Memories of Feeling Free

For our 12th sessions together, Kozminski 4th and 5th graders discussed how it feels to be wild and free. We talked about ways that children and animals are tamed of “wild” behavior. Then we read Joy Young’s wonderfully descriptive poem, “3rd Grade Field Trip to the Silver Stallion Ranch,” in which the poet recreates a childhood memory and notices similarities and contrasts between the free and tamed experiences of children and horses.  Students enjoyed phrases such as “vines that coil like sleeping snakes,” “The neighing horses tethered to chains that jingle like loose coins,” and “willowing manes heavy like curtains.” They then had the option to write about memories, or the idea of freedom.

Ms. Manning
4th Grade

Brionne G.

My sister got me a bike for my eighth birthday
It was green and black
The day was sunny like we were taking a hot bath

My new bike did not have training wheels
So my dad helped me get in the seat
I crashed into a garbage can
And got dirty and we rode by Obama’s house
I started to ride the bike
and  then we went back home.


by Xion B.

Feels like we never get freedom
Listening to rules and having to write
Just wish I could taste some sprite
Hoping we could do something fun
People at home eating honey buns

Then I recognize
People have some freedom
Some get to sing
They are free
I can do that after I get my degree.

I wish I could be an adult
It’s not my fault,
But I still have a lot more work to do
I just wanna be true.


Things I remember
by Kaliyah K.

I remember in first grade I had a teacher with a funny name 
I was laughing almost everyday.
I also remember when I was little having fun with my grandad
but he passed away. I was so sad.
I remember when I was riding my bike with my big sister.
I remember when it was my older cousin’s birthday and the next day I rode his skateboard.
I also remember when I went to urban air for my cousin’s 8th birthday.
I remember when I got my ears pierced.
I also remember when I went to the zoo and I got to ride the carousel.
I remember when I went to the apple orchard for a field trip in 1st grade.
I also remember my big sister´s graduation and we went to the beach after her graduation.
I remember my first day of first grade. I was happy.


by Akole C.

When I’m free I feel good.
I can smell the freedom
and it smells like a golden steak smells so good.
I also feel free like a bird that flies all around the world.
I feel free like a water slide.
The water moves like air, like really, really hot water.
I want to feel free all the time, like a bird!


by Samuel D.

I want to be free. I wish
I can do anything, just go outside
And do anything
No one stopping me.


5th Grade

The Soccer game
By Major B.

In 1st grade we went to a soccer game
When we went there we got dressed in our soccer clothes
We played against older kids but we weren’t scared.

When we played, some people got hurt, but they were ok
We won against them and we all said to each other, “good game”
We did not win any trophies but we did win a gold medal.

When we got to school everyone talked about it
Everyone was happy that we won
Everyone was acting like a wild pack of horses.


by Jada L.

The first time I went to the beach with my friends
I had so much fun
We collected seashells and played in the
sand. It was during summer and was sunny out
and we had a blast.
On the way home we ate some sandwiches and
Drank lemonade.

I went shopping with my mom and we went to
Foot locker and I got
to try on Nikes, Adidas, and Jordans. I got some
bubblegum from the bubblegum gum machine
and a keychain for my keys and
a pink phone case. I loved it.

I went to Great Wolf Lodge with my cousin’s Aunt and we
sloshed and played basketball in the water
and there was a wave that would alert us when a big wave was
coming. We wore life jackets and ate some pizza and played games
in the game area where we bought magic wands
that we used in various play activities.
It was so much fun


My crazy cousins
by Dara O.

One time when I was in my cousins’ house
my cousins acted so crazy like they ate a bucket of sugar.
They ran around their house
jumped on their bed
and we ate lots of snacks but
they trashed their house.

Candy wrappers on the floor
Popcorn on the chairs
As soon as I saw my aunt
I screamed “she’s HERE!”
We all ran to clean the house.
My older cousin cleaning his room
My younger cousin cleaning his mom’s room
Me cleaning the living room
But my younger cousin taking a dump!

As soon as my aunt walked in
We all acted cool
She noticed some things
and sadly
we had to clean it over again.


The New York Joy
by Goodness A.

I remember the first time I went to New York
It was cold and rainy and the lights made a rainbow
like the end of a rain or when it’s the end of a pain. 
It was cold and gloomy and the only thing that made
it better was the colorful lights that blinded me
as I drove by.

As I passed by golden doors, I took a quick peek inside
to see what I could not ignore. The doors opened and I saw inside  
but then a man walked in and blocked me from
seeing what I wanted to see.

I like New York: the food, the golden doors.
New York made me feel free to be
and I looked at what I always wanted to see.
But the journey and joy was over as I was
getting ready to leave.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.