Passing Time in the Pandemic

They are many new hobbies that people have picked up to pass time through the pandemic. Mrs. Gonzalez’s 7th grade poets wrote about how they are passing time and how it makes them feel. Enjoy!



By Alondra H.


When I talk to my friend it makes me feel happy and excited
When I walk in the afternoon it makes me feel at peace with myself

When I go to class it makes me feel like I’m doing something productive

When I go to the store with a mask on it doesn’t let me breathe but lets me be healthy



By Jessica P.

As I get another cup of coffee, I slowly fall asleep before even drinking the coffee.

I am walking around in a room full of books

People talking in the background some just staring at me.

I try to find an exit but there nothing but just the people staring at me.

It all felt real, it felt as if I was begging questions about a crime I didn’t commit.

Suddenly it became quiet, you could hear my heart beating faster and faster.

I closed my eyes as I suddenly wake up,

I checked my surrounding to see if I was all a dream.

I checked my phone and checked the time.

I almost forgot that I needed to go to school, and turn in my lab rat before it was too late.


The Life of Karianey 

By Karianey G. 


When I play soccer, I feel free, when I play it, I love the breeze

When I go swimming, I love to go underneath the water and just look at what is going on

I like to play volleyball, I take my anger out on the ball and I hit it as hard as I can

I take my dog for a walk, it calms me down and I get away from my problems at home

I love animals, they are the cutest, they make me happy when I don’t have such a good day

When I visit my grandparents’ I feel relief, it makes me feel relieved because they understand me

I love a place that is quiet, it makes me think about things that are happening

When I go to the beach when the waves hit hard, it makes me more energetic because you have to keep swimming when waves hit and they keep going

When I sit in the nice, beautiful grass, I love to have picnics because the weather is beautiful to eat outside.




Late Nights

By Giana E.


I play video games until the sky turns pitch black.

it helps me feel alive. I realize the energy coursing in me. I am one with the game.

I watch anime until I drift off to sleep. I feel at ease.

I am a soft cloud gliding through the night sky.


I find many online friends to talk to at night. I always feel relatable.

I notice that I am just a normal standing tree.



What I do in Quarantine 

By Jocelyn C.

When I draw and paint all day and I get better at drawing it makes me feel proud of myself for what I’m doing

I love to watch my dog make zoomies and wagging her tail, it makes me feel happy inside to notice that she’s happy with us and is full of energy

I started to do more poetry. Poetry makes me feel a lot of emotions because I like to express myself

I love to bake and cook with my sister, it makes me excited to bake with my sister knowing that I could spend time with her

I like to play on the Nintendo Switch all night, it makes me uncomfortable when I play it everyday all night


what makes me relax

By Kevin M.

When I play videogames, it makes me happy and a part of everything and being alone.

I ride my bike and it calms me and makes me feel relaxed.

When I have dinner with my family it’s the best time, to live with family and spend time

When I read a book I get to know the characters feelings and expressions.

In the morning I meditate and plan my goals and my day.

Once I hear my music I felt good today.

If I play soccer I think about my passion and get happy.

When I’m in school I put the fun to the side and focus on school, it makes me feel great.

When I swim I get motivated and feel strong.

When I’m bored I get sad but I think about what could happen tomorrow and that cheers me up.





Jayson G.

When I workout it gets me strong,

When I pay attention in class it helps me get smarter,

When I get a good job it helps me get a better life,

When I live a good life it helps me accomplish goals.



By Aileen Z.


while I play survival video games, getting overwhelmed with nervousness and excitement

I realize I’m surviving a pandemic

sitting alone, doing my homework

typing away my correct and incorrect answers

drinking water on a Sunday morning…

…feeling refreshed…

sleeping on my comfy bed…

…dreaming about the times when covid wasn’t a thing…

looking at my computer screen…

…knowing I have a lot of assignments to do…

glazing at my clock

.. thinking “would this day go any slower?”…

reading a book…

…trying to distract me from everything surrounding the pandemic…

focusing on the dead flowers in the pot…

…wondering if I can revive them to life again…


All the good feelings

By Juan Carlos R.    


Waking up to take a shower,

Coming out the shower feeling refreshed and ready to start a new day,

Going out with some friends to a restaurant,

Having chat’s and coming home,

Making it home and taking off your shoes,

Laying in your bed and you start to stretch,

Going to sleep and waking up,

Getting ready to start a new day.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.