Writing You a Letter…


Hello hello! Last week, Waters students explored the ever-relevant epistolary poem. Epistolary poems are poems in letter form. We read “Another Night at Sea Level” by Meg Day, a poem rich with imagery and beauty and uncertainty. Students wrote epistolary poems to loved ones, friends, and idols. Enjoy the poems below. 

Ms. Smallwood’s 6th Grade Class

Dear LeBron James
by Harrison C.

I really admire you and I
really would like some advice.
I just love how you play. and
would like some tips, I want
to learn how to shoot, drive to
the basket, and have a middu
like you. I know I need to
work on everything just just
know I’m always tring to be
and play like you. Thank
you, you are my G.O.A.T,

Harrison C

My Sleep Paralysis Demon
by Sydney J.

when I first saw you I screamed
but now i’m not scared
we are friends
i’m sorry I covered your hole
i’m sure you’re sorry for eating my candy
but we can’t be friends anymore
scurry away
nice knowing you
go hang out with avery’s rat
see you in another lifetime

the air
by Daniel G.

i need you to survive
i tried to drive a scooter once
i needed air for the wheels
what is your favorite living thing to give
life to?
is it trees? or is it dogs? is it cats?
do you even have a favorite

To My Dog, Copper 🙂
by Audra M.

Why do you wake people up so early?
Why do you sit on top of every couch cushion button?
Do you think the same as us?
Did you name me like I named you?
Why are you so silly?
Why do you whine when people make weird noises?
Who’s your favorite sibling?
Do you know you’re a dog?


Ms. Hooper’s 6th Grade Class

My friend, Emerie
by Penny M.

Dear Emerie,
Hi, this in Penny.
First of all, how are you? Are you doing well?

I know I will probably never meet you, or even see you
in person, but just writing is nice.

This will probably never get through, cause of your
mom, and stuff.

but I really like calling you, and messaging you.

Sometimes you make me feel bad, and sometimes you
make me feel good. Like you genuinely make me
feel like your best friend.

Well, you’ll never see this, but i love you as a good friend.

Lots of love, Penny M.

Dear Taylor
by Kevin S. 

By now
probs dating
but i
is mothering swiffty

by Oliver R.

To my Dad

Why, why do things have to happen this way?
Why, why does this happen to me and nobody else.
Why, why does it feel like that?

Lately, lately I’ve been alone.
Lately, lately I feel like nobody with nobody around to help
But I know somebody is here to help, I think.
Lately, lately I feel like I can’t survive but I can.

Mr. D’s 6th Grade Class


Epistolary Poem!
by Sam S. and Harlee A.

Dear Mr. Miranda I just wanted to say that my friend
Harlee and I (Sam) have some questions about Hamilton.
How did you think of the idea for it! What is the
next play you’re going to do, and if we could see it,
and possibly see you too. Why do you like writing them?

from, Sam and Harlee

What was it like?
by Maddie J.

I wanted to see you,
when you were young,
what was it like?
how was it done?

The Earth is round,
That’s what they say.
But you said the opinion changed every day,
Now one more thing,
i wanted to add,
thank you very much
for marrying my dad!

And It Arrived
by Izzy G.

This is what’s known as a
“cold open”
It’s getting colder, on the topic of
It’s meant to be warmer though
who is your favorite artist?
A couple days ago I learned
how to knit
I also
how has life been?
I am fine. 


Writing You a Letter…



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.