Who I Am

The 7th graders from Logandale wrote about what they metaphorically “are” and “are not”. This activity further exercises their skills in recognizing and relating to metaphors. Enjoy!




By Alondra H. 


I am a rising star,

I am not a falling angel.

I am caring,

I am not cruel

I am a daughter,

not a parent.

I am giving,

not selfish.


i am and i am not

By Jose R.


i am solid
i am not sour
i am sweet
i am not named greet
i am dark
i am not made of bark
i am a treat
but not good to eat



By Jessica S. 

I am slow, not fast.

I am your present and past.

I move back and forth as time pass.

I am loud and clear,

The more I go, the more it’s gone.

I am a powerful tool but not to be misused.




 By Jocelyn C.

I am a pilot, I am not a captain

I am the light of the world,

I am brave, I am not strong

I am joyful, I am not the joy

I am a doctor, I am not the patient

I am a farmer, I am not the animals

I am nice, I am not weak

I am Mexican, I am not going to hurt you

I am a mother, I am not a kid


Things I am and Am not

By Leland L.

I am a strong glacier    I am not a melting iceberg

I am warm hearted       I am not global warming

I am nice and sweet     I am not bitter and rotten

I am shy and happy     I am not oblivious and rude

I am bright and excited     I am not dark and gloomy

I am Rainbow Six Siege    I am not Tetris

I am the glistening sun     I am not a dark black hole

I am a strong diamond     I am not a thin piece of mica

I am a protective mama bear   I am not a skittish rabbit


I am, I am not Poem

By Luis S.


I am the moonshine at the nighttime, not the dim light with no light or shine

I am a strong person with strength, not a beaten and broken man

I am one of your closest friends, not your enemy who hates and dislikes you

I am the person that you can trust, not a human who’s full of lies

I am your brother, not a threat to you

I am a challenge waiting to be completed, not a fear waiting for you to quit and give up

I am the brightest sunlight in which you can see, not a dark light with nothing to see

I am a book full of information and creativity, not a blank piece of paper

I am a guitar playing great music, not a loud sound who’s to be shut


Not Your Wingless Crow

By Selena F.


I am from the show Haikyuu!!, not My Hero Academia

I am Hinata, not Kageyama

I am short, I am not tall

I’m a spiker, I’m not a setter

I am your friend, not your enemy

I am playing volleyball, not tennis

I am a glowing star, I am not dim as the night

I am a flying crow, not a wingless crow.



By Tania L.

I am a Student                    I am not a Teacher

I am brave                          I am not fearful

I am a person                     I am not perfect

I am me.                             I am not who you want me to be.

I am hungry                       I am not hungry



By Melissa M. 

I am not the darkness of a cave.

I am the colorful sky, in spring.

I am not the sad rain outside.

I am the rainbow outside, after it rains.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.