment of everyday
I want you to pass all your classes, all your goals ,all your challenges
Then when your done I want you to do the same thing in high school

I want you to live you life
Enjoy life, and live up to your dreams

Jayla F.


Dear Video Games,

Even though I love and I hate you doesn’t mean I still don’t love you ,

I know when I yell , you get real sad , even blue

just know , I will always love you

Some times we would play so much that we’d lose track of time

We always could stop , just not on a dime

I would play you for hours and hours just until I smelled sour

Until my mom would get mad and yell at me and say ¨GET IN THE SHOWER¨

Even though could just go outside and make real friends

But I rather be playing you with my controller in my hands

I just wanted you to know that even though I don’t say it

I know all you went through , I just want to say I appreciate it



Ms. Dydo
7th Grade


             Dear K-Rod…..

Been two years since I saw you
Really miss you man
You died 6 days after my birthday
Your death made me heartbroken
It took time for me to realize that you’re probably in heaven
Freestyling with jesus and god
And praying over the family
I just want you to know that you will never be forgotten
Let your legacy live on

Dear Society,

Why am I ashamed to look the way I do?
Everyone’s bitter, pointing their fingers
Seeing the worst in each other
Why am I ashamed to look thе way I do?
All ’cause an escape to mе was just a gun to you
Why am I afraid of things I let inside my room?
Just wanted some company but instead I broke the gun in two
I hope that when I fast forward
Twenty-something years
I and WE no longer live our days
In hatred or in fear
And live to be kind and free
To do unto each other
As you’d have ’em do unto you, it’s like being United undercover.

—– Shaila



Ms. Dydo
6th Grade


Dear Pillow Case,

I’ve been with you since I was 12
You help me get a good night sleep
But sometimes creep me out with
Your big brown eyes looking into
My soul.

I put you in the wash machine
Well not me, my mom
But when you were fresh
You smelled like fresh air

But now I’m older
And I have to wash
You now
so I’ll see
You in a couple
Of hours

Your pal,


Dear Beyoncé,

Hi I am really looking forward to write you a letter
you inspire me a lot
I love listening to your music
it makes me feel good
love and happiness
it gets all the negativity away from me especially the song “brown skin girl “
it makes me think everything about me
joyful, kindness and from the bottom of my heart
l will want to meet you one day or go to one of your concerts that I haven’t been to yet
When l hear your songs
it just makes me want to sing right along
much love from me to you,




I am currently stuck in the ocean
I have no reception and now my phone is dead
There is so much commotion.

So if you are reading this my name is Maya Rodriguez
Please send help a Segal keeps trying to peck my eyes out!!!
This whole thing is making me stress.

I am currently stuck in the ocean with my sister
She is also trying to kill me
We are starting to blister.

I am trying to reach ashore
With this little gremlin, I call a sister
Living on this boat with her is like a chore.

If you are reading this, we are losing health
All women for themselves!!!!

ya girl who’s in the ocean Maya



Ms. Dydo
5th Grade



Dear Maya,

You may be mean,
But nothing could get in between,
You and me.

Even though you love to throw me across the room,
You smell like a prune,
You have since the womb.

Once I realized
I was related to you
I knew I wasn’t individualized.

You’re like a sour patch kid,
First, you sour,
Then you’re sweet

You always hit me with books,
You also overcook,
And hit me with looks.

It’s always been you and me,
And I hope it stays that way
Because you will always be my referee.

Your favorite (and only,) sister Ema



Dear mother forever loved, 

( For Artaijah who lost her mom over the summer)

One day I woke up in the morning to some bad news
I found out my mama passed away
that was sad news
I thought it was all a dream
till I woke up the next morning
people still crying and weeping
you will always be forever loved

we been thru the thick and thin
Having disagreements to see who’s turn it is to use the fan
But that’s not the point
you taught me how to do my first grade reading and math

Your youngest child  Artaijah



Dear Mom and Dad,

I want you to know that I really care for you and I don’t want anything to happen to you. You guys will always be here for me and I’ll be here for you. You guys will always be my parents. And nothing will ever change that. I won’t trade any other parents for you. So mom and dad you don’t have to worry. Because I’ll help out anyway I can. Because you guys always helped me. So whatever you need, I’ll return the favor. And that favor will be helping you guys out. My mom is making my dream come true. My dad helps me out with whatever little time he has. So I make enough time to spend with my parents. Because they always spend time with me and help me with whatever I’m going through. So one day I’ll return that favor to my parents. When I need someone to talk to, you are always there.

Sincerely Luis,



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.