Yo son un pastel de fresa

We’re working on so many poetic skills these days! We’re always looking at poetic line and stanza, of course, and we’re now thinking about personification. This week we read the phenomenal poem “The Delight Song of Tsoai-Talee” by N Scott Momaday, and wrote our own delight songs. Enjoy!


Ms. Batres
3rd Grade


The Delight Song of Diego
Diego H.

Yo soy un pulpo que nada en el arrecife
Yo soy un pájaro que vuela en el aire.
Yo soy  la luz del cielo azul
Yo soy la hoja que se cae de árbol
Yo soy el tigre que nunca come.
Yo soy la ballena que juega alrededor del oseano atlantico
Yo soy un aguila que explora el bosque.

You see, I am alive, I am alive


The Delight Song of Diego

I am an octopus that swims in the reef
I am a bird that flies in the air.
I am the light of the blue sky
I am the leaf that falls from the tree
I am the tiger that never eats.
I am the whale that plays around the atlantic osean
I am an eagle that explores the forest.


The Delight Song Junior
Junior G.

I am the box.
I am the spiderman.
I am the cat.
I am a dog.
I am the can.
I am the book math.
I am the book of the science
I am the a map
I am the a ice cream.
I am the a toys.
I am the a bat
I am the A Plus
I am a bird fling.
I am a book math minus.
You see a school.


The Delight Song Allison
Allison G.

Yo son un sol
Yo son una luna
Yo son un pastel de fresa
Yo son una mariposa
Yo son un helado de chocolate
Yo son un arbol
Yo son un ojo
Yo son una pelota
Yo son una letra
Yo son una computadora​​s
Yo son un perro

Tú eres un lapicero


I am a sun
I am a moon
I am a strawberry cake
I am a butterfly
I am a chocolate ice cream
I am a tree
I am an eye
I am a ball
I am a letter
I am a computer
I am a dog

You are a pencil


Ms. Pease
3rd Grade


A Delight Song of Me
Ryan P.

I am a tornado that can spread candy
I am book that has fun stuff inside of me
I am a hippo that is friendly.
I am a human that is hungry in my stomach.
I am a pilot that is good.
I am a hurricane that can spread candy
I am a picture that is alive.
I am a candy machine that can give free candy.
I am a ghost that’s following a child
I am a dad that is kind.
I am chicken that is kind

This is my song of me.


The Delight Song of Jasmin
Jasmin M.

I am the sun bringing light.
I am the rain falling from the skies.
I am a leaf falling from the tree.
I am a butterfly going to the forest.
I am soft like a cloud.
I am
I am
I am…


The Delight Song Victoria
Victoria A.

I am lava shooting from volcanoes
I am the tree of nature
I am the butterfly of the forest
I am the ending outer space
You see


Ms. Miller
3rd Grade


Some Imaginations of the World
Chelsea A.

I am a snow storm sleeping
I am a mountain walking
I am a lake watching you
I am a cat eating meat
I am a storm eating another storm
I am a pretty cloud sleeping
I am a cloud jumping
I am a puppy sleeping


Imagination World
Navaeh D.

I am a cat eating other cats
I am a wolf jumping in the air
I am a spider making web
I am a mountain watching you at night
I am a tree breezing the air
I am a cat hunting for rats
I am a dog running after cats


The Delight Song of Jessyca
Jessyca B.

I am a sly fox
I am a star in a forest
I am the sun staring at the grass
I am a leaf holding the wind
I am a flower singing to the sun
I am the sun smiling to the grass
I am the trees saying “hello” to the sun
I am wind playing with the grass

You see I am alive in you




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.