“Where Red is From, Where I Am From”

For our 9th sessions Shoemsith 4th graders returned to writing  their color poems. The first group had a visitor who came to talk to them about HBCUs, but before that, students had an opportunity to revisit the poems they’d drafted the previous week. Group 2 reviewed the brainstorming work accomplished the previous week before writing brand new color poems.  Students worked to come up with unique perceptions, comparisons, and even rhymes.  As you read, enjoy how the poets engage your senses and emotions with their words and ideas!

Ms. Lehner
Group 1 – 4th Grade

What is Green
by Malik A.

Green is me and my friends
playing at the park. Green
is kids outside
living their lives. Green is
me holding my brother’s hand
when he was little.
Green is people
inside of them because
you don’t only have sad
and mad inside of
you. Green is when you
are swinging. Green 
is when you are having fun.


by Damani C.

Yellow is type of cool color
Yellow is like the sun
Yellow is like a bug, and when
I cool down. And
Yellow is like birds
chirping on a sunny day


Kaya A.

Blue is the calm waves on the ocean
Blue is the nice caution of proportion
Blue is ice cold and nice
Blue is “ice” for polar ice spice.
Blue is sad but not bad.
Blue is cool each time you go in the pool
Blue is calm like your palm
Blue is a blue rose doing its sassy pose
Blue is liquid, yummy, and sometimes sticky
Blue is music but a little tricky.
Blue is wet and calm.
Blue is beautiful like a full musical.
Blue is water further under wonder.
Blue is amazing.


Hot Pink
by Lailah A.

Hot pink is cotton candy
and my bedroom
Hot pink is my stuffed animals
and my water bottle
hot pink is the smell of candy
and bubble gum
Hot pink is the taste of dragon fruit
and Valentines Day sweets
Hot pink feels fluffy and
Hot pink is my party happiness.


What is white
by Miles T.

White is a tooth
White is a diamond
White is paper
White is vanilla
White is shoes

White sounds like paper
crunching and the crunching
of mints. White smells
like vanilla. White smells
like flowers and ice cream
or rotten milk or snow.
White tastes like sugar and
citric acid or milk
or candy or the taste of
mashed potatoes.

White is
vanilla, sugar, paper, shoes
It feels
calm and relaxing like itself.


Ms. Lehner
Group 2 – 4th Grade

The Great Red!
by Taraji S.

I see red
when I get angry

Red is like the
beautiful sky when it

When I drink kool-aid
I see red

I hear red when
an apple falls off a table

I smell red when I
smell red peppers

I taste red when I
eat red lollipops

I touch red
when I touch a frozen apple


Lavender Is…?
by Alaya L.W.

Lavender can be an amethyst
Lavender is as smooth as silk
Lavender is a cold slushi
It can be anywhere, everywhere.
Who knows what lavender is?
Lavender is fresh fruit
Lavender is a star
Lavender is you
Lavender is is love
Lavender is a state
Lavender is a little sister.
It’s very confusing,
But I promise you,
Lavender is something.


Black Is Many Things
by Ronnie H.

Black is darkness
Black is hair, black is nowhere
Black is clothes
Black is an owl
Black is a bat
Black is a panther
Black is a dog
Black is a bear
Black is everywhere
Black is embarrassment
Black is scared.


Is white light or is it dark?
by Nathaniel W.

Is white light or dark?
White is the stomach of a shark
but what about light?
Yes, white can put up a fight
could it be a bike?
Yes, white could be light
but could not take a bite.
The tears or the loss of a friend
but not how things will end.
How about dark? It’s now light
as Ms. Barna’s smile
It goes a long way, a mile
in dark it will march.

Is white light or dark?


Where Red is From, Where I Am From
by Jason H.

Where to start? ummmm
Where I am from.
I am from the red happiness
I am from the spice, but cold
Red is my love.

Red came from my bad days
People say red is from nowhere
But red is from gold hearts
And I am from red hearts of love.
Red is from me, I am from red.
I am from the good red spice
I come from me and red
But red came not just from me
It is from everywhere
Because red is me and I am red.


What is Pink?
by Gbemi I.

Pink is the color of a rug
Pink is candy
A pretty dress is pink
Pink is calm
Pink is perfect
Innocence is pink
A tongue is pink
Pink is me. 



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.